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BATTLE11: Pitchmon's Secret!
(Pichimon no Himitsu!)
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Three years ago, Norn posed the question of what Digimon were to the young Tsurugi, Yuu, Ami, and Shou. In the present, Datamon, the Commandments' strategist, questions Peckmon on why Shou is associating with Norn—only to be rebuffed by Peckmon, stating that only Knight is his master. Angered but put in his place by Barbamon, Datamon plots. As the Tamers continue forth, Ami finds Gaomon spying on Yuu's conversation with Trailmon, and she correctly guesses that he's jealous of Yuu's bond with Trailmon. After Gaomon's denials, she asks where Pichimon is, only to be told that he's with Tsurugi. She arrives just in time to interrupt Pichimon's training, except Trailmon is stopped by a hot springs on the track. Entering, they are greeted by an Angewomon and her Gatomon servants. Ami enters the bath to be greeted by Angewomon, who reveals that the hot springs are actually machine oil and immediately attacks her. Pichimon shields them with protect, revealing that he holds the Water (ミズ Mizu?) Digimemory, which prompts Angewomon to show that she's actually Datamon in a robot and that the Gatomon are Hagurumon in disguise. As Datamon approached, Ami is reminded of the loss of her own mother and resolves not to lose anyone else. Pichimon responds by digivolving to MarineAngemon. MarineAngemon's power makes Datamon and his Hagurumon lose their will to fight, and it turns out that Datamon has been affecting their paths. They head on past the valley to Light City.

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