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Piedmon is partnered to Sigma of the Alias III.


At first, things looked bad for Zeromaru since the commands of Sigma proved to be better and quicker than the ones which Tai Kamiya was sending to Zero. However thanks to the strong bond and trust between Zero and Tai, the duo was able to defeat Piedmon. After the battle both Sigma and Piedmon changed their behavior and returned to Daemon's castle. Neo Saiba had the newly hatched Arcadiamon fight Piedmon. Despite being only an In-Training level Digimon, Arcadiamon killed Piedmon by stabbing him and absorbed his data to digivolve to his Rookie form. Piedmon's death affected Sigma greatly, as it is heavily implied that Piedmon was Sigma's first friend.


  • Masks Square: Creates an alternative dimension, that Sigma controls.
  • Trump Sword: Throws the swords on his back at the enemy.

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