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"Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon"
逃走! 変幻自在セフィロットモン
(Tousou! Hengenkizai Sefirottomon)
"Escape! Phantasmagoric Sefriotmon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Sensation Animation
Airdate (Ja:) October 27, 2002
(En:) February 18, 2003
Written by (En:) Michael Sorich
Toei Animation
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Sakkakumon makes his final assault against the Warriors, using the data he had absorbed from their fights within him to duplicate and deflect all of their attacks.


Zoe, Tommy, J.P., and Takuya, along with Bokomon, Neemon, and the newly hatched Patamon all celebrate Sakkakumon's defeat, but Takuya begins to worry about Koji. The group decides to go look for him, but the plan comes to a stop when Sakkakumon is revealed to be very much alive. Not only that, he's also copied all the attacks that the DigiDestined used while trapped inside his spheres and can use them against him. Everyone spirit evolves to prepare for combat, but Sakkakumon is able to return their attacks at double power. Zoe, Tommy, and J.P. all slide evolve to their beast spirits, and they decide to attack all at once to keep Sakkakumon from reacting in time. Their plan fails and Sakkakumon returns their attacks.

Demoralized, J.P. suggests falling back and, knowing that losing faith will result in defeat, Takuya agrees. Zoe, J.P. and Tommy slide evolve to their human spirits and retreat, but Sakkakumon collapses into a ball and attempts to run them down after attempting to surround them and block them from trying to flee, only for them to slip through his strikes and run for it. They are chased into a cave and follow a narrow tunnel until they reach a cavern. Once there, Sakkakumon stops glowing, engulfing the children in darkness and causing them fear. In their fear and confusion, they attempt to attack Sakkakumon, but end up hurting one another instead. They begin to bicker and grow angry and jealous until Takuya stops them, telling them to use their ability as Digimon to track Sakkakumon. Confidence regained, they attack Sakkakumon all at once, until Takuya realizes that Sakkakumon has never attacked from the center orb. While the others distract Sakkakumon, Aldamon attacks the center orb and defeats Sakkakumon, purifying and destroying him. Outside of the cavern, the group resumes the task of finding Koji, while Cherubimon, seeing his best warrior defeated, decides to dissolve "the seal".

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Ultimate Mega Armor Hybrid


Takuya Kanbara 1 Aldamon 11 Takuya Kanbara
Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R Aldamon b Arrow R Red Takuya Kanbara t
4-01 Flame Symbol
J.P. Shibayama 2 Beetlemon 6 MetalKabuterimon 8 Beetlemon 12 J.P. Shibayama
J.P. Shibayama t Arrow R Beetlemon b Arrow R Blue MetalKabuterimon b Arrow R Blue Beetlemon b Arrow R Red J.P. Shibayama t
H Spirit of Thunder b B Spirit of Thunder b H Spirit of Thunder b
Zoe Orimoto 2 Kazemon 5 Zephyrmon 8 Kazemon 12 Zoe Orimoto
Zoe Orimoto t Arrow R Kazemon b Arrow R Blue Zephyrmon b Arrow R Blue Kazemon b Arrow R Red Zoe Orimoto t
H Spirit of Wind b B Spirit of Wind b H Spirit of Wind b
Tommy Himi 2 Kumamon 7 Korikakumon 8 Kumamon 12 Tommy Himi
Tommy Himi t Arrow R Kumamon b Arrow R Blue Korikakumon b Arrow R Blue Kumamon b Arrow R Red Tommy Himi t
H Spirit of Ice b B Spirit of Ice b H Spirit of Ice b


Patamon: "Papa-mom!"
Bokomon: "Isn't that adorable? My baby thinks of me as both both his papa and mama!"

—Bokomon's got this single-parenting thing down.

"You planned this from the beginning! So that's why we had to put up with the stench of fighting inside of you! You were using us!"

Takuya puts two and two together

"We are not humans now! We are Digimon. Our senses are sharper in our Digimon forms. You have to trust the Digimon inside of you."

Takuya instructs the others on what he learned trying to rescue them.

Other Notes[]

Continuity errors

  • Sakkakumon uses the same sphere to use Ice and Wind attacks, even though each sphere uses attacks in which the heroes used them in, and Tommy and Zoe were never in the same sphere.
  • Sakkakumon fires Aldamon's "Atomic Inferno" attack from his head sphere, yet Aldamon only used that attack in the light area.

Animation errors

  • When Sakkakumon's fractal code appears, it doesn't show his spirit until Aldamon takes it.

Real-world references

  • In the English dub, Sakkakumon taunts the heroes by saying "Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of fears." This mirrors one of the Wicked Witch of the West's lines in The Wizard of Oz, "a pocket full of spears."
  • Also in the dub, when Sakkakumon taunts the heroes about their own attacks destroying them, he finishes, somewhat appropriately, with a typically Shakespearean quote, "Oh, what fools these mortals be!" This same line comes from the play A Midsummer Night's Dream.