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Opossummon t
Appears in:Digimon Fusion
First appearance "We, The Digimon Hunters!" [55]
Last appearance "Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!" [79]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi
Partner(s):Airu Suzaki
Gender Female
WarpCho Hakkaimon

Opossummon is one of the main characters in the third season of Digimon Fusion, The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time.


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Opossummon is very energetic, and always wants to be the center of Airu's attention. As a result, when Airu finds other, cuter Digimon, Opossummon will usually try to convince Airu how she's cuter than them. But when that fails, Opossummon resorts to committing jealousy-driven harm on the unfortunate Digimon.


  • Mad Balloon Bomb: Throws exploding balloons.

Other Forms

Cho Hakkaimon

Cho Hakkaimon t

Cho Hakkaimon is the digivolved form of Opossummon. Cho Hakkaimon is very aggressive, easily letting her anger get the better of her. According to Airu, Cho Hakkaimon is just barely "weird-cute", but her anger just makes her "scary".


  • Kyoushin Hōmuran (強振砲舞乱? lit. "Hard-swung Homerun")
  • Dadada Minchi (打々々魅飲血? lit. "Strike, Strike, Strike, Mince")
  • Buta-no-Maruyaki (豚ノ丸焼? lit. "Roast of the Pig"): Embraces the opponent with her body, which has burst into flames from the fury of her hunger, roasting them well-done.


6-59 XrosUpOpossummon

XrosUpOpossummon is the DigiFuse of Opossummon and Candlemon. Candlemon becomes a gigantic, fiery version of Opossummon's Mad Balloon Bomb which releases a massive explosion.

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