Musimon is Torajiro Asuka's Buddy Appmon.


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  • Music Hour:The tattoos on its arms and ears glow yellow to release 5 rainbow colored, energy music staffs at its enemies.
  • Happy Playlist


Other Forms

Musimon plus Perorimon

8-09 Musimon plus Perorimon.png

Musimon plus Perorimon is the Applink between Musimon, and Perorimon.

This form was used in the final round of the Appmon Championship.


Mediamon t.jpg

Mediamon is the App Fusion between Musimon and Recomon.

On November 19, after an infected Dogamon insulted Torajiro Asuka with a bunch of videos of people making nasty comments about him. Torajiro App Fused Musimon and Recomon into Mediamon to deal with him. Dougamon tried to attack Mediamon with various movie scenes, but Mediamon turned the tables and finally cured him.


  • VirtualVerse: Generates a giant warship from out of nowhere, then uses its ion gun to attack the opponent.
  • Howling Blast: Fires a supersonic pulse from his speakers.

Mediamon plus Dosukomon

8-15 Mediamon plus Dosukomon.png

Mediamon plus Dosukomon is the Applink between Mediamon and Dosukomon.

On January 14, an infected Tellermon uses misfortune to attack Eri Karan and Torajiro Asuka, which did work on Dosukomon, but since Astora didn't believe in fortunes, Mediamon was unaffected by Tellermon's misfortune. This caused Eri to finally stand up to Tellermon, and Dosukomon's chip to become active. After that, Astora links the two Appmon together, and defeats Tellermon. Able to See the Whole Future!? Mysterious Fortune-teller Tellermon


  • Crush Beat: Fires a supersonic pulse from his gauntlets.


Entermon t.jpg

Entermon is the App Fusion of Mediamon and Dreammon.

On February 18, 2017, Astora went back into the AR-Field with Dreammon just in time to help Haru escape from an infected Medicmon. He then fuses Mediamon and Dreammon into Entermon, who then grabs the infected doctor's attention, and cures him. Medicmon then reveals himself to be the sixth 7code Appmon. Goodbye Asutora!? Dreammon's Nightmare


  • Happy Phantom: Draws the enemy's attention by asking them if they are ready.
  • Porte Melos (Fra: "Melos Staves"): Fires 4, rainbow-colored, energy music staffs at the enemy.


Ouranosmon in the background.

Ouranosmon is the App Fusion of Entermon and Fakemon.


  • Astral Eruption: Gathers electricity into its arms to form two white clouds that launch a series of fireballs at the enemy.
  • Halo Halo

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