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Operation: Doodlebug is a procedure run by the Monster Makers in Digimon Tamers.


Digimon Tamers[]

Operation: Doodlebug was developed in a last ditch effort by the Monster Makers team. According to the plan, the Juggernaut program was to be loaded into Terriermon, who as MegaGargomon would enter the vortex created by the D-Reaper to transfer information between its instances in the Human and Digital Worlds. There, he would spin counter to vortex at superluminal speeds, creating a backwards flow in time that, combined with MegaGargomon's release of the Juggernaut algorithm in a "big bang" form, would result in the forceful reversion of the D-Reaper back into the Digital World and back into the form that was less complex than a calculator, as was originally intended.

However, as this operation was accomplished, the Monster Makers realized, too late, that the effect of the combined time reversal and Juggernaut implementation would not only return the D-Reaper into its original form, but would also force the Digimon in the human world—including the Digimon partners of the DigiDestined—back into increasingly-regressive forms. Thus, in order to be saved from the total deconstitution of their false proteins and data, the Digimon in the Human World had to return to the Digital World, which, like the Human World after it, was recovering and rebuilding from the death and destruction wreaked by the overactive D-Reaper program.