Pomumon is a Plant Digimon. Although it looks like a Bird-type, it is a Plant Digimon whose body is packed with juice of a high sugar content like that of a fruit. For that reason, it has many natural predators such as Bird-type and Insect-type Digimon. Despite having wings, it is mainly active on land because its flight speed is so slow that it becomes defenseless. When it senses danger, it protects itself with "Rapid Seed".[2]


  • Rapid Seed: Spits out countless seed-like bullets from its mouth.
  • Fruits Rush: Curls up and speeds off. It is often used as a means of escape rather than an attack.


Pomumon's design is based on the Dragon Fruit.


Pomumon (ポームモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (La:) Pōmum (lit. "Fruit").


Pomumon's design initially included a modern avian beak, but this was later revised to an Archaeopteryx lithographica-style beak.[3]


Digimon Adventure:

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Digimon Pendulum Z II: Wind Guardians

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