Parasaurmon b.jpg
Level Champion
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus
Family Wind Guardians
Debut Digimon Reference Book
(October 5, 2020)
Other Names
• (Ja:) パサラウモン[1] Pasaraumon

Parasaurmon is a Dinosaur Digimon. It is a gentle Digimon that lives in a warm climate. The fruit-like organs around its long neck sprinkle a sweet scent into its surroundings. This scent has the role of informing the herd of their position, and it seems that the scent differs slightly depending on the individual. It is often attacked by other Digimon that are drawn in by its scent, but it deprives invading enemies of their freedom with the numbing gas "Palsy Sweet".[2]


  • Palsy Sweet: Spits numbing gas out of its mouth.
  • Wavy Oktavist: Emits a super-low-pitched cry that crushes even rocks, at a loud volume, and engulfs several tens of meters around it in a whirlpool of destruction.



Parasaurmon (パラサウモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


During development Parasaurmon went through minor design changes. Its head lacked the orange tinge, it lacked the decorations on its head, its eyes were orange, its tail was straight and lacked the black dots and orange tinge, it had more fruit-like organs around its neck, and its body was more rounded.[3]

Notes and references

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