Nokia Shiramine
(白峰 ノキア Shiramine Nokia)
Nokia Shiramine b
Appears in:Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth/Hacker's Memory
Actor(s):(Ja:) Megumi Han
Partner(s):Agumon and Gabumon
Digivice(s):Pink mobile phone
Gender Female
Known relatives Makiko Date (cousin)[1]
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tamer

Nokia Shiramine (白峰 ノキア Shiramine Nokia?) is a young girl who establishes an emotional bond with the Digimon she meets. Her Enjoy! Chat nickname is Akkino (アッキーノ Akkīno?), which is a nickname she has had since elementary school. Her Partners are Agumon and Gabumon.


Nokia is a young girl with fair skin, blue eyes, shoulder-length red hair, which is tied on the sides with blue hairties with white dots on them, and a large chest. She wears a black lace-trimmed bra, black string panties, a dress that is light-blue in the front and black in the back, and has blue hemlines as well as large blue triangles in the bottom hemlines of both the front and the back. The dress is cut in the sides in a way that exposes the strings of her panties, and both halves of the dress are connected by fourteen blue strings on each side, forming seven "X's", and a pink hooded jacket with a light blue inner side. She also wears gray stockings with eight black losangles on each, gathered in the both the thigh and the knee forming two bigger losangles. The stocking also have black garter straps connecting to the inside of the dress. She also wears black shoes, a red ring in the right index finger, and four collars in the neck, respectively blue, yellow, green, and one of orange stones, and three wristlets on each arm, over the sleeves of the jacket. The wristlets on the right arm are blue, green, and the latter of orange stones, and the ones of the left arm are blue, red, and yellow.

Nokia's design appears to reference Omnimon. Her red hair and light blue dress may be referencing Omnimon's orange and blue arms, her black underwear may be referencing to the black protection fibers under Omnimon's armor, and Nokia's jacket may be referencing Omnimon's cape.


During development, Nokia's dress was black.


Nokia's motto is "Be the change you want to be", and is generally quite positive. She puts on a tough front, but is actually easily scared.[2] Unlike her friends, Aiba, Arata Sanada, Keisuke Amasawa, and Chitose Imai, Nokia considers herself a Digimon Tamer, not a Hacker - and created the group Rebels, as a Digimon Tamer group, though Agumon and Gabumon eat way too much food, costing her most of her money.

Nokia believes herself to have a "superior sexy and cute body", and is offended when Fei calls her ugly. She is also a fan of Jimmy KEN and is emotionally crushed when she finds out he's evil.

When Nokia was young, she was weak and feeble and was bullied a lot, but thanks to her cousin, Makiko Date, Nokia's appearance became flashy and her personality became more positive.[3]


Nokia Shiramine (白峰 ノキア)

Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Officially romanized in a PlayStation Vita custom theme.

  • Ja: Shiramine (白峰?). Japanese surname that means "white peak". Possibly a reference to Omnimon's white armor.
  • Nokia (ノキア?). Possibly after Nokia, a famous mobile phone manufacturer, as Nokia's Digivice is a mobile phone.


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