Murmukusmon is a fictional character and Digimon who is the primary antagonist of the anime movie Digimon Frontier: Island of Lost Digimon. Murmukusmon is an evil, banished Digimon who seeks dominion over the Digital World.

The name "Murmukusmon" refers only to the Mega form of this Digimon. Throughout the movie, Murmukusmon displays the ability to evolve into a number of different forms, each with different names and characteristics. Murmukusmon, however, remains his true form.


Murmukusmon is arrogant but calculating, seeking to rule over the Digital World. His ability to deceive serves him well, as he is able to pose as the leader of two separate, warring factions at the same time.


  • Gehenna Flame: Spews hellfire which is said to inflict death and eternal suffering.
  • Necro Interrogation


In the past, Murmukusmon was banished to the Lost Island for his evil deeds. There, he discovered the sealed Ornismon and the prophecy to revive him by gathering fractal code. He destroyed the inscriptions in order to prevent anyone from figuring out his plans and then assumed control of both the Human Digimon and Beast Digimon by becoming their leaders as Darcmon and Hippogriffomon respectively. As leader of the two armies, he is able to incite hostilities and prolong the war as long as he wants, drawing out sacrifices on each side.

Murmukusmon eventually realizes that he is close to having enough fractal code and arranges for a final confrontation for the two groups. Unfortunately for him, the DigiDestined are present on the island, where they reveal his duplicity. It is for naught, however, as he takes the stage at that moment to absorb all of the dead Digimon from that battle and use it to revive Ornismon. Murmukusmon then shows his true form, riding Ornismon as a ruler. Though he is strong, fending off attacks by all of the DigiDestined, his previous subordinates turn against him and Ornismon for his betrayal. Their attacks are enough to distract him, and Agunimon uses the confusion to strike a fatal blow on the would-be ruler, defeating him for good. Island of Lost Digimon

Other Forms[]



Darcmon acts as the leader of the Human Digimon and wields the "La Pucelle" (Fra: The Maiden) sword.

As Darcmon, Murmukusmon affects a kind, caring personality who cries and laments the deaths of all under her command. She preaches a message of peace, decrying the violent actions of the war. As events escalate, however, she urges her followers to fight in the name of peace, although she is nowhere to be found in the ensuing battle. The reasons behind her contradictory actions become clear when the DigiDestined follow her and discover that she and the leader of the Beast Digimon, Hippogriffomon, are one and the same. With her deception revealed to both sides, Darcmon announces her plans to revive Ornismon and, using the fractal code harvesting from the all-out battle she instigated, makes good on them. Darcmon then reveals her true form as she rides upon Ornismon as Murmukusmon.


  • La Pucelle (Fra: The Maiden)
  • Baptême d'Amour (Fra: Baptism of Love): Attacks with a magnificent sword technique using the La Pucelle.



Hippogriffomon acts as the leader of the Beast Digimon.

As Hippogriffomon, Murmukusmon takes on a powerful and wise persona. As events escalate between the Beast and Human Digimon, particularly after Dinohyumon makes a brazen attack on a Beast Digimon village, he sheds tears for the fallen and declares that they would do battle. He spends more time as Darcmon, drumming up ire in the Human Digimon camp, but when Grizzlymon looks for his leader, Darcmon quickly runs off to turn into Hippogriffomon. Zoe Orimoto and J.P. Shibayama see this transformation, just as Hippogriffomon makes his appearance to bolster the Beast Digimon. With the final puzzle pieces in place, Zoe and J.P. reveal Hippogriffomon's deception. Caught out, Hippogriffomon slide evolves into Darcmon for the last time.


  • Heat Wave: Spits out an extremely high-temperature wind.
  • Sonic Voice

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