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New Digital Monster Begins
Airdate December 7, 2020
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In a Battle Arena, two Tamers – one with Pulsemon and one with Agumon – prepare to fight each other.

Before the fight, Pulsemon and its Tamer run around the City together, whilst Agumon and its Tamer battle various Digimon.

Agumon and Pulsemon begin their fight and are evenly matched, which leads to Agumon's Tamer digivolving his Agumon into Greymon.

Featured characters

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Humans Rookie Champion


Agumon 1 Greymon
Agumon b.jpg Greymon b.jpg

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Miscellaneous trivia

  • The scene with Tentomon, Gabumon, and a crowd of humans is reused from WELCOME TO DIGIMON WORLD, presumably due to being unable to make new crowd scenes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Kazumasa Habu is shown to be 9th place in the Battle Arena rankings.

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