List of Digimon


Devimon and Ogremon


Devimon and Ogremon are Neo's Partners, who can DNA digivolve into SkullSatamon.

His first display of power was to kill Etemonkey. He then reappeared to fight Zeromaru after Neo used MetalGreymon to gather Zeromaru's data. Though initially he was winning, he was killed when Zero's anger peaked due to Neo's comments about Tai.



The Guardian of the Tag of the Metal Empire and the fourth of the Ultimate Digimon Tai and Zeromaru fight, MetalGreymon used to be a Greymon raised by Neo, but he was deleted because he kept losing in battles. After being deleted, he materialized in the Digital World and went to the Metal Factory to make himself stronger by modifying himself. Thereafter, he met Neo again in the Digital World and, still loyal to his Tamer, wanted to show how much stronger he had become. He nearly defeated Zeromaru, but Neo used him to gather more data on Zeromaru. When he could not draw anymore information on Zeromaru, Neo eliminated him.

Kokatorimon and Kuwagamon


Kokatorimon and Kuwagamon are Neo's Partners, who can DNA digivolve into Megadramon, who in turn can also DNA digivolve with Cherrymon to Ghoulmon.

A Digimon that could fly, it dodged Zero's attacks and nearly defeated him due to Neo's method of separating him into its base digimon then re-DNA Digivolving them. When Tai figured out how to defeat it and Neo's plan, Neo then DNA digivolved Megadramon with Cherrymon to form Ghoulmon. He is killed when Ghoulmon is destroyed.

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