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Nell Shishigari (獅子狩ネル Shishigari Neru?) is a character in Digimon Dreamers. She is partnered to Bell.


Her shirt has a symbol resembling the Digital Hazard.



Shishigari Nell (獅子狩ネル)

Name used in Digimon Dreamers.

  • Shishigari (獅子狩?), meaning "lion hunter". May be referring to Pulsemon, who could be a lion Digimon, with Nell implied to be evil and as such hunting Pulsemon.
  • Nell (ネル Neru?), may come from knell — the sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly for a death or funeral. Would also match the nickname of her partner, Bell.


Digimon Dreamers[]

Nell, alongside Bell, arrived at Cypress Village at some point during Ritsu Kodo and Pulsemon's trip to Witchelny, with Bell claiming she just ended up there one day. The Digimon allowed her to stay, with her and Bell helping deal with the increasing wild Digimon attacks in return.

During one such attack, Bell digivolves to Dobermon and defeats a Drimogemon. After the battle, the group find a shrine in the village that they had never seen before — with the shrine already being filled with meat offerings.

After their trip, Pulsemon returns to the village — with Ritsu returning to the Human World. Pulsemon meets Nell at this point, with Nell and Bell continuing to protect the village.

A while after that, Ritsu is once again summoned to Cypress Village. He asks them if the were ready to break the curse, with Pulsemon saying they were. Ritsu came with ketchup, a gift for Burgamon since the village had never had ketchup before, with everyone proceeding to eat burgers together. As they eat them, Nell warns them that making their food that good would cause the village to be attacked by wild Digimon. This confuses Ritsu, since he had no idea who she was.

Patamon explains when Nell and Bell arrived, with Ritsu asking the villagers if anyone had summoned her. They all deny doing so, with Nell stating she just ended up there. Pulsemon decides it was time to undo the curse so everyone could digivolve and protect the village themselves, and as it ties Ritsu up to force him to go with it — it tells him about the shrine and how Nell and Bell had saved the village. Nell says she was happy to do so as she loved the village with the villagers declare their love for her. This depresses Ritsu, since he had been replaced.

Everyone goes to the shrine, with Ritsu impressed at the large amount of meat offerings. Patamon explains that the meat had actually already been there before the found the shrine, a fact Ritsu finds weird — though Pulsemon tells them to shut up since {c|Bokomon|d}} was performing the ritual. This doesn't last though, as Ritsu asks Pulsemon who he thinks he will digivolve to — with Pulsemon declaring it will probably become Kazuchimon. Ristu reminds it that the residents of Witchelny had told it it had a non standard DigiCore, theorizing that that might actually cause it to digivolve to a never before seen Digimon. This possibility excites Pulsemon, and as Pulsemon does so Bokomon finishes the ritual. The chains within the shrine break, however the ritual is unable to be completed as it asks for a password. The curse being encrypted shocks everyone, confused as to who would even do so. As everyone wallows in defeat — Ritsu and Pulsemon having worked so hard — Nell tells them that it's fine since nothing good would come from them digivolving anyway. This confuses everyone, with Pulsemon becoming enraged — though Nell is able to calm everyone except Pulsemon down by saying it would be better for everyone to remain as they are since they were so cute. Pulsemon disagrees, and promises to find the password, though as it does a Koromon arrives and tells they the village was being attacked. Nell motions to Bell to help, but Ritsu and Pulsemon — wanting to protect their friends — had already charged into battle, with Nell shocked at how fast the two of them ran.

A group of Rebellimon had shown up and were demanding Cypress Meat. Ready to fight the Rebellimon, Pulsemon tells Ritsu that though it may not be able to digivolve yet — it would make its dream come true. Ritsu says he knows it will, with the two agreeing to get their pulses going harder than ever before. RITSU KODO

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