Poromon is a Mini Bird Digimon. It digivolved from Pururumon, and can now fly at low altitudes. It has small feathers growing closely packed on its body, and unusually for an In-Training Digimon, it has wings. Its most charming feature is the feather ornament attached to its head, so it maintains it intently. It has a fundamentally tidy personality, but because it cannot turn its neck(?) even if it wants to groom itself, it relies on its comrades.[5]


  • Baby Breeze[6] (Pororo Breeze): Flaps its wings to raise a cloud of sand, then seizes the opportunity to flee when the opponent flinches.


Poromon is a round Digimon with blue eyes and pink fur. It has two small wings, a stubby tail, a beak, and a red feather with a yellow tip on the back of its head.


Poromon (ポロモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Adventure 02[]

Main article: Poromon (Adventure)

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[]

Poromon digivolves from Pururumon to Hawkmon in line 3.

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer[]

Main article: Poromon (Adventure)

Poromon are enemies in the Divided Crevasse.

The Poromon card, titled "PF SP Plus II", is a Rank 1 card which increases a Digimon's SP by 4.

Digimon Frontier[]

A flock of Poromon flee from the Royal Knights' rampage. The Man In The Moon Is You One Poromon is among the newly-hatched Digimon at the Yellow Moon and bonds with Zoe Orimoto. When Knights Fall...

Digimon Data Squad[]

A Poromon flies by while Marcus Damon and Agumon are looking for Thomas H. Norstein and Gaomon. Digital World, Here We Come! Another one is part of Biyomon's group of young Digimon who along with their protector were swept up in a vortex wind and deposited outside the Damon residence. Justice Equals Power!

Digimon Fusion[]

Delicious? Disgusting? The Digimon Ramen Contest!

Digimon Dreamers[]

Digimon Battle[]

Poromon can be found and captured in Park Town, where it is a level 8 enemy. Poromon's unique drop is Poromon's Feather. It has a stat build of 2-2-2-2 as a captured Digimon and a stat build of 3-3-2-2 as an enemy Digimon. Poromon's Skill 1 is Pororo Breeze, which is a distant single target skill. Poromon digivolves to Hawkmon at level 11.

Digimon Soul Chaser[]

Poromon digivolves from Pururumon and can digivolve to Hawkmon.

Digimon Pendulum Z II: Wind Guardians[]

Poromon digivolves from Pururumon and can digivolve to Falcomon, Tinkermon, and Pomumon.

Vital Bracelet BE[]

Poromon digivolves from Pururumon, and can digivolve to Hawkmon, Ukkomon, Gatomon, and Wormmon.

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