NeoMyotismon the Moonlight (月光のネオヴァンデモン Gekkou no NeoVandemon?, lit. "NeoVamdemon the Moon-light") is a high-ranking member of the Bagra Army and the Dark General of Vampire Land in Digimon Fusion.


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The lunar symbol on his chest represents his mastery of the element of moon and his dominion over Vampire Land.


NeoMyotismon is a cruel and cunning Digimon who is able to predict many of the Fusion Fighters United Army's actions and is willing do to what ever it takes to achieve his goals. Along with a desire for more power, he is also ravenous for the immortality provided by absorbing the Lopmon; this greed can overpower his caution, however, leading to him devouring the one thing that can destroy him. He is equipped with a Darkness Loader capable of performing DigiFuse and shows the power to digifuse his enemies with himself, stealing their power for his own.


  • Nightmare Leeches (Nightmare Raid): Fires the Nightmare Leeches at multiple enemies, transforming their targets into terrible sights to behold.
  • Blue Obliteration (Bloody Stream Glade): Freely extends both of his arms to reliably capture his opponent, then wrenches them apart after forcing them to divulge all of their information.
  • Doom Cannon (Gardiac Raid): Collects dark energy, then fires it off once the moon on his chest is full. Although the opponent sees the flash of a beam of light from ahead of everything in its surroundings being changed to darkness, that light is not hope but the light of demise.


After Lord Bagra obtains the completed Code Crown, he reformats the Digital World into seven satellite kingdoms. NeoMyotismon, overseen by AxeKnightmon, is installed as the Dark General of the second kingdom, the gloomy Vampire Land. He leads the Moonlight Army consisting entirely of undead Digimon. Due to his weakness to sunlight, NeoMyotismon cloaks the entirety of the realm in a fog barrier. Additionally, he knows of a legend that a vampire's greatest weakness is a white Lopmon, so whenever a Lopmon appears, he has his army bring them to him. NeoMyotismon then absorbs the Lopmon into himself and feeds off their data like the mythological vampire, providing him a potent regeneration akin to immortality. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

NeoMyotismon rests within the Vampire Castle and is awoken by the Fusion Fighters United Army stage an infiltration to deactivate the barrier surrounding it. He steals Mikey Kudo's Fusion Loader in a moment of inattention and then questions why Mikey would go so far for Digimon he just met. Mikey just fires back that he can't turn his back on them, and then Lopmon steals back the Fusion Loader. Shoutmon X5 distracts him as Mikey and Lopmon bring down his barrier, and then Christopher Aonuma and MetalGreymon come to face him. As his army is being decimated by Shoutmon X5, NeoMyotismon decides to break any hope the United Army has by first digifusing his army to become Darkness Mode One and then digifusing MetalGreymon to become Darkness Mode Two, taking out an opponent and adding to his own strength. Vampire Land and the Moonlight General He is only stopped from a total win by Lopmon glowing white. This action triggers a visceral fear in him, which allows the United Army to escape. NeoMyotismon rationalizes the appearance away, regulating the white Lopmon legend to just that. He sends his army to harry the United Army and then lies in wait at the Underground Temple said to house the white Lopmon.

NeoMyotismon surprises Mikey in the temple and attacks him. Mikey and Shoutmon manage to hear MetalGreymon's DigiMelody, revealing that he is still alive, so Shoutmon offers himself up to be absorbed. NeoMyotismon takes the bait, digifusing Shoutmon to become a special Darkness Mode while inadvertently taking in Lopmon. Though strong, the Digimon within him begin to rebel, prompting NeoMyotismon to attack them. All of the Lopmons he absorbed then combine their power to form the white Lopmon, which gives the last of his strength to grant OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon the power to perform Double Fusion into Shoutmon DX. Shoutmon DX claws his way out of NeoMyotismon, and with the loss of the Lopmon, NeoMyotismon's regeneration is halted. He is easily dispatched by Shoutmon DX. NeoMyotismon manages to just barely escape in a pile of ashes, but Beelzemon provides him a final end beneath his heel. NeoMyotismon's demise opens the path to Zamielmon's domain. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

At the entrance to the Bagra Pandæmonium, AxeKnightmon eventually revives NeoMyotismon's coreless body with the Revive Circuit to become a component of GrandGeneramon. Meanwhile, his malicious DigiCore inhabits the Digital World's eighth, hidden kingdom: the metaphysical Prison Land where DigiCores can materialize. There, with the other Dark Generals, NeoMyotismon attempts to get his revenge on the trapped Fusion Fighters and Mikey in particular. Prison Land They try their best, but Apollomon and Olegmon side with Mikey. Apollomon sacrifices himself to allow his allies to escape, while Mikey's words leave them demoralized. In the end, NeoMyotismon realizes that, despite the Dark Generals' loyalty to the Bagra Army, AxeKnightmon only treats them as pawns for their power, hence why their DigiCores are in Prison Land as opposed to their bodies. This realization weakens GrandGeneramon in the physical world, allowing Shoutmon X7 and Olegmon to finish him off. With his body's death, NeoMyotismon's DigiCore dissipates alongside the other Dark Generals, hoping to return to death's peace. Rotten to the Digi-Core!

Other forms

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One

6-33 NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One.png

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One is the result of NeoMyotismon digifusing with his LadyDevimon and Devimon subordinates. In this form, NeoMyotismon grows in size and gains Devimon-type wings, and his markings are modified; skull markings are added to his shoulders, and the silver wing-shaped stripes become red.

NeoMyotismon assumes this form when fighting MetalGreymon as Shoutmon X5 fends off his Moonlight Army. He uses it as a power boost and to break the hope that the Fusion Fighters United Army feels. In the end, it is only a stepping stone to more power, as NeoMyotismon quickly absorbs MetalGreymon to become Darkness Mode Two, Vampire Land and the Moonlight General though he is forced to revert to it when Shoutmon DX breaks free from him. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX


  • Giga Guardiac Raid[1] (Giga Gardiac Raid): Collects dark energy, then fires it off once the moon on its chest is full.

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode Two

6-34 Analyzer-01 JP.png

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode Two is the result of NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One dark digifusing MetalGreymon into himself. In this form, NeoMyotismon's wings fuse into a single pair, his legs fuse into a serpentine tail with MetalGreymon's head on the tip, and his left hand turns into a claw similar to MetalGreymon's.

NeoMyotismon assumes this form to both gain power and deal a psychological blow against Christopher Aonuma. Vampire Land and the Moonlight General Though already very strong, he is unable to resist the urge to absorb Shoutmon at first opportunity, transitioning into another Darkness Mode. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode (Shoutmon)

6-34 NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode (Shoutmon).png

NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode (Shoutmon) is the result of NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode Two dark digifusing Shoutmon into himself. Though even stronger than before, the accidental absorption of Lopmon causes this form to be unstable.

NeoMyotismon assumes this form after taking Shoutmon's bait and digifusing him, accidentally absorbing Lopmon as well. He attempts to gain control over his newfound power, but the absorbed Digimon rebel within him, eventually forcing their way out. Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX

Other DigiFuses


Nightmare Leeches

6-33 Nightmare Leeches.png

Nightmare Leeches are familiar spirits to NeoMyotismon, which are brought forth in an inexhaustible supply, and naturally prefer the life energy of Digimon.

NeoMyotismon uses them to attack Shoutmon X5 and drain his energy, but MailBirdramon blasts them off. Vampire Land and the Moonlight General

Other appearances

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Notes and references

  1. This attack is named "Giga-Neutron Blast" in Digimon Fusion, "Vampire Land and the Moonlight General" [33].