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"Now You See It, Now You Don't"
共に戦え! ゴツモンと輝二の誓い
(Tomo ni Tatakae! Gotsumon to Kōji no Chikai!)
"Fight Together! Gottsumon and Kōji's Vow"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Sensation Animation
Airdate (Ja:) February 16, 2003
(En:) July 7, 2003
Written by (En:) Seth Walther
Toei Animation
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The Royal Knights scan Gotsumon's home, leaving only three areas in the world. Gotsumon joins the warriors as they head for the Forest Terminal, hoping to protect the key that lies in Seraphimon's Castle.


Dynasmon and Crusadermon keep scanning and collecting data of the Digital World. Meanwhile, Koji's Gotsumon friend tries to protect the sacred jewels from the Knightmon under the Royal Knights' command. Right as Gotsumon is to be crushed, the DigiDestined jump in and fight off the Knightmon. Unfortunately, the Royal Knights arrive and scan that area, even killing their own men. Dynasmon explains that the three areas left are "the forest, the light, and the ice". Gotsumon faints as he sees his whole village destroyed. After seeing the destruction, Takuya loses faith in himself and his strength, but the others talk him into continuing. Gotsumon decides to go with the DigiDestined to protect other areas.

Dynasmon and Crusadermon are already at Seraphimon's Castle, but they are unable to take it, and by extension the Forest Kingdom, due to a powerful barrier surrounding its exterior. When Dynasmon and Crusadermon take flight to get a new angle on the situation, MagnaGarurumon and Gotsumon attack the Knightmon as a distraction while the other DigiDestined head for the castle.

The Royal Knights attack the barrier's top point, which is its weakest spot, in order to cause a cascading collapse. Takuya moves to spirit evolve to EmperorGreymon, but a message from his D-Tector opens a hole in the barrier to allow them through. At the castle's front, however, the Knightmon prove to be more troublesome as they show the ability to regenerate despite being blown to pieces. MagnaGarurumon runs out of ammo and discards his armor just as Crusadermon decides to support her troops, and the two fight. Takuya's directions lead the DigiDestined to a statue of the Celestial Digimon, which serves as the key to the area's data. Just as they discover it, however, Dynasmon uses his most powerful technique to take down both the barrier and the castle itself. The DigiDestined only survive due to Sorcermon, whose spirit uses the last of its strength to protect them and the data. Abiding by Sorcermon's final wish, EmperorGreymon takes on Dynasmon.

Outside the castle's former limits, Crusadermon is beating MagnaGarurumon in a one-on-one duel. Feeling useless but wishing to help, Gotsumon finds the strength to digivolve to Meteormon who destroys the Knightmon. Though this somewhat evens the scales against Crusadermon, Dynasmon tricks EmperorGreymon into shooting each other with their attacks, but Dynasmon actually hits the statue of the Celestial Digimon instead. With this, the Royal Knights are able to scan the Forest Area, and they take their leave. While EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are willing to continue the fight, Crusadermon badly injures Meteormon, making him de-digivolve to Gotsumon and his plight and the plight of the rest of their friends forces the two to save them rather than fight. Despite the loss, Gotsumon leaves the future into the DigiDestined's hands.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Hybrid

Digimon Analyzer[]

Ophanimon: "Knightmon are always ready, willing, and able to fight. They won't hesitate to use their Electric Slash attack."


Koji Minamoto 1 Lobomon 4 Koji Minamoto 14 KendoGarurumon 18 Koji Minamoto 19 MagnaGarurumon 25 Koji Minamoto
Koji Minamoto t Arrow R Lobomon b Arrow R Red Koji Minamoto t Arrow R KendoGarurumon b Arrow R Red Koji Minamoto t Arrow R MagnaGarurumon b Arrow R Red Koji Minamoto t
H Spirit of Light b B Spirit of Light b Spirits of Light, Thunder, Darkness, Water, Steel
Koichi Kimura 1 Loweemon 6 Koichi Kimura
Koichi Kimura t Arrow R Loweemon b Arrow R Red Koichi Kimura t
L Spirit of Darkness b
Tommy Himi 1 Kumamon 6 Tommy Himi
Tommy Himi t Arrow R Kumamon b Arrow R Red Tommy Himi t
H Spirit of Ice b
Kazemon 4 Zoe Orimoto 12 Kazemon 16 Zoe Orimoto
Kazemon b Arrow R Red Zoe Orimoto t Arrow R Kazemon b Arrow R Red Zoe Orimoto t
H Spirit of Wind b
Beetlemon 6 J.P. Shibayama 12 Beetlemon 16 J.P. Shibayama
Beetlemon b Arrow R Red J.P. Shibayama t Arrow R Beetlemon b Arrow R Red J.P. Shibayama t
H Spirit of Thunder b
BurningGreymon 10 Takuya Kanbara 11 BurningGreymon 15 Takuya Kanbara 20 Agunimon 21 Takuya Kanbara 22 EmperorGreymon 26 Takuya Kanbara
BurningGreymon b Arrow R Red Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R BurningGreymon b Arrow R Red Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R Agunimon b Arrow R Red Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R EmperorGreymon b Arrow R Red Takuya Kanbara t
B Spirit of Flame b H Spirit of Flame b Spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth, Wood
Gotsumon 23 Meteormon 24 Gotsumon
Gotsumon b Arrow RR Meteormon b Arrow RR Red Gotsumon b


Other Notes[]

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