(ノーブルパンプモン NoblePumpmon)
NoblePumpkinmon b
Level Mega
Type Puppet
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon ReArise
(Global version, October 7, 2019)
Prior forms Pumpkinmon[1]
Partners Nozomi Tamada
Voice actors (Ja:) Haruhi Terada (ReArise)

NoblePumpkinmon is a Puppet Digimon. The Mega of Pumpkinmon, which took on a gentlemanly attire. Neither good nor evil, it maintains a neutral stance, and aims to bring smiles to all Digimon. With its cheerful personality and mischievous behavior, which it shows from time to time, it can easily get along with any Digimon, so there are no Digimon that treat NoblePumpkinmon unkindly. It makes pumpkin dishes that everyone craves over using the "Assam Ring Jack"[2] (Wassamu Ring Jack[3]) staff it holds in its hand, and serves them to the Digimon it befriends.[4]


  • TRICKorTREAT Wallace: Manifests gigantic pumpkin-shaped bombs in the air and blows up everything around it.
  • Atlantic Dam: Pours a huge amount of pumpkin soup into the enemy's body and causes them to explode.



NoblePumpmon (ノーブルパンプモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Name used in the American English version of Digimon ReArise.


When the Global version of Digimon ReArise began pre-registration on August 1 2019, Bandai stated that if they reached a total of 50,000 pre-registrations, Pumpkinmon would receive a newly created Mega digivolution and that all players who pre-registered would be rewarded with a free Digi-Egg that would be able to digivolve to the new Mega Digimon. Once pre-registrations hit 100,000 on August 9 Bandai changed the required total to instead needing 500,000 for the Pumpkinmon Digi-Egg, and stated the new Digimon would be available in the global version of ReArise before the Japanese version of the game.[5] 500,000 pre-registrations was reached on September 13.[6]


Digimon ReArise

NoblePumpkinmon may digivolve from Pumpkinmon.

Notes and references

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