Perorimon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!" [06]
Last appearance "Oath of the Starry Sky! The Asutora Rescue Operation!" [46]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Yusuke Numata
Partner(s):Eri Karan
App Fusion Partner (+ Dokamon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Coachmon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Beautymon)

Perorimon is the Appmon of the Gourmet app.


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Perorimon runs a popular food review app. By consuming food review data all of the internet, he is able to predict with high accuracy what food should taste like given the photo alone. After so long doing this, Perorimon decides that the first thing he will ever eat once he is apprealized is takoyaki. Eri Karan's failure at giving a good food review affords him the opportunity; she apprealizes him and then feeds him in exchange for his help in giving good reviews. Her cooking is so unappetizing that Perorimon refuses to eat it, leading to an argument where Perorimon explains his past and then storming off. An L-Virus-infected Gomimon then begins indiscriminately deleting data, including Perorimon's reviews. He is beaten up in an attempt to get the data back when Eri, Dokamon, Haru Shinkai, and Gatchmon arrive in the AR-Field. Gomimon proceeds to trash the data in front of their eyes, first causing despair and then angering them. Perorimon agrees to applink with Dokamon, only to discover that they can appfuse into Dosukomon, who defeats Gomimon with one blow. Perorimon then returns with Eri and eats her takoyaki; unfortunately, they are as bad as he feared. The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!

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