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As Tooru, Taku and Inspector Inui return to the Battle Terminal, the screen begins to display System World, where Barbamon's death births NEO. Norn tries to stop him, but he ends up taking ZeedGarurumon's Beast Digimemory. When VictoryGreymon tries to stop him, NEO effortlessly breaks his defense and takes the Dragon Digimemory. Norn explains that NEO isn't a Digimon; he is an existence which surpasses Yggdrasill, and is an incarnation of the future itself. Once complete, NEO proceeds in reducing everything around him to 0s and 1s via his Judgment attack. Shou awakens and looks at the devastation around him and says that NEO will create a new future by destroying everything but himself. Faced with a future where there is no life, Tsurugi and Yuu's Digisoul shine once more and revive the Arbitrators, who proceed to attack NEO. NEO, however, reduces the attacks to 0s and 1s without even a glance and continues to destroy everything. Ami, who survived the destruction calls out to Pichimon, who exists within NEO. Recalling their time spent together, Ami's Digisoul shines and Pichimon digivolves to MarineAngemon from within NEO to restrain him. With MarineAngemon's power, Judgment is delayed and VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon ready to attack.

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