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BATTLE16: Perfect RizeGreymon!
(Kanzentai RaizuGureimon!)
Publisher Shueisha
Release date (Ja:)
Written by Tatsuya Hamazaki
Art Takeshi Okano
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The newly digivolved RizeGreymon reveals that Tsurugi's Digisoul saved them from Haguro: Tsurugi's light is stronger than Shou's darkness. Before Shou's doubts can set in, dark thoughts seep into him and he calls on Crowmon to use Haguro to corrode the very space around them. After speeding around RizeGreymon, Crowmon sets up his Mikafutsu no Kami, the attack which killed MegaKabuterimon—only RizeGreymon manages to hold it to a standstill. As RizeGreymon smashes the ball, which he says is the pain in Shou's heart, Tsurugi and Ami are treated to the lonely thoughts residing in Shou's heart, how he believes he has to stand alone. It is then revealed that Barbamon used brainwashing power to turn Shou to his side, only Shou himself reveals that he allowed himself to be converted. He states that while Tsurugi has always lived a life of light, surrounded by friends, Shou was trapped in a world of darkness: loneliness. Barbamon was the only one to acknowledge his potential: his ability to fight for justice even with his darkness. Refusing to accept that, Tsurugi makes his Digisoul shine to dispel the Dark Digisoul, revealing a Black Digicore in Shou's own heart. RizeGreymon moves to destroy it, but Crowmon refuses to let him hurt his master. RizeGreymon convinces Crowmon that it is for Shou's own good, thus Crowmon steps aside as Shou asks if even his partner's abandoning him. With one shot, the Black Digicore is destroyed and Barbamon's hold over Shou is shattered, much to Norn's great relief. Just as that happens, Andromon steps up to face Chaosdromon. Surrounded by his friends, Ami tells Shou that every human has darkness in their heart and that Shou was too focused on it, which led to his fall. Shou then admits that he declined the hands which reached out to him, resenting the light. As Tsurugi asks Shou to join their journey, Shou passes out.

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