Mon (もん Mon?), also referred to as The Mysterious Girl (謎の少女 もん Nazo no Shōjo?, lit. "Mysterious Girl"), is a main character in Digimon ReArise Season 2. Her Partner is Hackmon.


Mon is a girl with fair skin, pink hair, and green eyes, with her hair having a black ribbon in it. Her main outfit consists of a short black tube top and black shorts covered in a dress that appears to be made out of bandages. The bandage-like material wraps around her neck and head like a hood, as well as around her arms and hands, like sleeves and a pair of gloves, and the excess bandages are tied together on her back like a ribbon. She also has a belt made out of the same material. She wears black thigh-high socks alongside a pair of pink and white shoes, the white parts appearing to be made out of the same material as her dress. She has accessories over her tube top and belt, as well as on her shoes in place of laces. The group thinks her outfit is weird and Michi Shinjo assumes she is cosplaying.

Her second outfit consists of a white hoodie, with the same accessory in place of where the string would usually be, as well as a pair of gray jeans.


Mon has a deep atmosphere and seems to be deeply connected to the Digital World.[1] Mon and Hackmon have a long history together, though Hackmon doesn't like to talk about this. Hackmon helps Mon with tiny details.[2]

Although Mon puts on a serious and somber front, she smiles happily after SaviorHuckmon defeats Boltmon, which ensured the local Digimon were safe. Michi Shinjo catches her smiling, though Mon quickly switches back to her serious attitude and Michi denies having seen anything. Despite this serious personality Mon doesn't like people referring to her with the formal "Miss Mon", and insists they just call her "Mon". Stranded in the Digital World?!

Mon's preferred mode of transportation is to teleport through Digital Gates, though she reluctantly agrees to follow the rules of the Human World and use doors instead when Chihiro Tsukimori yells at her for randomly appearing inside of the Truffle Cafe through a Digital Gate. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

Mon is quick to anger, becoming pissed off when Kazuma Natsuyagi had Wanyamon fight the Spiral, not even forgiving him when learning that he had no idea about levels — though she calms down after Wanyamon tells her to stop yelling at Kazuma and Mayu yells at them to stop arguing. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

Though Mon is stubborn and bossy, she will admit when she is wrong and learn from her mistakes. Kazuma & The Upperclassman

Mon eventually starts to care for the group and is relieved to see everyone is okay after reuniting with them shortly after they all fall into a hole and get separated though she acts like a tsundere rather than admit this. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts

Mon likes sweet food, such as macarons. A Digimon Summit Begins?


Mon (もん)

Name used in Digimon ReArise.

  • Ja: Mon (もん?). Japanese word for 'gate' or 'gateway'.


Digimon ReArise

In the past, Mon lived in a village with a group of MudFrigimon. One day it is attacked after an IceDevimon heard rumors that a human lived there. After destroying the village and killing most of the MudFrigimon it manages to find Mon and demands she make it stronger, though Jesmon arrives and kills it before it can kidnap her. Jesmon is upset that it had spent too long on IceDevimon's decoys so hadn't arrived in time to save the village and attempts to tell her to return to the Human World though instead befriends her when she asks how she can become as strong as it is so she could help protect everyone too. Mon, Lost in Memories: Impending Darkness

Years later, Mon, and Hackmon, are now the messengers of the Digital World and their goal is to rid the World of the Spiral. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor They are friends with the Deva. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

Impressed with the fact that Herissmon and the Protagonist were able to quell so many Digital Points in the Human World, on top of the fact that Herrismon is able to sense the Spiral, Mon and Hackmon decide to travel to the Human World to ask them for help in doing the same in the Digital World. They are surprised to learn that Herissmon is able to talk to the Spiral, though for some reason he is unable to talk to the ones in the Digital World. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

After travelling to the Human World they eventually find them in a Digital Point. After helping them defeat the Spiral within they ask the Protagonist, and only the Protagonist, to help them. The Protagonist, Herissmon, Michi Shinjo, Salamon, Keito Tamada, and Elecmon are shocked to learn that Mon lives in the Digital World. The Spiral, as the Digital Point was still active, suddenly open a Digital Gate to the Digital World and the group, sans Mon and Hackmon, are sucked in. This pleases Mon as the group were now in the Digital World, making it less effort for them as they no longer had to convince them to travel there, though Hackmon points out it was a problem because may now have to search the entire Digital World to find them. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor

They eventually find the Protagonist, Rasenmon, Michi, and Angewomon inside the local Digimon's hidden base inside a forest fighting a group of Mamemon. BaoHuckmon jumps into the battle and defeats the remaining Mamemon, and the Mamemon flee. The Tamers had agreed with the local Digimon to deal with the Mamemon as they had stolen the local Digimon's homes, and Mon explains that that the Mamemon had stolen the local Digimon's homes because the Spiral had chased them out of their homes and that chaos like this was common after the Spiral had shown up to the Digital World. The Mamemon return with their boss, a Boltmon, and annoyed after learning that the Boltmon and Mamemon were trying to become leaders of the forest by defeating the local Digimon, BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon, defeats Boltmon, and then tells them that that isn't how the forest does things. Boltmon and the Mamemon agree to stop forcing their way of lives onto other Digimon and Mon and SaviorHuckmon state they will get their homes back for them. The local Digimon invite Boltmon and the Mamemon to live with them until the group are able to get their homes back for them, though the Protagonist and Michi insist they find Keito and Elecmon first — to the annoyance of Mon. Stranded in the Digital World?!

As they continue through the Digital World they come across a group of Gotsumon, having been chased out of their village by a group of Spiral. They had been attacked by another group of Spiral whilst running away, but are saved by the Tamers. They agree to help save the Gotsumon village though are surprised to find that Keito and Elecmon had already saved the village. Finally reunited they all travel to the Mamemon and Boltmon's village but are attacked by more Spiral on the way. Stefilmon senses that more had spawned in the Gotsumon village so they split up with Keito and GrapLeomon returning to the Gotsumon village. BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon to make up for their absence and fights the Spiral alongside Rasenmon. After they arrive to the village they find a Spiral-4004Y and Rasenmon talks to it. It turns into its glitched form, tells them not to interfere, and then flees. The rest of the Spiral in all the Digital Points flee as well, seemingly under the orders of the glitched one. Hackmon then opens a Digital Gate and sends the Tamers back to the Digital World, and states they will ask for their help again in the future. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

Some time later Mon and Hackmon suddenly teleport into the Truffle Cafe, after the group had just met Kazuma Natsuyagi. They take the group to the Digital World to fight the Spiral that are attacking Primary Village, leaving a disappointed Kazuma behind as he doesn't have a partner. They eventually find the glitched Spiral-4004Y which spawns a group of Spiral-4036Y to attack them. SaviorHuckmon and Rasenmon are able to defeat the Spiral-4036Y, but the Spiral-4004Y gets away. The group defeats the rest of the Spiral and saves Primary Village, and the Digi-Egg Kazuma was protecting hatches and becomes his partner Digimon, giving the group another ally. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

After dealing with a small Spiral outbreak - Mon, Hackmon, the Protagonist, and Herissmon visit the Truffle Cafe and meet Eiji Futami, who states he knew who Mon was right away because of the description he had been given by Lopmon, much to Mon's surprise. The girls tell Mon that she dresses odd, which makes her stand out, and the girls decide they will take her shopping though realise they wont be able to as she doesn't have a smartphone and so can't hide Hackmon. Luckily for them, Eiji gives Mon an old smartphone so that she can use it to hide Hackmon when travelling throughout the Human World.

A week later the group meet up to shop, before which Mon had acquired new clothes so that she would stand out less in the Human World. Just as they were about to start shopping however, a Digital Point opens up and the group are attacked by Spiral. Hackmon, Salamon, Herissmon, and Kudamon digivolve to their Champion forms to defeat the Spirals, though a group of Kuwagamon and Okuwamon suddenly arrive, having been dragged into the Digital Point by the Spiral however before they can chase them they hear Kazuma Natsuyagi and Botamon in trouble further into the Digital Point and split up to deal with both issues at the same time. BaoHuckmon and Chirinmon arrive just in time to save Kazuma and Wanyamon, who had just digivolved from Botamon, from the Spiral as Wanyamon had been easily defeated — the duo having thought that because Botamon had digivolved it was now as strong as Chirinmon. The fact that Kazuma had had an In-Training level Digimon fight pissed Mon off, though she eventually calms down after Wanyamon tells her to stop yelling at him.

Later the two Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon arrive in the Digital Point and attack the group as the Deva assumed the Humans were behind the constant Spiral attacks in the Digital World. The group try to talk them down, stating they were not behind the Spirals, however the two Deva refuse to believe it as they do no trust Humans and also express shock at Mon and BaoHuckmon helping Humans. As the two Deva continue to fight Chirinmon they tell it to prove that it is strong and to gain their trust by fighting them. As the fight continues they acknowledge that Chirinmon is strong however as the fight halts the two Deva are suddenly attacked and defeated by Machinedramon. Assuming that Machinedramon was on a rampage BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and attacks Machinedramon though Gaiomon suddenly arrives and intercepts the attack. As Takumi Hiiragi arrives Kazuma runs up to him, reuniting with the friend he had been searching for. Mon angrily yells at Kazuma for putting Wanyamon into danger by running up to the enemy in the middle of battle. Wanyamon chases after Kazuma, stating it will protect him and digivolves to Bearmon to the shock of Mon, confused as to how a newly born Digimon was able to digivolve twice in such a short space of time though Takumi has Gaiomon fight SaviorHuckmon instead of Bearmon. Takumi, deciding that he needs to press "them" for answers, moves onto the next location though is chased by SaviorHuckmon and Bearmon — leaving Machinedramon, Chirinmon, and the Deva behind. As the fight continues Takumi is sent a message, which causes him to have Gaiomon retreat from the battle. SaviorHuckmon and Mon attempt to chase the duo though Gaiomon aims an attack at Mon, which SaviorHuckmon blocks, the distraction giving Takumi and Gaiomon enough time to escape. Mon, SaviorHuckmon, Kazuma, and Bearmon then return to the rest of the group. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

After helping to deal with more Spiral outbreaks, Mon eventually moves into the Truffle Cafe and runs errands – such as shopping – as payment due to Hackmon temporarily leaving to find and talk to Leopardmon in the Digital World, as Hackmon can open gates but Mon can't. She originally planned to sleep in the park though Chihiro Tsukimori offered her to live in the café to avoid that. As she sits in the cafe and watches people visit to learn of the Human World, a Digital Point suddenly opens up so Mon accompanies the Mayu and Kudamon to it. Eventually everyone else gets to the Digital Point, after which GranDracmon suddenly ReArises into it and appears before them. It had spent a long time watching the Tamers, and during the time spent watching, was impressed. It invites them to come to its castle but the Tamers, based on GranDracmon's appearance, assume something is up and are proven right when it states it wants to add them to its ice sculpture collection so that it can keep them in its collection for eternity. The Tamers refuse and a fight ensues however their attacks do no damage to it. GranDracmon mocks Mon, stating that she doesn't care about the Human World and whether it gets destroyed though after her friends deny it she remembers when she first met Jesmon and wanted to be strong like it so she could protect everyone. After regaining her resolve, lights come out of her and power up the other Digimon with Rasenmon now a match for GranDracmon. As the two of them fight GranDracmon is suddenly attacked by Jesmon, who had returned from the Dark Area, GranDracmon having set up a distraction there to make sure Jesmon was out of the way. As it mocks Jesmon, due to it having already used up a lot of its energy fighting GranDracmon's distraction in the Dark Area, it is attacked by Rasenmon – with GranDracmon surprised it was still able to fight. GranDracmon retreats though informs the Tamers that it will return, as it had fallen even more in love with them and now wants to make them part of its collection even more. Mon, Lost in Memories: Impending Darkness

Mon and Hackmon then travel to the Dark Area to try and find GranDracmon, though are unable to do so as it had not returned. When they return to the Truffle Café Chihiro tells the group she had been attacked by the Digimon that had been causing Humans to fall into comas, and after she informs them that Matadormon did it – the duo realise that GranDracmon was Matadormon and had been terrorising the Human World the entire time. Darkness Invades! The Dancing Vampire Matadormon eventually digivolves back to GranDracmon after harvesting humans for their energy and is able to brainwash Michi and Angewomon into becoming its minions. After Mon and SaviorHuckmon find the GranDracmon brainwashed Michi and Angewomon in a Digital Point, GranDracmon has Michi flee. The group chase after her, though GranDracmon summons a VenomMyotismon, side-tracking Mon and SaviorHuckmon as they are forced to fight it to protect the Town – with SaviorHuckmon digivolving to Jesmon to fight it, easily killing it. The rest of the group are able to defeat GranDracmon whilst Mon and Jesmon are distracted. Illuminating Light A Guide to the Rainbow

When on a trip to the Digital World to fight Spiral, Kazuma tells the group about the times he played basketball with Takumi however during the conversation the group are attacked by a group of Spiral, and so they digivolve to their Champion levels to defeat them. A Spiral-4036Y spawns in front of Kazuma however, and after Kazuma remembers a lesson he learned from Takumi in which he doesn't have to do everything himself, has Grizzlymon flee when Grizzlymon realises it stands no chance at defeating such a powerful Spiral. BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and Filmon warp digivolves to Rasenmon, and the duo proceed to defeat the Spiral as it was chasing Kazuma and Grizzlymon. Kazuma then tells the group about his friendship over the years with Takumi. Kazuma & The Upperclassman

Sometime after that Hackmon and the others defeat a large amount of Spiral and notice that the amounts they had to defeat were getting lower – though rather than celebrate they realise this was most likely because something else was going on. As they clear out more Spiral they find a group attacking a group of Lalamon, though they are "saved" by Sandiramon, who defeated the Spiral whilst simultaneously hurting the Lalamon. The group are mad at this, though a fight is defused when they learn Sandiramon is one of the Deva, after which it informs them that the Four Holy Beasts were awakening and later learn from Kumbhiramon that they were awakening due to the lower amount of Spirals restoring the balance of the Digital World meaning they no longer had to slumber.

A few days later they test out Eiji's new app that allows communication between the Human World and Digital World, though whilst testing it the test is suddenly interrupted by Seraphimon of the Three Archangels and Examon of the Royal Knights. Realising that the two were about to fight Hackmon digivolves to BaoHuckmon and gets the Tamers and fellow partner Digimon out of the way, as the group would not survive with how close they were to the two Digimon in question. The fight continues and after Seraphimon launches a powerful attack, the ground below them splits and everyone - sans Hackmon and Mon – fall inside. Mon, worried about her friends, follows them into the hole whilst Hackmon tries to stop the two Digimon from fighting. Mon is able to find everyone and is relieved they are all okay. After they leave the hole they find Jesmon trying to convince Crusadermon to get the Archangels help by talking to them but Crusadermon laughs stating that wasn't possible and that they had to get into the domain to kill Lucemon and that Seraphimon was obviously sheltering the Demon Lord in its former home. Realising that the Tamers were friends with Takumi and Sara, who had attacked the Digital World with a group of Spiral, Crusadermon decides it would be best to kill the entire group, including Mon, which is enough to spur Jesmon into battle against its fellow Royal Knight. The fighting stops with Zhuqiaomon of the Four Holy Beasts awakens and demands to know why everyone was fighting however. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts Unsatisfied with the explanations of the quarrelling factions Zhuqiaomon decides to take the matters into its own hands and joins the battle. Mon however is able to stop the fighting, following Eiji Futami's advice, by pointing out that not all members of the groups had let their opinions be known and set up a summit between the Four Holy Beasts, Royal Knights, Three Archangels, and the Tamers. A Digimon Summit Begins?

The summit doesn't go well however, as the Archangels refuse to get involved in the Spiral problem and Examon pisses off the Holy Beasts by pointing out how badly their previous attempt at dealing with the Spiral had gone — as they and sent them to the Dark Area, which had cause them to learn how to transverse between the Dark Area, Digital World, and Human World. Before a fight escalates the Tamers are able to defuse the situation by calling for a break. They then decide to talk to each group individually with Mon, SaviorHuckmon, Michi, and Mitamamon going to talk to the Royal Knights. Upon reaching their resting ground they are attacked by Crusadermon's Knightmon minions, who state they have to defeat them to be allowed to talk to the Royal Knights. After they defeat the Knightmon they attempt to convince the Royal Knights to end the meeting amicably and Mayu attempts to convince them to trust the Archangels that they aren't harbouring Lucemon though they are unable to do so. She instead attempts to convince them to trust the humans, though this disgusts Crusadermon who then decides to murder Mayu for suggesting such a thing with the others being too far away to stop Crusadermon. Mayu is able to convince Crusadermon to trust them however after a passionate speech about trusting each other and that she trusted Crusadermon wouldn't kill her, with Crusadermon inspired due to the beauty and passion of her speech. The Royal Knights then agree to trust the humans. Due to the hard work of the others convincing the other groups to trust them as well the three groups agree to work together. A Digimon Summit Begins?

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