Olegmon is a Sea Animal Digimon. It is the general of the Gold-thief Army of the "Big Death-Stars". It is a super-heavyweight Digimon whose whole body is clad in steel armor. With Aquatic and Sea Animal Digimon, its army runs the whole gamut of atrocities and looting, and plunders treasure wherever they travel across the ocean. It has a weakness for gold and silver treasures, so its collected treasures become Olegmon's entire diet, and it increases the strength of Olegmon's armor if it eats enough. Olegmon boasts the most superhuman strength among the other generals, easily wielding its super-heavyweight "Twin Broadswords" (Dual Tomahawk) pair of axes. Also, Olegmon keeps the gigantic shadow called "Jormungandr" in the chest on its right shoulder, and the one called "Surtr" in the chest on its left shoulder. Both become fiendish shadows if an opponent is recognized.[3]


  • Twin Broadsword Boomerang[4] (Dual Tomahawk Boomerang): Effortlessly hurls its Twin Broadswords.
  • Two-Fister Scuttle-Buster[5] (Viking Vuffet)[6]: Swings the Twin Broadswords down vertically over and over, chopping the opponent to bits in the blink of an eye.
  • Age of Discovery: Jormungandr takes the opponent away to "Jötunheimr", which is said to be the end of the world.
  • Dream Comes True: Surtr asks for the opponent's wishes and pretends to grant them, but avoids actually granting them using a convenient interpretation from Olegmon. If the opponent stubbornly refuses the wish, it keeps on doling out attacks.


Olegmon appears as an orange-skinned viking in golden armor with the shoulder guards modeled after treasure chests, holding its familiars Jormungandr and Surtr, and gauntlets shaped like barrels. It also has two big horns sprouting from its back that resembles tIt horns on its helmet. Olegmon wears a big golden lock tied with black belts around its neck, and has fur around its waist and around its hands. Its shoulders are marked with compass-rose emblems.


Olegmon (オレーグモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion

Main article: Olegmon (Fusion)

Digimon Adventure:

After the island that Olegmon and his crew were living on becomes uninhabitable, Olegmon leads his crew to become pirates in a desperate search for food, becoming pirates with Olegmon insisting upon being called Shogun rather than Chief or Boss. However, the unnaturally calm ocean drives the ship into a river on a glacier where he encounters and attacks Blimpmon when the crew refuses to give Olegmon their food supply. Thanks to ShogunGekomon, Blimpmon is able to escape, but ShogunGekomon, Joe and Gomamon fall off and are captured. Olegmon tries to trade ShogunGekomon for their food supply but Joe, having escaped and learned the real reason behind Olegmon's actions, challenges him for leadership. The two battle on a glacier where Olegmon proves to be more than a match for both Ikkakumon and Zudomon. Although genuinely remorseful for his actions, Olegmon refuses to give up and doom his crew. Joe and Zudomon's determination to protect everyone allows Zudomon to digivolve into Vikemon who shatters Olegmon's axes and flings him into his own pirate ship, crippling it. Rather than abandon Olegmon and his crew to their doom, a sympathetic Joe has Blimpmon tow the pirate ship to a warm land to the south where the pirates and Joe's friends from the hot springs can find a new life. Impressed with Joe's leadership, Olegmon acknowledges him as the true Shogun. Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers

Following Abbadomon's destruction by Omegamon Alter-S, Olegmon and his crew celebrate on their repaired pirate ship. The End of the Adventure

Digimon Heroes!

Olgemon is card 6-622.

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  6. "Viking" (バイキング Baikingu?) is a synonym for a buffet in Japanese, and in addition, it is pronounced with an initial "b"; this makes "Viking Vuffet" a pun on "Buffet Buffet", but with the initial letters switched.