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Nami Asaji (浅沼 奈美 Asanuma Nami?) is the homeroom teacher of Yodobashi Elementary School's class 5-2.

Nami Asaji's English voice was supplied by Lara Jill Miller, as an in-joke based on the fact that Kari Kamiya, who was also voiced by Miller, wanted to be a teacher.[citation needed]


Nami is a young woman with brown eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair. She usually wears a classic v-neck yellow cardigan top buttoned, a white button down shirt, a dark blue pencil skirt, white crew-length socks and white and gray sneakers, but on two occasions she wears black sandals.


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Nami scolds Takato

Although she is a teacher, she doesn't like her teaching job all too much. In the Japanese version, she works as a teacher because it makes her look good in the community.

From the antics of Takato and his friends to the unwelcome advances of her co-worker, Mori, Miss Asaji's patience is often pretty stretched. Other members of her class, besides Takato, include Kazu Shioda, Kenta Kitagawa, their friend Jeremy, Jeri Katou, and her friends Miki and Ayaka. There are plenty of other kids in her class who have gone nameless but have voiced their opinions on the various strange goings-on at the school. When Impmon was scaring couples in the park, Ms. Asaji had to patrol it with the other teachers. She was partnered up with Mr. Mori and grew annoyed at him. Later she rescues Takato from a policeman who believes he is the one scaring couples as she knows Takato wouldn't do it. A Question of Trust

When the Tamers decided to go to the Digital World to rescue Calumon, Miss Asaji had Takato, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta stay after school to write essays. However, what they wrote instead were letters explaining that they wouldn't be in school because they were going to the Digital World. When Asaji read them, she ran after them to try and convince them not to go, fearing for their safety (However, in the Japanese version, in accordance with her personality there, she was more concerned with how allowing them to go off into a dangerous other world would reflect on her). The Journey Begins

During one of the battles against the D-Reaper, Hypnos was able to hack into its signal, and saw through the Digimon's data, realizing for the first time that the kids had actually merged with their Digimon. The signal was broadcast all over the city, and among those who saw it were Nami and her class. She led her class out to cheer on Takato and the others. Shadow of the Beast King

After the D-Reaper's defeat, Nami was glimpsed teaching class one more time. Such Sweet Sorrow

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Nami is an NPC.

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