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Neo Saiba
(彩羽 ネオ Saiba Neo)
Appears in:Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01
First appearance "Another Tamer" [15]
Latest appearance "Thank You!!" [58]
Partner(s):Greymon, Devimon, Ogremon, Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, Arcadiamon
Digivice(s):Two Digivice 01
Age 13[1]
Blood type A[1]
Date of birth January 8[1]
Gender Male
Height 159 cm[1]
Known relatives Rei Saiba (sister)
Nationality Japanese
Sign Capricorn[1]
Weight 45 kg[1]

Neo Saiba (彩羽 ネオ Saiba Neo?) is one of the main antagonists of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. He is a Tamer summoned by Daemon, as well as the brother of Rei Saiba.


Neo is a tall and skinny teenager with pale skin, spiky white hair and blue eyes. He wears a white T-shirt with black sleeves, two vertical red stripes on each side of the chest, and white peace symbols on each sleeves. He also wears a black undershirt, white jeans with red pocket openings, a black belt with a silver buckle, white shoes with red markings, black fingerless gloves with silver decorations on the knuckles, and a long light blue scarf with tattered-looking ends. His arms are wrapped with bandages, and he wears two Digivice 01s on his wrists. Neo's left ear is pierced multiple times, and he is shown wearing a large silver earring and an earring with a hanging black down arrow on his earlobe, as well as a smaller stud earring above them.

After Arcadiamon is created, a jagged black marking appears under Neo's right eye. This mark disappears after Daemon's death.

In a flashback, Neo is shown wearing his school uniform, consisting of a dark colored blazer and pants, a white button-up shirt, and a black tie.

When he returns from the Digital World, Neo is shown wearing a black T-shirt under a dark colored short-sleeved jacket, light colored pants and light colored shoes.


Neo likes playing the piano.[1]


Neo Saiba
  • Ja: Saiba (彩羽?). Japanese surname that means "colored feathers". Possibly a pun on "cyber" (サイバー saibā?).
  • Neo. Anagram of "One". Together with Rei, it is a pun on "01".[2] With Arcadiamon it is likely also a pun on "Neo Arkadia" (Νεο Αρκαδία? lit. "New Arkadia").


Neo is a talented player of the Digimon V-pets, and is the undefeated D-1 Champion. Neo's first partner was Greymon, whom he discarded when it kept losing battles, but during his stay in the Digital World, his team of partners expand to include Devimon, Ogremon, MetalGreymon (digivolved from his original Greymon), Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, and most importantly, Arcadiamon. He is a master of DNA digivolutions, which he exploits with his Devimon and Ogremon, who DNA digivolve to SkullSatamon, and his Kokatorimon and Kuwagamon, who DNA digivolve to Megadramon. However, each of his partners were deleted either by Zeromaru or Neo himself.

Neo and his younger sister Rei befriended Hideto Fujimoto after Neo transferring to his school and beat him in a Digimon V-pet battle. Rei hinted that Hideto is Rei's first friend, and that he was much happier now that he had a Digimon Tamer as a friend. One day, Rei was hit by a truck running a red light, and was paralyzed as a result. Neo, who cared deeply for his younger sister, refused to accept her disability, and sought to recreate the fun times he had together with Rei and Hideto before the accident.

He received Arcadiamon from Daemon, which he used to kill Piedmon and later Rosemon. He later brought it during the invasion upon MagnaAngemon's castle with an army of Airdramon, Devidramon, Vilemon, Devimon, a Boltmon, a Gryphonmon, a Megadramon, a Gigadramon, and VenomMyotismon. His Arcadiamon defeated Leo and MagnaAngemon. Sometime after the invasion and after Rei threatens to stop the fight by jumping off the cliff, Neo and Taichi stop their rivalry. After the event, Neo befriends Tai and the Alias III again and saves Taichi's life. He goes on to win the next D-1 tournament and keeps his friendship with the four in the Real World.

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