Negamon is an Unknown Digimon. It is an In-Training Digimon that grew by being immersed in negative data that the Network is overflowing with. It constantly wishes for its own annihilation, and lives quietly in jet-black darkness.[2]


  • Downer Eye: Appears before approaching Digimon, makes them target themselves with the curse of "Downer Eye", and then preys upon them. Digimon that have been preyed upon gradually lose their emotions, fall into darkness, and are corroded from the inside out, becoming a nursery for Negamon to regenerate.


Negamon resembles a purple tentacled yellow-eyed Cyclops-like creature. It tentacles underneath has multiple red glows, and has a single antennae on its head.


Negamon (ネガーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • La: Negāre (lit. "to negate; nullify").


Negamon debuted in Digimon Adventure:, "And to the Digital World" [03], which aired on April 19, 2020, however its name remained unknown until the October 2021 V Jump (released in August 2021), which finally revealed its name as "Negamon".


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