Nyokimon is a Seed Digimon. Its body surface is covered in transparent tissue, and it can be confirmed that within the transparent skin is its real body, which seems to be a variant of Botamon. It is thought that it is perhaps a species of Botamon whose appearance transformed into this herbaceous body. For that reason, it is not only a Plant-species Digimon, but it also has the potential to digivolve to Dragon-species Digimon and the like. Its personality is extremely gentle, so it has a timid face, and its offensive ability is nonexistent.[4]


  • Seed Cracker:[5] Flings popping seeds, then quickly flees while the opponent is surprised.



Nyokimon (ニョキモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Ja:) Nyokinyoki (にょきにょき?), the onomatopoeia for plants shooting up.


Digimon Adventure[]

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Digimon Adventure 02[]

A Nyokimon is seen with Elecmon and other Fresh Digimon in a forest as BlackWarGreymon passes by.

Several Nyokimon become partners to Dark Spore-infected children (including Hiroshi).

Digimon Adventure 3D: Digimon Grandprix![]

Several Nyokimon watch the race to determine who will become the King of the Digital World.

Digimon Frontier[]

Nyokimon are in the Village of Beginnings and are among the Digimon who stand up to the Royal Knights when they attack. Glean Eggs And Scram

Digimon Data Squad[]

Several Nyokimon help Cherrymon tend to the injured Digimon after Akihiro Kurata and his forces return to the Digital World.

Digimon Savers 3D: The Digital World in Imminent Danger![]

Some Nyokimon play with Fresh and In-Training Digimon in the Digital World.


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Digimon Dreamers[]

Digimon World Championship[]

Nyokimon can Digivolve into Yokomon with 20 Insect/Plant AP, Koromon with 20 Dragon AP or Tanemon through passing time.

Digimon Soul Chaser[]

Nyokimon digivolves to Mushroomon and Yokomon.

Digimon Survive[]

Multiple Nyokimon are some of the weak Kemonogami that Jijimon protects in the amusement park. It becomes good friends with Miu Shinonome after she pretends to be the amusement park's Queen for a while.

When Master, who was mind controlling Miyuki Minase, had the Kenzoku attack the amusement park, the Noykimon hide with Jijimon in the barricaded throne room.

This happens in the moral, harmonious and wrathful routes.

Takuma Momozuka and his friends are able to save most of the residents, though Jijimon (moral), Miu (harmonious) or Saki Kimishima (wrathful) dies during the battle. The group then move into the school, as the amusement park was no longer safe to live in.

Agumon (harmonious) or Agumon and the others (moral and wrathful) later try to cheer up a tearful Nyokimon, who was crying after learning of Jijimon/Miu/Saki's death. Agumon/they were unable to stop it, and the other Kemonogami, from crying.

This happens in the truthful route.

The Kenzoku attack the barrier, with Miu remembering about the trap door that leads to the prison. She opens it, and Jijimon and the others go into it to flee. Master winds up leaving having been unable to kill the children, with the park being saved as a result. The children leave to go and find the Four Sovereign Monsters, with the Nyokimon crying as they couldn't play with her any more.

This happens in the harmonious route.

One year after Boltboutamon (Fusion)'s defeat, a girl partnered with a Nyokimon is being examined at the Japanese Institute of Electronic Symbiotes.

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