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"Opposites Attract"
(Ai no Arashi Sylphimon)
"Storm of Love, Sylphimon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) November 5, 2000
(En:) February 17, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Reiko Yoshida
(En:) Terri Lei-O'Malley, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Atsutoshi Umezawa
Chief Anim.
Tomoko Itou
Art Yukiko Iijima
Toei Animation
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Yolei and Kari discover Ken being haunted by visions of the Dark Ocean, and all three are soon drawn into a world of darkness, relying on each other to get out in one piece.

Note: The English video recap for this episode is either unavailable or non-existent.

DA02 ep31 Recap (Japanese w Eng subtitles)

DA02 ep31 Recap (Japanese w Eng subtitles)

Episode recap for Opposites Attract (Japanese with subtitles).


While searching for Gatomon's Lost Tail Ring, which may help her become stronger, Kari and Yolei separate from the group. They run into Ken. Together they enter a dark dimension from the episode His Master's Voice. But Yolei can't see the Dark Ocean which is only visible to Kari and Ken since they have been there before. They both get uncomfortable. From Ken's actions they realize he had once been here too. Arukenimon uses this time to set Blossomon on them. Kari has such bad memories from when evil creatures tried to pull her down to kill her she becomes so shaken by this, Yolei has to make Kari snap out of it and together they make Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon, destroying Blossomon. The resulting explosion alerts the rest of the DigiDestined, and the two groups are reunited.

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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser

DC buDC roDC tsuDC saDC moDC n

Plant Digimon

Special Move
Spiral Flower
Ken: "That's Blossomon—an Ultimate Digimon. Her Spiral Flower attack is a good excuse for weed killer and her children are worse than thorns."

DC shiDC ruDC fuDC iDC chouonDC moDC n

Beast Man Digimon

Special Move
Top Gun,
Dual Sonic
Stingmon: "Silphymon is the DNA digivolved form of Gatomon and Aquilamon. Silphymon's Static Force is the ultimate weapon against darkness and hate."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

DemiVeemon 1 Veemon 8 ExVeemon 13 Veemon
DemiVeemon t Arrow R.png Veemon t Arrow R.png ExVeemon t Arrow R Red.png Veemon t

Poromon 2 Hawkmon 4 Aquilamon 6 Silphymon 11 Pururumon
Poromon t Arrow R.png Hawkmon t Arrow R.png Aquilamon t Arrow R.png Silphymon t Arrow RR Red.png Pururumon t
(w/ Gatomon) + Salamon

Upamon 3 Armadillomon 8 Ankylomon 13 Armadillomon
Upamon t Arrow R.png Armadillomon t Arrow R.png Ankylomon t Arrow R Red.png Armadillomon t

Wormmon 4 Stingmon 13 Wormmon
Wormmon t Arrow R.png Stingmon t Arrow R Red.png Wormmon t

Gatomon 6 Silphymon 11 Salamon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R.png Silphymon t Arrow RR Red.png Salamon t
(w/ Aquilamon) + Pururumon

Patamon 8 Pegasusmon 13 Patamon
Patamon t Arrow R.png Pegasusmon t Arrow R Red.png Patamon t
DigiEgg of Hope b


"We needed this like a hole in the head."

T.K. on the situation with BlackWarGreymon.

Gatomon: "I couldn't look for my ring back then, but if I had it now, I'd be one tough digi-kitty."
Davis: "That's it then! We'll just have to go find it, whatever it is!"
Kari: "You're the greatest!"
Cody: "Trying to win points with Kari? Looks like it actually worked this time."
Yolei: "Not even Davis can strike out every time."
Davis: "Oh yes I can!"
Veemon: "I don't think that's what you meant to say."

—The DigiDestined are onto Davis.

"I hate it when she does that."

Gatomon on Kari's tendency to run off unexpectedly.

"My life is over! I'll never get married, have kids, make millions in the stock market! I hate this!"

Yolei, snap out of it!

Kari: "Yolei, I'm really sorry for slapping you like that. It's just not like me. You seem to bring out the worst in me, maybe because we're so different."
Yolei: "No, it's me."
Kari: "I have to be honest, Yolei. The truth is, I envy you."
Yolei: "Huh?"
Kari: "I wish I could say what I'm feeling, like you do. I keep everything inside so no one gets hurt but me."
Yolei: "I had no idea."

—Kari expresses herself to Yolei.

"That's enough of that nonsense! Of course you're strong enough! You're the strongest person I've ever known! And if you think I'm gonna sit by and let you run on yourself like that, you can just think again! We'll fight it together, Kari. The darkness will never beat you, do you hear me?!"

Yolei finally gets through to Kari.

Aquilamon: "Aquilamon!"
Gatomon: "Gatomon!"
Aquilamon and Gatomon: "DNA diigivolve to...Silphymon!"

-Silphymon is born thanks to Yolei and Kari bonding

T.K.: "I thought I'd really lost you this time. I was afraid you'd slipped into the other world for good."
Kari: "Don't worry, T.K. I have a feeling I won't be fighting it alone anymore."

—Kari reassures T.K. that she's not going anywhere.

Other notes

Dubbing changes

  • In the original version, when Veemon gives Davis a "don't give up" comment, Davis gags him, twice.

Digimon references

  • This episode shows a clip from the episode Enter Flamedramon, featuring Gatomon losing her tail ring to a Unimon.
  • This episode shows a clip from the episode His Master's Voice, featuring Kari the last time she visited the Dark Ocean.

Real-world references

  • In the English dub, when Blossomon's eye appears in mid-air, Gatomon says "I think Big Brother is watching us".

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Gatomon and Silphymon announce the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • While reading Silphymon's Digimon Analyser, Paul St. Peter's voice lacks Stingmon's vibratto effect, causing it to sound like Leomon, who he also voiced.
  • Though Kuwagamon has appeared many times in the first two seasons, this is the first episode in which it/one speaks.
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