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The PawnChessmon are fictional characters from Digimon Data Squad, partners to Miki Kurosaki and Megumi Shirakawa.



The two PawnChessmon are the partners of Megumi and Miki, the two DATS operators. They help with DATS's attempts to keep Digimon from damaging the peace of the real world, and can often be seen working at computer terminals. They usually stay out of battle, but lend a hand by digivolving to Champion when SaberLeomon's army attacks The Digimon Army Makes Its Move, and by digivolving to Ultimate when Belphemon appears. Awaken Belphemon! However, Belphemon is able to degenerate them back to their Rookie forms using his chains. They also fought against the Royal Knight Gallantmon but were defeated. Later, PawnChessmon were present in the battle against Yggdrasill but did little fighting. They eventually returned to the Digital World with the other Digimon.

Unlike other partner Digimon, the PawnChessmon are mute, and so Megumi and Miki speak for them.

Unison Techniques

  • Pyramid Formation: Uses a special formation after procuring rear support from their comrades, allowing them to halt the attacks of even an Ultimate-class Digimon.

Other Forms[]


KnightChessmon is the Champion form of both PawnChessmon. The two types first appear to help protect the city from SaberLeomon's army of Boarmon and Pteramon. The Digimon Army Makes Its Move


  • Big Darts: Charges foe at a high-speed gallop.


RookChessmon (Black) t

RookChessmon is the Ultimate form of PawnChessmon (Black). He first appears to fight Belphemon, and puts up a rather good fight, but his defensive technique Castle Wall is destroyed by Belphemon. Belphemon constricts RookChessmon with his chains, reducing him to his Rookie level. He next appears in battle against the Royal Knight Gallantmon, but is defeated easily.


  • Rook Gatling: Fires from the gunports on his arms.
  • Castle Wall: Uses a stubborn, immovable, steadfast defense.


BishopChessmon (White) t

BishopChessmon is the Ultimate form of PawnChessmon White. Just like RookChessmon, BishopChessmon first appears to fight Belphemon. He manages to put up a good fight in the battle, but is reduced to a PawnChessmon by Belphemon's chains. He next appears in battle against the Royal Knight Gallantmon, but is defeated easily.


  • Bishop Laser: Fires a long ray of light from his staff.

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