Patamon is T.K. Takaishi's Partner in Digimon Adventure:.


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Digimon Adventure:

As Seraphimon, he played an important role in the ancient battle against ZeedMillenniummon. After most of the other Digimon in the Army of Light were destroyed, Seraphimon and Ophanimon DNA Digivolved WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into Omnimon who, empowered by the souls of all of the fallen Digimon, destroyed ZeedMillenniummon. The Crest of Courage

After the battle, a heavily wounded Seraphimon became trapped in a swamp of dark miasma where he eventually turned into ShadowSeraphimon before he dedigivolved into MagnaAngemon and then Angemon. Soaring Hope Infested by darkness, Angemon's power faded and he was left in pain for what felt like a millennia. Angemon's despair caused part of him to splinter off and become a separate entity as Devimon. The Sword of Hope

His feathers later appeared to T.K. Takaishi to help cause the DNA Digivolution of Omnimon once again. War Game Countdown to Tokyo's Annihilation

Imprisoned, Angemon eventually broke free when T.K. was in trouble from Velgemon. Angemon rescued T.K. from Velgemon and T.K. received a Digivice. Angemon empowered MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon, enabling them to destroy Velgemon, but he reverted back into a Digi-Egg as a result. The Seventh Child's Awakening

After being reborn, Patamon lost much of his powers as well as his memories due to the war, having been trapped in the dark miasma and being reborn. This included the power to digivolve into Angemon following a tough battle against AxeKnightmon. The Children's Fight for Survival Soaring Hope

After seeing T.K.'s determination against a pack of Fangmon and their leader Cerberumon, Patamon recovered some of his memories and became able to digivolve into Pegasusmon to fight, Soaring Hope although he remained too weak to digivolve into Angemon again for some time afterwards.

Thanks to the hope of T.K. and many young Digimon, Patamon eventually regained the ability to become Angemon again Mon-Mon Park in the Fog and later his remaining memories and ability to digivolve further after facing and reabsorbing Devimon. The Sword of Hope

After the destruction of Abbadomon, Patamon moved to the Real World and began living with T.K. in secret. The End of the Adventure

Other Forms

Poyomon's Digi-Egg

After helping MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon defeat Velgemon, Angemon reverts back into a Digi-Egg. The Seventh Child's Awakening


Poyomon t.gif

Poyomon is Patamon's Fresh form.

After Poyomon's Digi-Egg is freed from AxeKnightmon and Devimon by T.K. Takaishi, Matt Ishida, and WereGarurumon Sagittarius Mode it hatches as Poyomon and happily jumps into T.K.'s arms, becoming his Partner Digimon. The Unbeatable Blue Sagittarius

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Poyomon can digivolve to Tokomon.


Tokomon t.gif

Tokomon is Patamon's In-Training form.

Poyomon digivolves to Tokomon whilst watching MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon fight Devimon. This causes Devimon, reminded of the fact that Tokomon was Angemon, to digivolve to NeoDevimon through anger. The Messenger of Darkness, Devimon

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Tokomon digivolves from Poyomon and can digivolve to Patamon.


Angemon t.gif

Angemon is Patamon's Champion form.

After sensing T.K. Takaishi in trouble from Velgemon, Angemon breaks free of his binds and gives MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon the strength that they need to destroy the evil Digimon. After uniting with his partner, Angemon reverts into a Digi-Egg from using up the last of his power to help save T.K. The Seventh Child's Awakening

After Machinedramon is cornered by DanDevimon, Tokomon temporarily uses his energy to psychically manifest as Angemon within Machinedramon's mind and appeal to his Agumon memories, managing to return him to his senses so that he transitions to manifestation of WarGreymon instead. The Final Stage, DoneDevimon

When AxeKnightmon shows up to attack the DigiDestined, Patamon digivolves into Angemon to face her. To the New Continent The battle results in Angemon dedigivolving to Patamon and AxeKnightmon to SkullKnightmon and causes an explosion, but it also separates the DigiDestined. Izzy subsequently suggests that their separation was caused by Angemon trying to evacuate them before the explosion. The Children's Fight for Survival

When Patamon tries to digivolve into Angemon to fight a Fangmon, he collapses in pain, still suffering from the damage from Angemon's fight with AxeKnightmon. Telepathically contacting Patamon and going through his memories, Lopmon views Angemon's rescue of T.K. from Velgemon, rebirth and his fight with AxeKnightmon, ending with an image of a broken-winged Angemon hovering over T.K. before disappearing. As of a result of his injuries and weakness, Patamon digivolves into Pegasusmon instead to fight against a pack of Fangmon and a Cerberumon. Soaring Hope Despite regaining the power to digivolve, Patamon remains too weak from Angemon's fight with AxeKnightmon to digivolve into him again for an extended period of time, instead digivolving into Pegasusmon for battles.

After initially being too weak to become Angemon again for some time, Patamon is finally able to digivolve back into Angemon thanks to the hope of T.K. and the young Digimon trapped at the Mon-Mon Amusement Park flowing into Patamon who at first appears to become Pegasusmon before Pegasusmon transforms into the Digi-Egg of Hope and Angemon rises instead. Angemon frees the trapped Digimon and destroys both WaruMonzaemon and Opossummon. Mon-Mon Park in the Fog

While trapped inside of Sakkakumon, T.K. and Angemon face off against Devimon, restoring Angemon's lost memories of his split with his dark side. After nearly being forced to dark digivolve into NeoDevimon, Angemon breaks free thanks to his partner and reabsorbs Devimon into himself. Reunited with his dark side, Angemon digivolves into MagnaAngemon to break free. The Sword of Hope

T.K. and Angemon coordinate an effort to return ElDradimon to Cloud Continent without success. After ElDradimon and T.K. fall, T.K.'s hope causes Angemon to digivolve to MagnaAngemon who works together with Gravimon to temporarily give ElDradimon wings. A Place to Return To

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Angemon digivolves from Patamon and can digivolve to MagnaAngemon.


  • Heaven's Knuckle


Pegasusmon t.gif

Pegasusmon is one of Patamon's digivolved forms. His level is listed by Toei Animation as ???.

When a group of Fangmon, lead by a Cerberumon, attack the group as they're riding on Komondomon, Patamon joins Garudamon and MetalGreymon in fighting them, although does not have enough energy to digivolve into Angemon. Instead, Patamon digivolves to Pegasusmon and destroys two of the Fangmon before joining forces with Garudamon and MetalGreymon to destroy Cerberumon. Soaring Hope

As the DigiDestined try to rescue Kari, AxeKnightmon summons a swarm of undead Vilemon in order to distract them. Patamon digivolves into Pegasusmon who easily destroys most of the Vilemon with the rest being destroyed by pillars of energy that erupt from the ground as the ritual nears completion. The Hikari of Dawn

Patamon digivolves to Pegasusmon to help fight off an attacking Scorpiomon and Mantaraymon who are attempting to destroy MarineAngemon's underwater city. After Gatomon weakens Scorpiomon, MetalGreymon, Birdramon and Pegasusmon focus their attacks upon the evil Digimon to destroy Scorpiomon. Hikari and Tailmon

Patamon later digivolves to Pegasusmon as part of the mission to stop the ISS from crashing. Carrying T.K., Kari and Gatomon, Pegasusmon comes under attack from a group of BladeKuwagamon and T.K. orders the others to continue on while Pegasusmon and Gatomon deal with the attacking Digimon by themselves. Operation Satellite Sniper

When the DigiDestined finally reunite with Matt and Joe, T.K. arrives on Pegasusmon rather than riding on Komondomon with the others. The Blazing Blue Friendship

During the battle with Jagamon, Pegasusmon aids Birdramon in protecting a Blimpmon from the out of control Digimon's attacks. Jyagamon, Potato Hell

While under attack in the Mon-Mon Amusement Park, Patamon digivolves to Pegasusmon, but he proves to be no match for WaruMonzaemon. After learning of all of the captured Digimon inside of WaruMonzeamon, T.K. and Pegasusmon purposefully fly inside of him where Pegasusmon crashes and reverts into Patamon. After the hope of T.K. and the captured Digimon flows into Patamon, he digivolves again, apparently into Pegasusmon who transforms into the Digi-Egg of Hope before Patamon rises as Angemon instead. Mon-Mon Park in the Fog

Patamon later digivolves into Pegasusmon again to help fight against Entmon and his spiders. Hikari and the Moving Forest

When the Tree of Information comes under attack by Soundbirdmon, Patamon digivolves into Pegasusmon to carry T.K., Kari and Gatomon to the Tree faster. Pegasusmon subdues a number of attacking brainwashed Mekanorimon and destroys several Soundbirdmon, saving Garbagemon, Searchmon and Wisemon. He then flies deeper into the tree to reach the monoliths of the Crests in order to protect them from attack. When the Soundbirdmon fuse into Ghoulmon, Pegasusmon digivolves into MagnaAngemon to protect the monoliths before becoming Seraphimon. The Angels' Determination

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Patamon can digivolve to Pegasusmon.


  • Silver Blaze
  • Rodeo Gallop
  • Shooting Star
  • Needle Rain


MagnaAngemon t.gif

MagnaAngemon is one of Patamon's Ultimate forms. It can Mode Change into MagnaAngemon (Priest Mode).

After falling into dark miasma following the ancient war, Seraphimon turns into ShadowSeraphimon before he eventually dedigivolves into MagnaAngemon and then into Angemon. Soaring Hope

While facing off against a manifestation of Devimon, Angemon absorbs his dark side and digivolves to MagnaAngemon to escape. The Sword of Hope

Patamon digivolves to MagnaAngemon to face Machinedramon, but only manages to free Garudamon, Zudomon and Lillymon from the evil Mega's grip. The Attack of Mugendramon

While trapped inside of Millenniummon's sphere, Patamon digivolves into MagnaAngemon to help slow down the orb's crushing. Once set free by WarGreymon, MagnaAngemon digivolves further into Goldramon. The End, the Ultimate Holy Battle

While helping ElDradimon reach the Cloud Continent, Angemon digivolves into MagnaAngemon again to give ElDradimon wings alongside Gravimon. A Place to Return To

When the Tree of Knowledge comes under attack by Ghoulmon, Pegasusmon digivolves into MagnaAngemon to help protect it before digivolving further into Seraphimon. When digivolving into Seraphimon, MagnaAngemon briefly turns Mode Changes into Priest Mode. The Angels' Determination

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, MagnaAngemon digivolves from Angemon and can digivolve to Seraphimon.


  • Heaven's Gate

MagnaAngemon (Priest Mode)

MagnaAngemon (Priest Mode) is one of Patamon's Ultimate forms. It can Mode Change into MagnaAngemon.

While digivolving into Seraphimon, MagnaAngemon briefly Mode Changes into Priest Mode. The Angels' Determination


Seraphimon t.gif

Seraphimon is one of Patamon's Mega forms. It is one of the seven Holy Digimon, as well as one of the Three Great Angels.[2]

In the past, Seraphimon was one of the seven leaders of the Army of Light that fought against the Army of Darkness. The only survivors were six Digi-Eggs, implied to belong to Phoenixmon, MetalGarurumon, HerculesKabuterimon, WarGreymon, Rosemon, and Vikemon. The Holy Digimon After Phoenixmon, Rosemon, Vikemon and HerculesKabuterimon were destroyed, Seraphimon and Ophanimon made WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon DNA Digivolve into Omnimon empowered with the souls of the fallen warriors so he could defeat ZeedMillenniummon, the ultimate weapon of the Dark Digimon. The Crest of Courage Seraphimon survived, but his injuries were such that he fell into dark miasma which constantly tried to corrupt him, eventually turning him into ShadowSeraphimon before dedigivolving into MagnaAngemon and then Angemon. Soaring Hope The Sword of Hope

A brief manifestation of Seraphimon is seen when MagnaAngemon gives ElDradimon temporary wings to fly back to the Cloud Continent. A Place to Return To

When Valkyrimon shows Tai a vision of Omnimon destroying ZeedMillenniummon, Seraphimon's role in the battle is shown, including his role in the DNA Digivolution of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into Omnimon. The Crest of Courage

While facing Ghoulmon, MagnaAngemon and Angewomon digivolve into Seraphimon and Ophanimon who destroy Ghoulmon and with him, all of the Soundbirdmon. The Angels' Determination

MagnaAngemon digivolves to Seraphimon again to destroy the Mega Argomon and to face off against Negamon. The Great Catastrophe, Negamon

Along with WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Ophanimon, he breaks into Negamon (Giant)'s orb to fight him directly, resulting in Negamon (Giant)'s apparent destruction at the hands of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. However, Negamon (Giant) becomes Abaddomon instead, turning all but Tai, Matt, T.K., Kari and their partner Digimon into ghostly forms. During the battle, Seraphimon is swallowed by Abaddomon and apparently destroyed. However, as the other Digimon gather the power of the hope of people all over the world to send to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, a shadowy image of DanDevimon rises out of Seraphimon and frees him while SkullKnightmon saves Ophanimon. Together, the Mega Digimon send the power of the hope of humans all across the world to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, allowing them to DNA digivole into Omnimon once again. The Last Miracle, The Last Power

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Seraphimon Digivolves from MagnaAngemon.


  • Seven Heavens


ShadowSeraphimon t.gif

ShadowSeraphimon is one of Patamon's Mega forms. Soaring Hope

After falling into the dark miasma and almost forgetting who he is, Seraphimon briefly turns into ShadowSeraphimon before eventually dedigivolving into MagnaAngemon and then into Angemon. Soaring Hope


Goldramon t.gif

Goldramon is one of Patamon's Mega forms.

MagnaAngemon and Angewomon digivolve to Goldramon and Magnadramon to defeat Millenniummon, though Millenniummon digivolves to ZeedMillenniummon after dying. After the rest of the friends that the DigiDestined made on their journey power up WarGreymon's Terra Force, the two Dragons add their own power to it so that it is able to destroy ZeedMillenniummon once and for all. The End, the Ultimate Holy Battle

After digivolving to Golddramon and all of the power that he used up against Millenniummon, Patamon is subsequently too tired to digivolve to face Burpmon and has to rest and recover for awhile. The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests He eventually recovers after spending some time relaxing in the hot springs. Contact from the Catastrophe


  • God Flame
  • God Fist

Devimon forms


Tsukaimon is Devimon's Rookie form.

Tsukaimon was the first form taken by Devimon when he contacted T.K. Takaishi and Patamon in dreams to warn them that the Great Catastrophe would begin soon. The Angels' Determination


Devimon t.gif

Devimon is Angemon's corrupted Champion form, which temporarily split off as an entity of its own. Devimon is Negamon's servant, but also seeks to become more powerful and turn Angemon into a Dark Digimon.

After the previous war against the Army of Darkness, the wounded Seraphimon had fallen into dark miasma, which constantly tried to corrupt him and forced him to degenerate into Angemon. Soaring Hope Some time later, Angemon started to lose hope and his despair to split into a separate Digimon, which came to be Devimon. The Sword of Hope

After joining the other Dark Digimon, Devimon spent time researching digivolution. The Angels' Determination He also recruited and brainwashed several Digimon of the Cloud Continent to join his cause, with the help of the Soundbirdmon, mischievous brainwashing Digimon given to him by Negamon, The Holy Digimon and later with help of dark miasma as well. The Steel-Solid Super Evolution Devimon had also built a castle on the back of ElDradimon, a gigantic Digimon imprisoned within the swamp full of miasma. The Tide-Turning Update

As soon as Devimon became aware of the DigiDestined's arrival to the Digital World, he sent Ogremon, a blue Coredramon and several green Coredramon to attack the DigiDestined with help of wild Digimon brainwashed by the Soundbirdmon. The Holy Digimon The Targeted Kingdom However, the defeat of the Coredramon and Ogremon's constant failures and disobedience caused Devimon to abandon Ogremon and use MetalTyrannomon and several other Digimon infested by the dark miasma. The Ultimate Digimon Attacks The Steel-Solid Super Evolution The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert Garudamon of the Crimson Wings The Kings of the Insects Clash

After the DigiDestined had destroyed Nidhoggmon, Negamon sent Sora Takenouchi, Izzy Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa and Joe Kido back to the real world, while Devimon revealed himself to Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida by talking through a temporary manifestation made of sand, revealing his intention to continue stealing data from the Network for the use of the Dark Digimon. Countdown to Tokyo's Annihilation He then sent Calmaramon to help the Argomon to create new havoc in the Network, Howl, Jyuoken The Tide-Turning Update and also sent Velgemon, SkullKnightmon, Minotarumon, Bullmon, Bulbmon and several Troopmon to capture and deliver T.K. Takaishi, who was called to the Digital World by Angemon, to him. Howl, Jyuoken Tai, Matt and Leomon's resistance force managed to defeat Minotarumon, Bullmon, and the Troopmon, while Angemon freed himself to save T.K. and used the last of his powers to allow MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon to destroy Velgemon. Angemon then turned into a Digi-Egg, which SkullKnightmon managed to capture. Howl, Jyuoken The Seventh Child's Awakening

Tai, Matt and T.K. followed SkullKnightmon to Devimon's castle and managed to get inside after T.K. used his Digivice to release ElDradimon. The Tide-Turning Update The Unbeatable Blue Sagittarius Devimon and SkullKnightmon revealed their intention to corrupt Angemon's Digi-Egg to make him hatch into a Dark Digimon. Devimon also used the Dark Crystal containing Moon=Millenniummon's spirit to digivolve SkullKnightmon into AxeKnightmon to give it a chance to defeat the DigiDestined. But their plan failed when Matt and T.K. saved the Digi-Egg, which hatched into Poyomon, and WereGarurumon Sagittarius Mode destroyed Devimon's castle. The Unbeatable Blue Sagittarius Devimon then decided to fight the DigiDestined himself and easily overpowers MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon. The Messenger of Darkness, Devimon However, due to T.K. fearlessness making Poyomon digivolve into Tokomon, Devimon becomes enraged forcibly uses both Moon=Millenniummon's power and the data sent by Calmaramon to digivolve into his Ultimate form: NeoDevimon. However, the process drove Devimon insane. The Angels' Determination

After the destruction of Devimon's Mega form DanDevimon, Devimon's digivolution research was then repurposed by the Vademon for using the black lightning to make the Digimon in the Eternal Continent digivolve and advance their plan to resurrect Millenniummon's body. The Angels' Determination But Devimon himself was not completely destroyed. His spirit had taken residence inside of Patamon, Angemon's Rookie form. The Sword of Hope

When Sakkakumon, a servant of Moon=Millenniummon, captured Tai, Matt, Izzy and T.K., Sakkakumon created several mindless copies of their former adversaries. Sakkakumon also created a copy of Devimon, which was taken over by Devimon's spirit to make him complete again, revealing that as long as Angemon exists, Devimon can never truly be destroyed. Angemon reveals Devimon's true origin to T.K. and is almost corrupted and forced to digivolve into NeoDevimon. T.K.'s hope that Angemon will never lose to Devimon, purifies Angemon who reabsorbs Devimon. Devimon still continues to exist inside of Angemon, while expressing interest in seeing if hope is just as indestructible as despair. The Sword of Hope

Devimon later contacted T.K. and Patamon in dreams and kept changing his form between Tsukaimon, Devimon, NeoDevimon and DanDevimon. He revealed his own connection to Negamon and warned them of a "sound that once drove the world mad", and expressed his belief that even the DigiDestined cannot prevent the Great Catastrophe from happening. Devimon's words made T.K., Patamon, Kari Kamiya and Gatomon realize his connection to the Great Catastrophe and how the warning was about Ghoulmon and the Soundbirdmon summoning Negamon to the Digital World. As the Great Catastrophe began and a crack leading to a white void appeared in the sky, Devimon's words about everything getting sucked into a white void echoed in T.K. and Patamon's heads. The Angels' Determination

As the DigiDestined send WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon the power to DNA digivolve into Omnimon, a shadowy image of DanDevimon emerges from Seraphimon and saves him from Abaddomon before turning back into Devimon. Devimon declares that he hears the voices resonating beyond the world and gathering hope, declaring that despite the destruction in sight, the light of hope glows bright, creating a miracle. Devimon declares that the whim of those who are shadows must also be the same as SkullKnightmon appears over Ophanimon. As Devimon fades away with a black feather dropping in front of Seraphimon, he calls Seraphimon his dear old friend, realizing that this is the answer that Seraphimon has reached to Devimon's earlier question about whether hope is just as indestructible as despair. The Last Miracle, The Last Power


  • Death Claw


9-23 Analyzer NeoDevimon.png

NeoDevimon is Devimon's Ultimate form.

After becoming enraged by Poyomon's digivolution into Tokomon and refusal to join the Dark Digimon, Devimon uses both Moon=Millenniummon's power and the data sent by his minion Calmaramon from the Network to digivolve into NeoDevimon. NeoDevimon, however, loses much of its power after Garudamon, MegaKabuterimon and Lillymon destroy Calmaramon and Zudomon destroys the obelisk in the Network used to send data to NeoDevimon. WereGarurumon digivolves into WereGarurumon Sagittarius Mode, forcing NeoDevimon to evade his attacks. While NeoDevimon is distracted fighting WereGarurumon, MetalGreymon is able to destroy him with his Giga Destroyer, but AxeKnightmon appears and uses Moon=Millenniummon's power to digivolve NeoDevimon into its Mega form DanDevimon. The Messenger of Darkness, Devimon

After Devimon's return inside of Sakkakumon, he attempts to forcibly digivolve Angemon into NeoDevimon, but Angemon breaks free with T.K.'s help. The Sword of Hope

NeoDevimon appeared as one of Devimon's forms in dreams when he contacted T.K. Takaishi and Patamon to warn them that the Great Catastrophe would begin soon. After hearing the story, Gatomon notes that Devimon had been studying digivolution to reach a greater power defying the laws of nature. However, when he digivolved into NeoDevimon and DanDevimon, it drove him insane and led only to utter destruction. The Angels' Determination


  • Guilty Claw


DanDevimon t.png

DanDevimon is Devimon's Mega form.

After NeoDevimon was defeated, AxeKnightmon used Moon=Millenniummon's power to digivolve him into DanDevimon. Digivolution to his Mega form was always Devimon's intention, but he also becomes insane and mindless in the process, as noted by Tokomon. DanDevimon's upper arms are made of pure dark miasma and to prevent the arms from touching Matt Ishida, WereGarurumon, T.K. Takaishi and Tokomon, Tai Kamiya and MetalGreymon allow themselves to be touched by the arms instead. This causes Tai and MetalGreymon to become slowly corrupted. DanDevimon attempts to attack T.K. and Tokomon, and when Tai tries to defend them, he eats Tai. This makes MetalGreymon angrier and causes him to be taken over by the miasma, then summons the red manifestation of Machinedramon. Machinedramon is about to become just as mindless and violent as DanDevimon as the two Digimon keep fighting. But then, T.K. and Tokomon send a manifestation of Angemon to encourage Machinedramon to let go of its anger and focus on saving Tai. Machinedramon's manifestation shatters into pieces and a yellow manifestation of WarGreymon appears to destroy DanDevimon and save Tai. The Final Stage, DoneDevimon

DanDevimon appeared as one of Devimon's forms when he contacted T.K. and Patamon in dreams to warn them that the Great Catastrophe would begin soon. DanDevimon started to disappear when he said he was certain that even the DigiDestined would be unable to stop the Great Catastrophe. When T.K. and Patamon expressed their confidence, DanDevimon disappeared but not before admitting that he wanted to see them try to stop the Great Catastrophe. The Angels' Determination

After Seraphimon is swallowed by Abbadomon, a shadowy image of DanDevimon suddenly emerges from him and rescues Seraphimon before turning back into Devimon. The Last Miracle, The Last Power

In the Digivice: virtual pet, DanDevimon is defeated by the DigiDestined's Partner Digimon.

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