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"Room for Growth"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) January 4, 2023
(En:) October 8, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Devimon, shocked with what it had seen, asks Pulsemon who it is with Pulsemon telling it its name. As it mocks Pulsemon, it tells it it will defeat it only be shocked when it sees Pulsemon was with Wizardmon. Leomon and Ghostmon were delighted at the fact it had returned but Devimon was less so. Devimon flies away, saying it it needs to tell Feresmon about this. Pulsemon laughs saying that's good, and that it can take it with it to meet Feresmon, with Devimon shocked upon seeing the Bulkmon headed Pulsemon riding on its back. Rather than take Pulsemon with it to meet Feresmon though, it attacks Pulsemon — causing it to drop from the sky and land on the floor.

With Devimon having escaped, the group were unable to do anything leading Leomon to take everyone to its secret hideout. Wizardmon happily reunites with its friends, with them happy to see that its wounds had been healed. They tells it that they had been teaching magic to other Digimon and had been searching for a way to defeat Feresmon, with this claim causing Pulsemon to loudly yell that it was going to defeat Feresmon. Wizardmon tells a confused crew that Pulsemon and Ritsu Kodo had helped Wizardmon out and that they were going to help them defeat Feresmon, though Mojyamon doubts their skills. Ghostmon asks to come along so that it can help defeat Feresmon but Pulsemon turns it down as it didn't think it would be strong enough to help them. Determined to test out Ghostmon's strength, Pulsemon challenges it to battle and though Mojyamon tries to put a stop to it Numemon is able to talk it into allowing a battle to happen so that they could see how strong Pulsemon was. Pulsemon is able to defeat Ghostmon easily by digivolving parts of its body into Bulkmon, with the partial digivolutions shocking Wizardmon's friends. As Pulsemon boasts, Ghostmon cries stating that it didn't know just how had the residents had it since they weren't allowed to learn magic and that the fact it wasn't allowed to learn any and get stronger meant that Feresmon had stolen it and its friends futures. Ritsu corrects Ghostmon, telling it that they were pretty much as the same and explains the curse of Cypress Village. It tells Ghostmon that they don't want it to rush recklessly into battle, with Ghostmon touched by the fact they were so similar. Pulsemon tells it to stay home and leave its future in its hands, with Pulsemon's resolve bringing it to tears. Wizardmon's Witchelny friends were also impressed with its resolve. Ritsu tries to stay behind with Ghostmon but he is given little choice when Pulsemon ties him up. The group, sans Ghostmon, then leave on their jounrey to take down Feresmon.

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