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Pichimon is Ami Kitajima's Partner. He is also an Illegal Digimon who holds the Aquan DigiMemory. Ami first meets him when logging onto the Battle Terminal for the first time, and when she is drawn into the Digital World, Pichimon is with her as well.


Other forms[]


MarineAngemon DN b

Pichimon as MarineAngemon

Although a weak Fresh Digimon, when Datamon threatens his partner, Pichimon digivolves to MarineAngemon and protects her.

Pichimon, however, is taken by Barbamon to become part of NEO. When NEO attacks the group, Ami's bond wakes him and helps him digivolve, using his power to restrain NEO. When NEO destroys the universe, MarineAngemon also tells the group where NEO is through Ami's Digimon Mini. At the end, NEO willingly dissolves himself, and Pichimon is freed.

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