Negamon (Giant)[2] is a Digimon. It is a mysterious Digimon that is called the "Great Catastrophe". It is characterized by its large mouth and teeth, and ominous body, but what sort of power does it have...!?[3]


Negamon (Giant) resembles a Whale (Physeter macrocephalus)


Name used in V Jump, October 2021 issue. Name shares romanization with Negamon.

  • La: Negāre (lit. "to negate; nullify").


Negamon (Giant) debuted in the Digivice: virtual pet that released in November 2020, however, in said virtual pet, it was named "???". In the V Jump, October 2021 issue it and Negamon were both shown together with the name "Negamon", whilst in the September 9 TV guide listings the name "Kuzurumon" (クズルーモン) was used during its plot synopsis for Digimon Adventure:, "The Last Miracle, The Last Power" [66], which referred to either this Digimon or Abbadomon (which would make it a scrapped name for Abbadomon). The TV listing's plot synopsis was later updated, changing the name to Abbadomon making the latter more likely.[4] Kenji Watanabe was asked on Twitter who Kuzurumon was and stated that he thought it may be the Digimon with the mouth that came out of Abbadomon (referring to this Digimon), though wasn't sure.[5]


Digimon Adventure:[]


Notes and references[]

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