Monmon is a Beast Digimon. It is a Digimon that has the appearance of an infant monkey. It has enough strength to wield a slingshot the size of its body with ease, and confidence in its abilities to prevent its prey from escaping. It often falls from treetops due to its careless personality. Its stylish traits are its tiger-printed outfit and its white-tipped tail.[2]


  • Swing Swing (Baby Sling): A shooting attack that boasts of infallible accuracy.
  • Mischievous Hoop: Throws a hoop at the opponent's legs to ensnare them and cause them to fall over.


Monmon is a green bipedal monkey wearing a leopard-print smock and brown gloves that wields a giant slingshot.


Koemon (コエモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some American English[3] media.

  • (Ja:) Ko (? lit. "Child").
  • (Ja:) Personified monkey (猿公 Etekou?).

Name used in Digimon World 3.


Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

A Monmon is in Sweets Zone when Mikey Kudo, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi are falling. Xros Sweets!! The Girls' Sweet Trap!!?

Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon World 3

Monmon is a starter Digimon available in the Powerful Pack, along with Agumon and Renamon. If Junior didn't pick it as a starter he can get one by defeating an Armormon in Duel Island, afterwhich the Armormon rewards Junior with its DDNA, which will allow him to get a Monmon. Monmon unlocks Hookmon at level 5, Armormon at level 20, and Cannondramon at level 40.

Monmon is also available as a Blue Rookie Card with 5/5.

Digimon World DS

Koemon can be seen in a quest.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Monmon is an NPC Digimon at the DigiColiseum who provides Access Counter help.

Digimon Heroes!

Koemon is card 6-468.

Digimon Soul Chaser

Monmon can digivolve to Hookmon and Grumblemon.

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