The Olympos XII (オリンポス十二神 Orinposu Jūnishin?)[3] are a group of twelve Mega-level Deity/Shaman (God Man) Digimon modeled after the Roman version of the Twelve Olympians, the "Dii Consentes". The Olympos XII manage the Digital World: Iliad, which exists on a different Server from the Digital World ruled by Yggdrasill; however, they possess ability rivaling that of the Royal Knights,[4] so the knights have not felt the need to personally interfere in Iliad's affairs.[5] The members of Olympos XII protect their own domains while maintaining a position of neutrality regarding the incidents which arise in the Digital World,[4] but some Digimon with a similar goal, like Plutomon, are excluded from their number due to their cruelty in its pursuit.[6] The forces that defy the will of the Olympos XII and oppose them in battle are never-ending,[7] to the point that the hatred of the Digimon they've defeated has been reborn as Titamon, who seeks to have their heads.[8]

The members of the Olympos XII resemble humans either wearing armor based on a specific animal or fused with an animal body. The group is central to the story of Digimon Heroes!, although members also appear in Digimon Data Squad, Digimon World Data Squad, Digimon Collectors, Digimon World: Next Order, and the card games. A Neptunemon, Marsmon, and Apollomon are also members of the Bagra Army, and a Mervamon is a member of the Fusion Fighters United Army in Digimon Fusion, although they are not stated to be members of the Olympos XII.


Some of the species that are members of the Olympos XII have also appeared as characters in other media, but are not members of the group.

Digimon Olympian Animal Domain Alternates
Apollomon b
Apollo Lion Flames
Bacchusmon b
Bacchus Snake Wine Bacchusmon Deisui Mode b
Bacchusmon (Deisui Mode)
Ceresmon b
Ceres Bird Fertility Ceresmon Medium b
Ceresmon Medium
Dianamon b
Diana Rabbit Water and ice
Junomon b
Juno Peacock Junomon Hysteric Mode b
Junomon Hysteric Mode
Jupitermon b
Jupiter Owl Sky, thunder, and weather Jupitermon Wrath Mode b
Jupitermon Wrath Mode
Marsmon b
Mars Panther War
Merukimon b
Mercury Wolf Genius
Minervamon b
Minerva Snake Minervamon X b
Minervamon X
Mervamon b
Neptunemon b
Neptune Fish Sea
Venusmon b
Venus Dove Love
Vulcanusmon b
Vulcan Octopus Smithery


When Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode was in development, the producer Kazumasa Habu requested Kenji Watanabe to design a Digimon that was both a member of the Olympos XII and Ogremon's Mega form. This Digimon was originally planned to be Bacchusmon and take design cues from the mythological Shuten-dōji, however, because it was hard to incorporate wine-based elements with Ogremon's design, the Digimon was redesigned to focus just on being Ogremon's Mega form, but they still wanted to connect it to the Olympos XII. Watanabe based this Digimon's relationship to the Olympos XII on Greek mythology, where the Twelve Olympians and the Titans were enemies, and, because Ogremon was "quite titan-ish", the Digimon was named Titamon.[9]


Digimon Data Squad[]

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)[]

Xros Songs!! To All Youths Who Chase their Dreams!!

Digimon Heroes![]

Digimon Collectors[]

Digimon World: Next Order[]

The Olympos XII member Minervamon inhabits Logic Volcano, and her fellow Dianamon inhabits Frost Cathedral.

Minervamon asks the Hero to deliver a gift to Dianamon, which results in a chain of back-and-forth gifting that ends when Dianamon's gift covers Minervamon in water. Minervamon travels to confront Dianamon, assuming she was pranked, but just as the Hero arrives Dianamon explains that the water had been an ice sculpture that melted in the heat—while also admitting that she disliked Minervamon's gifts. The Hero tries to defuse the fight, which just causes them to turn on the Hero in an attempt to silence them and keep their argument secret. Fortunately, the Hero knocks some sense into them and they decide to join the City at the Colosseum. Minervamon works during the day and gives rewards if the Hero's Digimon has 100 Discipline and 0 Mood, while Dianamon works during the night and gives rewards if the Hero's Digimon has 100 Mood and 0 Discipline.

Digimon Masters[]

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