Monzaemon X
(もんざえモン (X抗体) Monzaemon (X-Antibody))
X-Antibody b
Monzaemon X b
Level Ultimate
Type Puppet
Attribute Vaccine
Debut Digimon Reference Book
(November 25, 2019)

Monzaemon X is a Puppet Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. The love overflowing from within its body has manifested as a Lovely Gel that is filled with hearts, and its cuteness has gone up even more. It is happy to pluck its Lovely Gel and give it to Digimon drawn in by its cuteness. Since the Digimon that receive it feel happy, it seems that it likes watching them smile more than anything. Should an enemy appear that attacks the Digimon who have gathered together, it will repel them with its "Lovely Splash".[1]


  • Lovely Attack: Flings hearts.
  • Lovely Splash: Pours large amounts of its Lovely Gel over the enemy. This technique becomes more powerful as the support for Monzaemon increases.



Monzaemon (X-Antibody) (もんざえモン (X抗体)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

Monzaemon X (もんざえモンX)

Name used by the official Twitter account.[2]


Monzaemon X was designed by PLEX.

Monzaemon X's went through went though multiple design changes. In one, it had a button in place of its right eye, a Numemon-like eye in its bellybutton, and its wings, halo, and love heart were instead made out of green slime - presumably another reference to Numemon. The heart also had two more Numemon-like eyes inside of it. A second design was closer to the final design however the love heart on its left foot features a design, its bow tie is a different shape and has a gold button in the middle, its wings, halo, and wings were white and not made out of slime, and they did not have love hearts inside of them. The bandage on its chest was on a love heart, whilst its final design is one its chest. The love hearts in the background also appear to be background art, rather than part of Monzaemon X like in the final design. Both in development designs also have two yellow ears, rather than having one brown ear. In both designs, the yellow/brown of the fur on its arms and legs are reversed compared to the final design.

Notes and references

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