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{{Infobox Digimon
|level= Rookie
|appears=[[Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01|V-Tamer]]
|voice actor=
|fresh= n/a
|in-training= n/a
|rookie= '''PetitMamon'''
|champion= n/a
|ultimate= n/a
|mega= n/a
|attribute= Unknown
|type= Small Demon Digimon
|family= Unknown
|cardnumbers= Unknown
'''PetitMamon''' is a [[fictional character]] from the [[Digimon]] [[media franchise|franchise]], a Rookie level Small Demon Digimon. PetitMamon is one of the few Digimon that can be either male or female.
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* '''Petit Nightmare'''
* '''Petit Curse'''
A female PetitMamon and a male PetitMamon named Pal and Pul (respectively) helped [[Rei Saiba]] escape from [[Daemon (Digimon)|Daemon]]'s castle.
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