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Oikawa's Shame
恐怖! ベリアルヴァンデモン
(Kyoufu! BeriaruVandemon)
"Terror! BelialVamdemon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) March 11, 2001
(En:) May 12, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Hiro Masaki
(En:) Seth Walther
Directed by (Ja:) Hiroki Shibata
Chief Anim.
Toshio Deguchi
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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The final phase of Oikawa's plan is set in motion, though the result is far from what he dreamed of, and he soon comes face to face with the true mastermind behind this entire scheme.


DA02 ep48 recap

Episode recap for Oikawa's Shame.


After the events of the last episode, the Digidestined decide to keep watch at Highton View Terrace; Oikawa will attempt to enter the Digital World from here, not knowing that the gate was sealed by BlackWarGreymon with the last of his strength after being mortally wounded by the entity within Oikawa. The children infected with the Dark Spores begin gathering, having been summoned by the villain. Above both groups, Oikawa watches in amusement with Mummymon and Arukenimon.

Temporarily bothered by Izzy's mother, the DigiDestined immediately turn around to see Oikawa arrive with Arukenimon and Mummymon closely guarding him. He uses a laptop to activate a program, showing the card method Myotismon used to get to the Real World last season, but not before Ken demands to know why he was chosen to carry out his reign of terror as the Digimon Emperor.

Oikawa explains that he always knew that Ken was a DigiDestined, and that he was the most vulnerable one to fall into the darkness. He goes on to say that the Control Spires that Ken built were designed to change the Digital World's borders because he wanted to go there himself after weakening its defenses, so he created Arukenimon and Mummymon by transforming his own DNA into data and sent them there. However, seeing them there only increased his desires, explaining that that was the reason he used Ken in the first place. But since he couldn't change the borders from the Digital World thanks to the DigiDestined's efforts, he'd do so from the real world instead. That was when he decided to use the Dark Spores' power to feed on the children's innocence and changing it to the power he needed to fulfill his deepest desire.

Oikawa cries with joy, wishing that he could have brought his friend Hiroki with him. He then has the children chant their desire to go to the Digital World, powering the program on his laptop. A door opens, much to everyone's surprise. Oikawa and the children go through the door, followed closely by Arukenimon and Mummymon, who don't want to be left behind. Davis, Yolei, Ken, Cody, Kari, and T.K. run in after them, leaving Matt, Izzy, and Joe behind.

The portal opens in a dark place filled with flowers. Oikawa is overjoyed to be in what he thinks is the Digital World, but one boy frantically denies it and Oikawa is disabused of the notion until seeing his surrounding while wondering where he inadvertently took them. Mummymon and Arukenimon are knocked back by the Digidestined's Champion Digimon, and the DigiDestined notice to their surprise that Oikawa and the infected children are upset. A phantasmal mouth appears in the air, taunting Oikawa in his own voice, and reveals that it's been using him as a host for its data for the last three years, and shows him how he did so as the 1999 DigiDestined returned to the Digital World to face the Dark Masters. Gatomon recognizes the voice as Myotismon's, who had been presumed dead after the DigiDestined defeated him.

Myotismon mocks Gatoman by saying he designed the Dark Rings after her Tail ring and emerges from Oikawa's body, becoming a double of him. Myotismon explains the Dark Spores' real purpose, they're batteries to power his rebirth into a new form. Arukenimon and Mummymon, though shocked, follow Myotismon's orders to keep the DigiDestined back while he harvests the Dark Spores. With his task complete, Myotismon begins taking his new form - MaloMyotismon - which is just as strong as VenomMyotismon, but just as smart as his Ultimate form. He then begins torturing Arukenimon to test his powers despite her being his faithful servant for years, reading her mind to learn what she fears will happen, to the horror of the DigiDestined and Mummymon. He then kills her in cold blood, technically granting her wish to be as far away from him as possible. Mummymon futilely fights back, heartbroken and enraged to have his love taken away from him; however, he is simply melted by a Crimson Mist attack.

Enraged, Davis orders ExVeemon to charge, while the rest of the DigiDestined are too scared of losing their friends to make a move after witnessing the heartless deaths of MaloMyotismon's henchmen at his own hands, the carnage of what they saw traumatizing them right to their cores. Though Ken tries to let go of the fear to join Davis, the latter says it may better if the former temporarily sat this one out until he fully recovers.

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega

Digimon Analyser[]

DC beDC riDC aDC ruDC vuDC aDC nDC deDC moDC n

Demon Lord Digimon

Signature Move
Howling Blood
Special Move
Melting Blood, Pandæmonium Flame
Gatomon: "He's nothing but a deadly, blood-sucking fiend. Nothing is as evil as MaloMyotismon!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Arukenimon (Human) 1 Arukenimon
Arukenimon (Human) t Arrow R Blue Arukenimon b
Mummymon (Human) 2 Mummymon
Mummymon (Human) t Arrow R Blue Mummymon b
Veemon 3 ExVeemon
Veemon b Arrow R ExVeemon b
Hawkmon 4 Aquilamon
Hawkmon b Arrow R Aquilamon b

Patamon 5 Angemon
Patamon b Arrow R Angemon b
Wormmon 6 Stingmon
Wormmon b Arrow R Stingmon b
Armadillomon 7 Ankylomon
Armadillomon b Arrow R Ankylomon b


Tai: "Be very quiet, Agumon. We can't let her know we're here."
Agumon: "I am being very quiet."
Tai: "Well, you're not being very invisible. Get back here."
Agumon: "Hmph! Being a spy would be easier if we didn't have to do so much spying."

-Tai and Agumon, spies in-training.

Oikawa: "Am I going crazy or is my voice coming out of that mouth?"
Mysterious voice: "A bit of both I think. You see, I'm you."

—Oikawa's dark heart is out on his sleeve.

Gatomon: "That voice!"
Kari: "What?"
Gatomon: "I still hear that voice in my nightmares: Myotismon!"
Kari: *gasp*
Arukenimon/Mummymon: "Huh?"
Myotismon: "Muhahahahahahaaa!!"
Angemon: "Myotismon... But how can that be?!"
Kari: "Myotismon?!"
Gatomon: "Yes!"
Myotismon: "I'm not surprised that you saw through me, my old pet."

—He's baaaaaaack.

Myotismon: "This Dark Flower has roast beef, this Dark Flower had none, and this Dark Flower cried, "Wee, wee, wee...""
Davis: "That's really getting on my nerves!"
Arukenimon: "Now, now, let him eat in peace."

—Arukenimon won't let Davis interrupt Myotismon's harvest.

Myotismon: "Allow me to reveal...myself!" *grunts* "Ya!"
Davis & Co.: *gasp*
Davis: "Look, he's--"
Cody: "He's changing!"
T.K.: "But into Myotismon or VenomMyotismon?"
Myotismon: "Actually...you can call me MaloMyotismon!"
Davis & Co.: *gasp*

—Myotismon finally reveals his true identity.

Other notes[]

Continuity errors

  • The Brazilian dub of this episode doesn't seem able to figure out what MaloMyotismon's name should be. He is "Malon Yotismon" in the episode title, "MaloMyotismon" according to the DigiDestined, "Myotismon" to Gatomon, and "BelialVamdemon" to himself. Even worse, the Digimon Analyzer claims that MaloMyotismon evolved from BelialVamdemon.
  • In "The Battle for Earth", Kari waves goodbye to her parents when going to the Digital World, the DigiDestined float in a single row, Joe and Gomamon are on Tai's left side, and the rainbow bridge is computer-animated. However, in Oikawa's flashback Kari is not waving, the DigiDestined float in two rows, Joe and Gomamon are on Tai's right side, and the rainbow bridge is traditionally animated.

Animation errors

  • When Izzy's mother leaves, Gatomon's nose appears to be missing.
  • In a shot after Oikawa cries, the purple tip of Gatomon's right ear is colored white.
  • In the English Dub, Gatomon is given a dramatic pause before revealing Myotismon is the real villain, but her mouth continues to move.
  • In multiple scenes, ExVeemon's hands are seen with five fingers instead of three.
  • When MaloMyotismon kills Arukenimon, his left hand is colored red instead of whitish-blue.
  • When MaloMyotismon breaks free from Mummymon's bandages, the violet section behind MaloMyotismon's head is colored whitish-blue in the shot's first frames.

Dubbing changes

  • Originally, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Izzy's mother offered the DigiDestined were riceballs.
  • In the English, French, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Hebrew dubs, Oikawa identifies the children as the DigiDestined when he sees them in his flashback as they returned to the Digital World to fight the Dark Masters.
  • When the gate closes behind the younger DigDestined, in the original version, Izzy tells Joe and Matt that they will have to inform Tai, Sora and Agumon of what happened. In the English dub, he says that they're too late and that the younger DigDestined are on their own now.
  • In the English dub, Myotismon recites a rhyme to the rhythm of This Little Piggy as he consumes the Dark Flowers.
  • In the original version, Myotismon speaks when he hunches before becoming MaloMyotismon, calling it an "exercise after eating".
  • In the original version, MaloMyotismon makes no sound when he grabs Arukenimon. In the dub, he viciously growls when he grabs her.
  • In the original version, MaloMyotismon comments there is nothing worse than someone willing to die. This happens when fighting Mummymon.
  • In the Latin American dub, MaloMyotismon announces his Crimson Mist attack as "Látigo Sangriento" (Bloody Whip in Spanish), the dub name used for Myotismon's Crimson Lightning attack.

Digimon references

  • When opening the gate, Oikawa uses a card method similar to that used by the DigiDestined in the Digimon Adventure episode It's All In The Cards. The only difference here is that, where Tai decided to place the Gomamon card, Oikawa places the Agumon card instead (perhaps under the influence of Myotismon, who's also been seen using the card method). The Gateway To Home This could very well be what causes the gate to lead to another world, rather than BlackWarGreymon's sealing of the gate, which may have had no influence at all.

Real-world references

  • Izzy's phone uses a Carmen ringtone.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • MaloMyotismon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.