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return {
 ["Aegiochusmon"] = "A Digimon built from the data of Dragon Digimon. This data is brought out through the crystal on his chest and manifests as an armor.",
 ["Aegiochusmon Blue"] = "A Digimon built based on the data of the Cyborg family, he gathers all this sleeping data especially in the crystal at his chest, as well as in the top left part of his body.",
 ["Aegiochusmon Dark"] = "A Digimon built on the basis of the evil family data. The sleeping evil data is spreading throughout his body, especially from the crystal at his chest.",
 ["Aegiochusmon Green"] = "A Digimon built based on the data of the plant family. The plant family data harbored in his body fix<!--sic--> his upper body and arms, mainly through the crystal on his chest.",
 ["Aegiochusmon Holy"] = "A Digimon built based on the data of the Angel family. His whole body is wrapped in the Angel data sleeping in his body, especially in the crystal at the center of his chest. He has a heart as clean as glass.",
 ["Aegiomon"] = "A Digimon that loves peace and doesn't really love combat. However there is an unknown number of strengths hidden in him. When he fights in order to protect someone, he displays an exceptional combat ability.",
 ["Aegisdramon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon born from the fusion of Plesiomon with Seadramon's data. It is said that his gleaming armor made of a golden Digizoid alloy can remove all evil.",
 ["Aerovdramon"] = "A legendary Digimon, he evolved after many battles from V-dramon, a rare species. He has now stronger fighting skills, due to his flying ability, his hard skin and his sharp claws and horns.",
 ["Agumon"] = "A cheerful Digimon who has hard claws as weapons. Hidden in his small body lay boundless courage, a fearless personality and an uncharted potential for growth.",
 ["Agumon & Wargreymon"] = "The cheerful Agumon, who fears nothing and fights with his strong claws, joins forces with the veteran hero Wargreymon, dressed in his Chrome Digizoid armor.",
 ["Agumon Hakase"] = "A genius Agumon with a Digital Monster PhD degree from the Digital World University.",
 ["Agumon2006"] = "A Digimon with a red waistband wrapped around his arms, he is unlike the normal Agumon. He makes no difference between an attack method and a lethal skills and it is believed that the evolution path of his<!--sic--> original Digimon is different.",
 ["Airdramon"] = "An intelligent Digimon that flies freely in the sky. They said that his existence is close to the gods, especially when he calls the storm with his cry. With his fierce character, it is difficult to be used by an ordinary tamer.",
 ["Akatorimon"] = "A Giant Bird Digimon living in the savanna, he is related to Cockatrimon. Just like Cockatrimon, he cannot fly.",
 ["Aldamon"] = "A Digimon who became a presence beyond legend when he inherited the power of the Ten Warriors of fire, which gave him an unknown ability by fusing the power of man and beast. He fights transforming the feelings of anger and fear into the power of justice.",
 ["Alphamon"] = "One of the \"Royal Knights\", he is also called the \"Aloof Hermit\". He wears a blue fluttering cloak and his place is called the \"Empty Seat\".",
 ["Alraumon"] = "A Plant Digimon similar to Palmon. he lives in warm areas, opening the flowers on top of his head and on his arms and doing photosynthesis.",
 ["Ancientgarurumon"] = "One of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the attribute of \"Light\" and saved the ancient Digital World. He was the first Ultimate form to have existed in the distant past. He was called the \"Brilliant Supreme Beast\".",
 ["Ancientirismon"] = "One of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the attribute of \"Wind\" and saved the ancient Digital World. He was the first Ultimate form to have existed in the distant pass. He has golden wings and is beautifully covered in the rainbow color.",
 ["Ancientsphinkmon"] = "One of the legendary Ten Warriors who saved the ancient Digital World, he possesses the attribute of darkness.",
 ["Ancienttroiamon"] = "One of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the attribute of \"Wood\" and saved the ancient Digital World. He was the first Ultimate form to have existed in the distant past. He boasts the largest size among the Ancient Digimon.",
 ["Ancientvolcamon"] = "One of the legendary Ten Warriors said to have saved the ancient Digital World, he has the Earth attribute. His power is matchless, as its source is a volcano. His strong point<!--sic--> are the attacks based on explosions.",
 ["Andiramon"] = "A Grappling Digimon, he can easily control his mind and harden his body, having kaleidoscopic attack and defense skills. When he received damage from the enemy, he can instantly recover using the power of his mind.",
 ["Andromon"] = "A cyborg Digimon created in an experiment. He has a high combat power and he strictly follow orders he receives regardless of their good or evil nature.",
 ["Angemon"] = "A Digimon whose job is maintaining Good in the Digital World and keeping out Evil. He has six divine wings that are said to bring happiness.",
 ["Angemon & Angewomon"] = "Thank you for preregistering! These Digimon have gentle personalities, but are very composed when it comes to punishing evil. They attack the enemy until they destroy him!",
 ["Angewomon"] = "A Digimon with a calm personality, but who is very strict with twisted and evil characters. She will punish them until they will change. Thanks to her morals and power, she is praised as \"The Goddes<!--sic-->\" of the Digital World.",
 ["Angewomon2"] = "A beautiful and gentle Angel Digimon with eight pure white wings. She has the compassionate skill of recovering allies' wounds, but can also destroy evil enemies.",
 ["Angewomon vs Ladydevimon"] = "The slapping exchange surrounding the will of the angel and the demon! Everyone is confused in front of such a ghastly force... and supports them: \"Do it! Do it!\"",
 ["Ankylomon"] = "A Digimon with his whole body covered in a hardened epidermis, he also uses his stiff spine in both defense and attack. He has a brave personality and attacks his enemies with great force.",
 ["Anomalocarimon"] = "A Digimon evolved from the capture of ancient organisms data, when a computer virus infected the data bank of the institute that performs investigations and excavations of ancient organisms.",
 ["Anubimon"] = "A Digimon monitoring the Dark Area, the place where Digimon who ended their lives, Digimon who lost their battle and Fallen Angel Digimon are lastly transferred.",
 ["Apoclymon"] = "A Dark Digimon born from the negative human feelings, he appears even in the ancient prophecies. He drags the Digital World to the dark world spreading infinitely.",
 ["Apollomon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he has in his body a flame energy that has the power to purify everything. He controls this power with his hot blood and pride.",
 ["Aquilamon"] = "A Giant Bird Digimon called The Great Eagle of the Desert, he is always faithful to his master. He flies the sky at Mach speed, locates his prey using his sharp eyes and charges his enemy using the horns on his head.",
 ["Arbormon"] = "A Digimon who harbors the power of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the skill of plants. He comes from a medieval wooden doll blueprint, which was made into data. His gimmicks are unexpectedly old-fashioned.",
 ["Archnemon"] = "A queen Digimon that has the appearance of the spider queen from the Greek legends, she governs over all Dokugumon. She has a high intelligence and uses cunning tricks when attacking her prey. She can also take human shape.",
 ["Arkadimon (adult)"] = "A Digimon who evolved for the first time from Arkadimon. Several long tentacles are attached to his arms, greedily absorbing the opponent's data. The presence of his ego cannot be confirmed.",
 ["Arkadimon (child)"] = "An Artificial Digimon created on the basis of the data of various Demon Digimon, with the purpose of creating a Super-ultimate form. He evolves by absorbing the data of other Digimon.",
 ["Arkadimon (perfect)"] = "A Digimon who evolved for the second time, capturing Seraphimon's light data. He used to be slim, but now he changed his style. There is one more step until the Ultimate form.",
 ["Arkadimon (Ultimate)"] = "A Digimon who evolved to the Ultimate form by absorbing dark data. The Ultimate evolution depends on each tamer. When not in control of his tamer, he can transform into different other forms.",
 ["Armagemon"] = "A super ultimate form Digimon, formed by scattering Kuramon everywhere and then putting all the pieces together in the real world. He took over Diablomon's intentions and seeks revenge against Omegamon.",
 ["Arresterdramon"] = "A Digimon who freed himself from Kinkoji and evolved. He wears a battle armor made of a special rubber which offers him high defense power without losing flexibility. He can also fly at high-speed with his grown wings.",
 ["Assaultmon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon armed with various heavy weapons, his combat power is increased by his Protect Suit. He is a member of Centalmon's Special Forces.",
 ["Astamon"] = "A young noble Digimon from the Dark Area, binding together the devil-type Digimon. He has the power to surpass the ultimate form and attacks his enemies without mercy. His favorite machine gun is Oro Salmon.",
 ["Asuramon"] = "A Digimon from the ancient Indian civilization, he has four arms and three faces: anger, mercy and blessing. He values justice and his wrath hits the ones that commit injustice. This is why he is also called the incarnation of the god of light.",
 ["Atlurkabuterimon"] = "A Digimon discovered in the net area of the tropics, he is an evolved form of Kabuterimon. His body is about 1.5 times that of Kabuterimon. Thanks to the muscles he developed, his fighting skills improved, but his flying skills dropped.",
 ["Avengekidmon"] = "A Digimon born through the sudden transformation of the Digimon defeated by Magnakidmon. His revenge spirit became reckless and the minus mind-data overloaded in the digicore.",
 ["Baalmon"] = "An enlightened Digimon called \"The Noble King\", he exceeds all knowledge. The charms attached to his mantle contain the solutions to all possible problems. He serves as general of the Bagra army<!--sic-->.",
 ["Babamon"] = "A Digimon rumored to have once been Rosemon, upon which a curse was cast.",
 ["Bacchusmon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he calls himself the heavy drinker of the Digital World. He has a cheerful personality and takes good care of others. He gathers Child and Adult Digimon and opens banquets, no matter the time of day.",
 ["Bagramon"] = "An Angel Digimon originally governing over Death, he became disappointed with the world's philosophy and started a revolt, for which he was punished. He now continues searching for a new philosophy to substitute the gods' philosophy.",
 ["Baihumon"] = "One of the Four Holy Knights, he protects the western region of the Digital World. He boasts the greatest power of the Four Holy Beasts. It is said that he has god-like power, but he is basically a neutral character.",
 ["Bakemon"] = "A ghost Digimon born from the dark area. He is made of a virus program that possesses the computers and destroys them. It is said that inside his cloth there is a black hole.",
 ["Bakumon"] = "A Digimon considered to have been graded by a medical machine for detecting brain waves. He has the ability to purify viruses and nightmares, for which he holds a Holy Ring.",
 ["Bancholeomon"] = "A Digimon who continued to win respecting his spirit of justice and without having to break his beliefs. He would face even the Three Great Angels or the Royal Knights if this would help him make his spirit of justice understood.",
 ["Barbamon"] = "A Digimon living in the center of the Dark Area, he is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, the supervisors of the fallen angels. Obsessed with all the treasures in the network, he can employ any methods when it comes to materialistic issues.",
 ["Bastemon"] = "A Digimon called the \"Cat God\", she seduces her opponents with her bright mysterious eyes and with the jewels that cover her body. She is Nefertimon's friend. She hides her strength behind her suple<!--sic--> movements.",
 ["Bearmon"] = "A Digimon with a timid personality, he is very gentle and becomes friends quickly with other Digimon. When it comes to battle, he displays high combat skills, using his fist protected by a leather belt.",
 ["Beelzebumon"] = "An aloof Digimon with a high spirit, he has two shotguns Berenjena. He is feared as one of the Seven Great Demon Lords and looks for battles with strong Digimon.",
 ["Belialvamdemon"] = "A Digimon that lurks in the darkness of the human heart, he is the final form of Vamdemom<!--sic-->. Unlike Venomvamdemon, he kept his intelligence. On his arms he has the parasite living guns Sodom and Gomorrah.",
 ["Bellestarmon"] = "A Digimon who wields masterly two handguns, she is also called \"Beelzebumon Ready\"<!--sic-->. Her beloved handguns \"Rizoma de Loto\" can be regarded as the sisters of Beelzebumon's \"Berenjena\".",
 ["Belphemon: Ragemode"] = "A Digimon awakened after a long sleep, he is the incarnation of anger. His ferocious roar is enough to decompose the data of weaker Digimon. He considers everything that comes to his sight to be an enemy.",
 ["Belphemon: Sleepmode"] = "A Digimon with a force too strong. It is said he puts the data to sleep through the Digital World systems, but it cannot be proved if it is true or false.",
 ["Beowolfmon"] = "A Digimon who inherited the power from the Ten Warriors of Light. He acquired unknown abilities, combining the powers of both man and beast. He has Trinitat in his right hand and Roland 2 in his left hand. He is very good at distant attacks.",
 ["Beowolfmon vs Duskmon"] = "The fatal confrontation of the Ten Warriors of light and the Ten Warriors of darkness. The battle of their pride and justice begins! Although it only looked like a sibling rivalry...",
 ["Betamon"] = "An Amphibian Digimon walking on four legs, he has a warm and quiet personality. However, once he gets angry, he releases 1,000,000 V electric current and attacks his enemy.",
 ["Bigmamemon"] = "A boss variant of Mamemon, he has the nickname of \"Smiley Bomber\". It is also believed he might be an aggregate of Mamemon.",
 ["Birdramon"] = "A Digimon dressed in a blazing flame, he was born of a firewall. He flies freely within the network. His special skill<!--sic--> are air attacks.",
 ["Bishopchessmon"] = "A Puppet Digimon that makes full use of his bombing skill. The attack range is long and he can hit enemies form a long distance. His favorite phrase is \"A lord, the power to me!\"",
 ["Bit Ingot"] = "If you sell this item, you will receive many Bits.",
 ["Black crystal"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular dark Digimon.",
 ["Black grain"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a dark Digimon.",
 ["Blackgabumon"] = "A Gabumon with a bad heart, who has evolved into a virus species. He wears a fur made of the data of the virus Garurumon. He becomes a coward when he takes off his fur, so his face is secret.",
 ["Blackgaogamon"] = "A Digimon evolved to the Black form, during his evolution process a mysterious secretion called \"Black Digitron\" was mixed in. He is not as light as Gaogamon, but has a sturdier body.",
 ["Blackgarurumon"] = "A type of virus Garurumon, sharp blades grow from his shoulders with which he can cut anything he touches. He collects bones and buries them in the ground, but sometimes Drimogemon steals them from him.",
 ["Blackmachgaogamon"] = "A Digimon evolved to the Black form, during his evolution process a mysterious secretion called \"Black Digitron\" was mixed in. He is not as fast as Machgaogamon, but can fly for longer periods.",
 ["Blackmegalogrowmon"] = "A Digimon that embodies the destructive nature of viruses, he is called the Black Destructive Dragon. His upper body is covered in Chrome Digizoid. He can fly and has outstandingly high attack and defense skills.",
 ["Blackmetalgarurumon"] = "A virus type of Metal Garurumon, all his armament works at low temperatures. He has an unforgiving personality, following and attacking his pray<!--sic--> with all his forces.",
 ["Blackseraphimon"] = "A hybrid Digimon that stole the data from Seraphimon and Mercuremon. He has ten bat wings and wields a power transformed into evil, as well as Mercuremon's tricks.",
 ["Blackwargreymon"] = "A Dragon Warrior Digimon that seeks earnestly for his own justice. He lost the crest<!--sic--> of Courage from his Brave Shield, but he holds a warrior's pride and looks for the meaning of having a heart.",
 ["Blackweregarurumon"] = "A Digimon evolved from the virus Garurumon, his speed decreased but the attack skill of both his arms increased, acquiring a new skill. He became even more bloodthirsty and puts more pressure on his enemy.",
 ["Bladekuwagamon"] = "An Insect Machine Digimon whose whole body turned into a dangerous weapon. It is a rare species, whose body becomes made of Chrome Digizoid when in Adult form.",
 ["Blastmon"] = "A Mineral Digimon with a super hard and heavy body, his strong points are the attacks when using his body. Even if his crystal armor breaks, it can regenerate. He loves eating gems.",
 ["Blimpmon"] = "A Digimon with the soft part of his balloon covered in metal. However, the left part of his body is left bare as he is still under development.",
 ["Blitzmon"] = "A Digimon who evolved through the Human Spirit, he harbors the thunder power of the Ten Warriors. He can move at high-speed due to the high-voltage current running through his body. He fights in the wrestling style while scattering sparks.",
 ["Blossomon"] = "A Plant Digimon in its Perfect form, he has the appearance of an enormous flower. Numerous tentacles grow from his body. Despite the grotesqueness of his appearance, he has a quiet personality and rarely shows himself in front of others.",
 ["Bluemeramon"] = "A flame-type Digimon covered in a blue flame, he burns at a higher temperature than Meramon. He has a rough personality and it is hard to tame.",
 ["Bolgmon"] = "A Digimon evolved through the thunder's<!--sic--> Beast Spirit. He has a very cautious personality, being born by a security system that protects the deepest part of the pyramid. He has a thick armor and cannot move very fast, needing somebody to protect his back.",
 ["Boltmon"] = "An experimental Cyborg Digimon who was made at the same time as Andromon. As can be seen from his appearance, he isn't a machine like Andromon, but is made of flesh and blood.",
 ["Boogiemon"] = "An eerie Demon Man Digimon with many tattoes<!--sic--> of incantations on his body. They say he can use that many spells.",
 ["Breakdramon"] = "A Digimon with abilities and power that surpass those of other Machine Digimon. When evolving the design data of various heavy construction equipment, he is able to hack and capture them.",
 ["Calmaramon"] = "A Digimon half-beast-half-human. He uses his tentacles for both attack and defense, rolling them when attacking his enemies or converging them to protect his body.",
 ["Candmon"] = "A Digimon with a burning digicore, he cannot survive if his digicore flame dies. This is why it is said that his whole body is a flame. Although he is flame-type, he has a calm personality.",
 ["Cannondramon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon equipped with a long-range cannon. He wears a very hard armor, eliminating the approaching enemies with one blow of his tail.",
 ["Captainhookmon"] = "The captain of a pirate ship sailing the Digital World. Good at survival skills, he has a strong sense of responsibility towards his subordinates and is endeared by them. He has a gentleman's personality and knows how to succeed, not only on the sea.",
 ["Ceresmon"] = "A Digimon with a peaceful appearance, he can control the plant Digimon and suck the enemy's energy using his terrifying skill, Famis.",
 ["Ceresmon2"] = "A Digimon who forgot the gratitude owed to the forest and land. He now brings fear to the forests, harming trees and spoiling the land.",
 ["Centalmon"] = "A Digimon half human, half animal, with a human upper body and an animal lower body. Each part of his body is covered with a blue armor. He releases a compressed gas through the pipe on his back, which helps him reach a speed close to the speed of sound.",
 ["Cerberumon"] = "A Demon Beast Digimon called the \"Watchdog of Hell\". The claws on his four limbs are hard enough to be able to tear through low-grade Chrome Digizoid alloy.",
 ["Cerberumon Werewolfmode"] = "A Mutant of Cerberumon, called the \"Hell's Watchdog\" of the Digital World.",
 ["Chackmon"] = "A Digimon evolved through the Human Spirit, he harbors the power of ice of the Ten Warriors. He pretends to belong to a fancy rank, but holds a wealthy survival knowledge and accurate launcher technology skills.",
 ["Chaosdramon"] = "A Digimon born from a successful experiment, where Mugendramon, a combination of parts of numerous Cyborg Digimon, uses his abilities beyond the limits.",
 ["Chaosdramon2"] = "A Digimon that repels any attack and destroys everything. His body is made of the imaginary metal \"Red Digizoid\", a Chrome Digizoid repurified and with enhanced hardness.",
 ["Chaosmon"] = "Typically, during a jogress evolution, the digicores of the two Digimon completely fuse, giving birth to a new Digimon. Chaosmon keeps the two digicores in the state before the jogress, maintaining an extremely imperfect state.",
 ["Cherubimon (evil)"] = "Although one of The Three Great Angels, he transformed into an evil form due to some mysterious reason. He has an enormous power, being able to destroy the equilibrium in the Digital World. He passes the heavens' judgement to all living things.",
 ["Cherubimon (good)"] = "An Angel Digimon in the shape of a beast. He is one of the Three Great Angels, sitting in the highest position together with the Seraph Digimon Seraphimon.",
 ["Chimairamon"] = "A Digimon created by combining the biological parts of various other Digimon. He is driven by his battle instinct and has an advanced combat strength, but nobody knows how he was born or other details about his life.",
 ["Cho Hakkaimon"] = "Originally an Angel Digimon, Ofanimon changed his appearance and expelled him from heaven after having committed a crime. He has a lighthearted personality, but transforms into a ferocious character when hungry.",
 ["Chrysalimon"] = "An adult Digimon with the appearance of a chrysalis. The child Digimon Keramon becomes temporarily a chrysalis and conserves his energy, in order to evolve into a stronger Digimon.",
 ["Clavisangemon"] = "An Angel Digimon guarding the \"Zenith Gate\" that separates the Digital World from the outside world.",
 ["Clockmon"] = "A Digimon that manages all \"Time\" and \"Space\" of the computers and the Network. He can freely move back and forth in time, during the years 1900-1999.",
 ["Cockatrimon"] = "A Giant Bird Digimon who lived for so long on the ground, that he has become unable to fly. Using as weapons his developed body and legs, he attacks very ferociously, but his energy efficiency is poor.",
 ["Coelamon"] = "A Digimon discovered in the Network seas. He has an extremely primitive body structure and fins developed as limbs.",
 ["Commandramon"] = "An infantry Digimon, member of the mechanized \"D-brigade\".",
 ["CoredramonBlue"] = "A Digimon evolved from Dracomon, he now lives in the steep mountains. For this, he has developed wings with which he can fly at high speed.",
 ["Coronamon"] = "A Digimon born from the sun-watching data, he has a strong spirit of justice and is an innocent, naive character. He is good at direct fire attacks and he can also release flame bombs.",
 ["Craniummon"] = "The most respectful Digimon from the Royal Knights, he pays respect even to his enemies during the combat<!--sic-->. He holds the legendary magic spear Claiomh Solais and the solid shield Avalon.",
 ["Crescemon"] = "A Demon Man Digimon, he fights his enemies with his flexible body and supple moves. He always fights in an elegant way and it is said that his power increases considerably under the moonlight.",
 ["Crystal of Courage"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Wargreymon.",
 ["Crystal of Friendship"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Metalgarurumon.",
 ["Crystal of gloom"] = "Crystal hiding the book of darkness.",
 ["Crystal of the Bullet Knights"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Tankdramon.",
 ["Crystal of the Darkness King"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Belialvamdemon.",
 ["Crystal of the Fertility God"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Ceresmon.",
 ["Crystal of the Gun Dragon"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Cannondramon.",
 ["Crystal of the Holy"] = "A crystal sealed in the book of light.",
 ["Crystal of the Iron Horse"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Assaultmon.",
 ["Cutemon"] = "A coward Digimon that likes pranks. He developed some sense organs like ears and is very sensitive to any movement around him, hiding immediately when necessary. The muffler around his neck protects him against code.",
 ["Cyberdramon"] = "A mysterious Digimon covered in a special rubber armor, he is the partner of the legendary tamers<!--sic-->. He doesn't belong to the Virus Busters, but he hunts viruses on his own.",
 ["Cyberdramon2010"] = "A blue flare<!--sic--> Digimon wearing an armor made of a special rubber and holding a sharp spear. He puts out his tail and rotates it, gets up on it and starts numerous attacks from up there.",
 ["Daipenmon"] = "A Digimon with the skill of ice, he has unknown powers that surpass even legends. He inherited all the power of the legendary Ten Warriors.",
 ["Darcmon"] = "A junior Angel Digimon with two pairs of wings, she serves as the vanguard of Angel Digimon. As she always fights in the front of the battlefield, she has been nicknamed the \"Goddess of the Battlefield\".",
 ["Darkdramon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon that is supposed to be the battle weapon of last resort of the mechanized \"D-brigade\".",
 ["Darkknightmon"] = "A Digimon combined through the vows of two blood-brothers. He is a first level warrior, mixing their ingenuity and ability to take action. He uses any method to achieve his purpose.",
 ["Darklizamon"] = "An Evil Dragon Digimon with his whole body covered in quietly burning dark flame. He is a virus evolved from Flarelizamon. He has a cool personality.",
 ["Darksuperstarmon"] = "A Digimon tainted with darkness, he was born from the observation data of a black hole. Apparently he carries a past so heavy, that he had to shut out all light with his sunglasses and forget his dreams and hopes.",
 ["Darktyranomon"] = "A Digimon originally belonging to the Tyranomon species, he was infested by an evil computer virus. The data the constitutes his body developed a bug that transformed him in<!--sic--> a violent Digimon.",
 ["Death-X-Dorugamon"] = "An Undead Digimon born through an experiment in search of a further evolution. It is said that, at the time of the experiment, he resembled strikingly the Adult form of the original form \"Prototype Digimon\" of the \"Doru Series\".",
 ["Death-X-Doruguremon"] = "An Undead Digimon born through an experiment in search of a further evolution. It is said that, at the time of the experiment, he resembled strikingly the Ultimate form of the original form \"Prototype Digimon\" of the \"Doru Series\".",
 ["Deathmeramon"] = "A Digimon that overcame water and ice, the weak points of the Meramon species. A blue burning chain winds around his body. His attack skills, defense skills and burning temperature are all enhanced.",
 ["Deathmon"] = "A Digimon originally a high-level Angel Digimon, just like Demon. He fell to the Dark Area and is now one of the Demon Lords.",
 ["Deckerdramon"] = "An anti-aircraft Digimon, he can be called the natural enemy of all Flying Digimon. He shoots down the flying Digimon with the various missiles mounted on his back. He takes advantage of his low height, lurking on the ground.",
 ["Deltamon"] = "A Digimon created through the fusion of several parts who originally existed separately. However, a computer bug made them fuse. It appeared on a computer and became uncotrollable<!--sic--> after undergoing a storm of powerful electromagnetic waves.",
 ["Demon"] = "A Digimon looking to evolve to the super ultimate form using Arkadimon. His ambitions are controlling the Digital World and invading the real world. All his acts come from a desire of vengeance against the existence of Good<!--sic-->.",
 ["Demon2"] = "One of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He was a high-ranking Angel Digimon, but was exiled to the darkness after he rebelled against the good world. Now he is planning revenge against the Digital World.",
 ["Deramon"] = "A strange Digimon that looks like a Bird Digimon at first glance, he actually has a green lush plant growing on his back. He has plant attributes and cannot fly, like Kiwimon.",
 ["Devidramon"] = "An Evil Beast Digimon called from the Dark Area by Devimon. He was born from a hacker who misused the network. He freezes his enemies by staring at them with his four red glowing eyes.",
 ["Devimon"] = "A fallen angel Digimon, he originally belonged to the angel Digimon, but fell to the dark side. He wears the symbol of evil engraved on his chest. He can control other Digimon using his evil intelligence and his fierce eyes.",
 ["Devimon & Lady Devimon"] = "Anniversary limited scenario! Two Fallen Angel Digimon dressed in black, with a sly and atrocious personality, but superior intelligence!",
 ["Devitamamon"] = "A Digimon who makes everything he sees and touches the subject of his hatred. He chants magic in a lost, ancient high-level programming language.",
 ["Diablomon"] = "A greedy Digimon that became huge by absorbing absolutely all data in the Network. He aims to take over the military computers and destroy the Real World in a nuclear attack.",
 ["Dianamon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he presides over water and ice and can act even when the surrounding temperature is absolute zero. Like the moon, he is two-faced and hides a terrible power under his beauty.",
 ["Diatrymon"] = "An Ancient Bird Digimon with very strong legs, he is called the \"Living Fossil\".",
 ["Digitamamon"] = "A Digimon shaped like a Digitama, the beginning and end of all Digimon. He is covered in mystery, not participating in the processes of evolution or growth. His shell repels all attacks.",
 ["Digmon"] = "A Digimon who Armor-evolved from Armadimon through the Digimental of Knowledge. He has the attribute of earth. He uses skillfully the drills on his nose and arms, underground fights being his specialty.",
 ["Dinobeemon"] = "A Digimon who jogress-evolved from Stingmon and XV-mon. His insect attributes are more pronounced now. He discovers his enemies with his compound eye and finishes them off with violent moves.",
 ["Dinohumon"] = "A Dragon Man Digimon gifted with fighting skills. He lives in an unexplored territory and hunts his enemies with his sword \"Akinakes\".",
 ["Dinorexmon"] = "A Carnivorous Dinosaur Digimon nicknamed the \"King of Terror\", his strength is completely different from that of other Dinosaur Digimon. He fights with unparalleled ferocity.",
 ["Dinotigermon"] = "An Ancient Beast Digimon, he was born through the partial evolution of Saberleomon, to whom metal was added and had his body fortified.",
 ["Dobermon"] = "A ferocious Hunter Digimon, he was born through the transformation of a Virus into a Vaccine Digimon. He always follows his instincts and hunts Virus Digimon.",
 ["Dogmon"] = "A Puppet Digimon born from the database of an American television cartoon. He has a very strong and elastic body like rubber, absorbing any attack.",
 ["Dorbickmon"] = "A Fire Corps General Digimon, he leads the Dragon Digimon and fights with his rich combat experience. He likes sparking the flame of destruction with his overwhelming force and starts battles in peaceful areas.",
 ["Dorugamon"] = "A ferocious Beast Dragon Digimon, he has the attributes of both beasts and dragons. Many Digimon start running away as soon as they see his shadow.",
 ["Dorugoramon"] = "An imaginary Digimon born from the \"Digicore's Imagination\". He has evolved through the miraculous release of the digicore's originality by the interface on his forehead.",
 ["Doruguremon"] = "A Beast Dragon Digimon of huge size, his nickname is the \"Final Enemy\". His form was released through the interface on his forehead, by the life-data of the legendary creature, the \"Dragon\".",
 ["Dorumon"] = "A beast Digimon with an old-style interface on his forehead. It is speculated he is an experimental \"prototype Digimon\" since before the Digimon were discovered.",
 ["Doumon"] = "An onmyoji Digimon mastering the Onmyodo, he fights making full use of a variety of techniques. He is particularly strong in using magic, especially spells and talismans.",
 ["Dracomon"] = "An old pure-blooded Dragon Digimon, it is said he is the ancestor of all Dramon-type Digimon.",
 ["Dracumon"] = "A mischievous Digimon from the Dark Area, he spends all his energy playing pranks, even on the Four Holy Beasts. He is aiming at the Royal Knights for his next target.",
 ["Dragon's Knowledge"] = "The heart of a wild fierce dragon.",
 ["Drimogemon"] = "A Digimon who can move underground at a high speed, using the huge drill on his nose. He is very rarely seen, as he spends most of his time deep underground.",
 ["Duftmon"] = "A Digimon regarded by the Royal Knights as one of the best strategists, he has the skill to lead the Royal Knights. When he gets to the battlefield himself, he changes to Leopardmode.",
 ["Duftmon: Leopardmode"] = "The figure of Duftmon on the battlefield. He runs and flies through the world and, according to the battles he meets, he performs his lethal skills strategically.",
 ["Dukemon"] = "A Digimon born from Megidramon, his name is also linked to the Royal Knights. His weapons are his armor, Gram and Aegis, all made from Chrome Digizoid.",
 ["Dukemon: Crimsonmode"] = "A Digimon covered in a crimson armor, he was born when Dukemon released all his hidden power. He has wings produced by an overflowing energy. He holds the divine lance \"Gungnir\" and the divine sword \"Blutgang\".",
 ["Duskmon"] = "A Digimon who harbors the power of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the skill of darkness. The regrets of exterminated Digimon of various species, as well as \"forbidden data\" from the network turn into an intense darkness and coagulate into Duskmon.",
 ["Dynasmon"] = "One of the Royal Knights, he pledges absolute loyalty to the lord whose idea of justice matches his own. He has the capabilities of a flying dragon and boasts an unmatchable strength in his Chrome Digizoid dragon armor.",
 ["Ebidramon"] = "A maverick Dramon type of Digimon, he has a lobster's hard shell and huge scissors. The ones who treat him lightly due to his looks will become his prey, falling victims of the Dramon attack power.",
 ["Eldoradimon"] = "A Mutant Digimon born through the absorption of the research materials data by a Digimon lost in the ancient ruins of abandoned computers.",
 ["Elecmon"] = "A Digimon evolved from Tsunomon, he is very curious and likes pranks. His nine tails open during battle like the feathers of a peacock and intimidate the enemy.",
 ["Etemon"] = "A Digimon calling himself the King of Digimon, he wears a fortified monkey suit and sings his best numbers. He gets along well with Monzaemon, but it is rumored he pulls his strings in the shadows!",
 ["Evilmon"] = "A Small Devil Digimon, he is tough and hates to lose. He doesn't fight directly, but teases his weak enemies in a mean and dirty way.",
 ["Ex-tyranomon"] = "A Puppet Digimon sneaked into a stuffed animal in the shape of Tyranomon.",
 ["Examon"] = "A Digimon who belongs to the Royal Knights, he also stands at the top of all Dragon Digimon. His nickname is the \"Dragon Emperor\".",
 ["Experience Floppy"] = "When used as a compound material, this gives many experience points to the base Digimon.",
 ["Fairimon"] = "A Digimon evolved through the Human Spirit, she harbors the wind power of the Ten Warriors. She freely manipulates the air and can produce vacuums and mirages. She is also good at gathering information.",
 ["Falcomon2006"] = "A subspecies that developed the capacity of flying with his wings, different from the original Falcomon who had strong legs. He acts like a ninja in many cases and, even though he can fly, he rides kites and throws shuriken.",
 ["Fangmon"] = "A Digimon said to be the Digimon form of the bad wolf appearing in so many fairy tales. His prey once chosen, he will never let it escape. Sometimes he even disguises into a familiar person in order to get close to his prey.",
 ["Fantomon"] = "A senior ghost Digimon which has the appearance of the god of death. He seeks for his prey using the clairvoyant crystal hanging at his neck. It is said that the interior of the cloth covering his body leads to another dimension.",
 ["Firamon"] = "A Beast Digimon with the nickname of the \"Lion soaring in the sky\"<!--sic-->. He is a careful leader, protecting a certain relic of the Digital World.",
 ["Fladramon"] = "A Digimon whose<!--sic--> armor evolved from V-mon through the Digimental of Courage. His combat skills are similar to a burning flame and he hits his enemies with his extremely strong knuckles.",
 ["Flarelizamon"] = "A Flame Dragon Digimon with his whole body covered in flames. He is a hot-blooded Digimon, holding both a heart hot like fire and a dragon's power.",
 ["Flaremon"] = "A majestic Beast Man Digimon, his mane and presence make him look scary at first glance. However, he has a strong mind and fights through any difficulty for his friends.",
 ["FlaWizarmon"] = "A Demon Man Digimon that Armor-evolved through the Digimental of Courage. He is the total opposite of the shy Wizarmon who doesn't show his face: he shows his real face and is full of confidence.",
 ["Floramon"] = "A Digimon who evolved like a reptile, but is classified as a plant. His petals protect his head like a helmet. His rival is Palmon.",
 ["Flymon"] = "An Insect Digimon with huge evil wings, which allow him to fly around at very high speed. When he flies he emits a howling noise that numbs the hearing sense of the ones who hear it.",
 ["Fragment of Courage"] = "Fragment necessary in order to evolve to Wargreymon.",
 ["Fragment of Friendship"] = "Fragment necessary in order to evolve to Metalgarurumon.",
 ["Fragment of Soul"] = "Fragment necessary in order to evolve to Titamon.",
 ["Fragment of the Darkness King"] = "Fragment necessary in order to evolve to Belialvamdemon.",
 ["Fugamon"] = "A subspecies of Orgemon, he has a red body and wears shorts with tiger pattern. His lethal skill is \"Evil Hurricane\".",
 ["Fujinmon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon with the name of \"Fujin\", the wind god in eastern mythology. He is a light fighter using airy movements, good at close combat.",
 ["Funbeemon"] = "An Insect Digimon belonging to the mysterious clandestine air base \"Royal Base\". He has a life different from other Insect Digimon, but has a positive personality and is a strong hardworking Digimon.",
 ["Gabumon"] = "A shy Digimon wearing Garurumon's fur, however wearing this fur inverts his personality and makes him become bold. His weapons are his stiff horn and the sharp claws attached to the fur.",
 ["Gaioumon"] = "A Dragon Man Digimon, he is a subspecies of the Greymon-species. He is excellent as a combat species and his power increases when he wins a battle.",
 ["Gaioumon vs Zanbamon"] = "A grudge fight between two samurai! For one's own way, for one's own ideal, one must put his soul into the soul! Sparks will jump and swords will ring! All is decided by this one blow...",
 ["Gankoomon"] = "A Digimon that rarely remains in the same place. He travels around the Digital World with next-generation Huckmon. On his way, he destroys any sign of accident or chaos.",
 ["Gaogamon"] = "A Digimon evolved from Gaomon, whose claws grew out of the gloves. He uses his cool behavior and his strong legs to move quickly near the enemy and attacks him with his sharp claws.",
 ["Gaomon"] = "A Digimon with sharp claws, agile moves and strong legs, he is a subspecies of Gazimon. He has a number of deadly skills that involve movement. Depending on his partner, he can also be a cool, intellectual character.",
 ["Gargomon"] = "A hunter Digimon, he is agile and can jump very high. He wears a gatling gun on both his arms. His favorite jeans are the specially ordered D-Vi'S503XX.",
 ["GargomonArmor"] = "Originally a Devil Digimon, he constrained his forces with suppression instruments and is now sometimes used as a messenger of Angel Digimon.",
 ["Garudamon"] = "A Digimon that loves justice and nature, he is the guardian god of earth and wind. Only the bird Digimon with high intelligence and combat skills can evolve into Garudamon. He is a close friend of Leomon, who shares his vision.",
 ["Garummon"] = "A Digimon who evolved through the Beast Spirit of Light, inheriting the power of the Ten Warriors of Light. He uses his high speed and surprises his enemies with his attacks. He uses his sharp claws and fangs and rips them apart.",
 ["Garurumon"] = "A Digimon covered with fur as hard as mithril. He is feared by other Digimon due to the way he hunts his prey, with a carnivore-like speed and very precise attacks.",
 ["Gazimon"] = "A Digimon with a nasty personality, he uses his claws also to attack his enemies, but mostly to dig pitfalls and trap them.",
 ["Gekomon"] = "A longed-for composer Digimon, he charms his surroundings and can play pleasant music, contrary to his looks. He can freely control the feelings of his opponent through the music he plays.",
 ["Geogreymon"] = "A subspecies of Greymon, his whole body developed like a lethal weapon, becoming even more aggressive. He has the same lethal skills as Greymon.",
 ["Geremon"] = "A Mollusk Digimon, he is a subspecies of Numemon who lkes<!--sic--> dirty places. He has low combat power, but has a demonic personality, attacking without choosing his opponent.",
 ["Gesomon"] = "A Digimon feared as the \"White Devil of the Deep Seas\". He is very intelligent and does no harm, to the Digimon outside his territory.",
 ["Gigaseadramon"] = "A Digimon whose lethal skills are shooting the \"Giga Sea Destroyer\" torpedo from the cannon in his mouth and discharging countless \"Sky Wave\" antiaircrafts<!--sic--> from the opening on his back.",
 ["Ginkakumon"] = "A Digimon who, together with his sister Kinkakumon, are considered the \"Demon Gold and Silver Brothers\". He loves his sister very much and alwas<!--sic--> quietly keeps an eye on her. He carries alcohol for his sister and feels happy when she boards on his abdomen.",
 ["Ginryumon"] = "A Dragon Beast Digimon, with his whole body covered in a robust Japanese style armor. Unlike his appearance, he has a very light body and drifts gracefully through the air. He fights and parries his enemies<!--sic--> attacks with his hard and slippery armor.",
 ["Giromon"] = "A Digimon patrolling the computer network, he fights off the illegal intruder<!--sic-->. Called the Net Keeper, he attacks any invading enemy with all his forces.",
 ["Gizmon: Attacker"] = "A Digimon without an ego, he was remodeled artificially and carries out his missions according the orders received. All his lethal skills exceed the power of the ones of Gizmon: Prototype. They are \"AT laser\"<!--sic-->, \"AT Helix\" and \"AT Hacking\".",
 ["Gizmon: Prototype"] = "A Digimon without an ego, he was remodeled artificially and carries out his missions according the orders received. His lethal skills are \"PT Laser\", where he releases a small laser through his red eyes, and \"PT Helix\", where he spins and cuts off his enemies.",
 ["Gizumon: X-Terminator"] = "A Digimon without an ego, he was remodeled artificially and carries out his missions according the orders received. All his lethal skills exceed the power of the ones of Gizmon: Attacker. They are \"XT laser\"<!--sic-->, \"XT Helix\" and \"XT Hacking\".",
 ["Goburimon"] = "A Digimon that loves evil, he uses his cunning attacks in a group. He is as intelligent as he is cunning, but he is very cowardly and, if left to fight alone and he realizes he is in disadvantage, he runs away like a rabbit.",
 ["Goddramon"] = "A Holy dragon Digimon with a shining, golden body, he is one of the Four Great Dragons. He is small, wearing in his right hand Umon the Blue Thunder, a weapon of regeneration, and in his left hand Amon the Red Flame, a weapon of destruction.",
 ["Gokumon"] = "A fugitive Digimon born from the data on the list of wanted criminals.",
 ["Gokuwmon"] = "A Battle Digimon born with a combat instinct from the magma of the Boot Volcano. He is skilled in martial arts and witchcraft, craving for fights with formidable enemies, but he is banned by Sanzomon.",
 ["Goldnumemon"] = "A subspecies of Numemon with his whole body golden. He was born when Numemon discovered the Goldene mine and incorporated its elements.",
 ["Gomamon"] = "A naughty Digimon that likes pranks. His body is covered with fur so that he can resist to<!--sic--> cold temperatures. His claws help him break hard blocks of ice. When he gets angry, the red hair on his head bristles.",
 ["Gorimon"] = "A Power Digimon with strong arms that can break anything and strong legs that can crush anything.",
 ["Gottsumon"] = "A cheerful and naughty Digimon like a block of vigor. His body is made of hard ore that changes its properties depending on the place where he is born, giving him unlimited possibilities to evolve.",
 ["Grademon"] = "A Warrior Digimon holding two swords, called the \"Golden Meteor\", as he always leads the vanguard bravely.",
 ["Grain of Courage"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Wargreymon.",
 ["Grain of Dimensions"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Millenniumon.",
 ["Grain of Friendship"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Metalgarurumon.",
 ["Grain of gloom"] = "Grain hiding the book of darkness.",
 ["Grain of Machine Dragon"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Mugendramon.",
 ["Grain of Soul"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Titamon.",
 ["Grain of Synthetic Beast"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Chimairamon.",
 ["Grain of the Bullet Knights"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Tankdramon.",
 ["Grain of the Darkness King"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Belialvamdemon.",
 ["Grain of the Fertility God"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Ceresmon.",
 ["Grain of the Gun Dragon"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Cannondramon.",
 ["Grain of the Holy"] = "A grain sealed in the book of light.",
 ["Grain of the Iron Horse"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Assaultmon.",
 ["Granddracumon"] = "A Demon Beast Digimon, considered the king of vampire Digimon. He built a castle in the Dark Area since the old times. It is said that he is so strong that not even the Seven Great Demon Lords dare to meddle with him.",
 ["Grandgeneramon"] = "A Digimon formed through the forced Digicross<!--sic--> of seven strong Digimon, without any compression. He has no mind or ego and performs the lethal skills of the 7 Digimon that stay at his origin against whoever appears in his sight.",
 ["Grandlocomon"] = "A Digimon obtained through the limit breakthrough of Locomon, he created his own rails and now runs carelessly through the network. As he runs with outstanding speed, he breaks everything into pieces that he collides with.",
 ["Grankuwagamon"] = "A dreadful Digimon called the devil of the deep forest, he is the final form of the Kuwagamon-species. He lives in the depths of the forests and is fully nocturnal. His eternal rival is Heraklekabuterimon.",
 ["Grappuleomon"] = "A grapple fighter Digimon knowledgeable of some original secrets, he received the fighting data from the veteran warrior Leomon. His digicore moves the four turbins<!--sic--> that stand for his limbs.",
 ["Greymon"] = "A Digimon with a strong body and a hard, fine horn that can boast a high combat power. His head is covered with a hard shell, increasing his defense skill. He also has the skill of cooperating with his friends in combat.",
 ["Griffomon"] = "A Synthetic Digimon with a Beast's torso and a Bird's head, wings and legs. There is something like a snake attached to his tail.",
 ["Grottemon"] = "A Digimon who harbors the power of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the skill of earth. Various weapons and instruments, both practical and artistic, grew from his big palms and thick fingers.",
 ["Groundramon"] = "A Ground Dragon Digimon with a large arm on his back, said to have transformed from a wing. He can use it in order to dig the ground efficiently.",
 ["Growmon"] = "A wild and ferocious Digimon, he is called the \"Deep Crimson Demon Dragon\". His roar has the power to shake the ones who hear it and his mouth spits burning flames. Depending on the tamer's level of training, he can also fight in the name of justice.",
 ["Gryzmon"] = "A Digimon who can easily avoid and parry enemy attacks, despite the size of his body. He has an outstanding fighting sense and doesn't have to rely on attacks.",
 ["Guardromon"] = "A Digimon with an outstanding defense skill. Originally he was guarding the network with Giromon the net-keeper, but he got infected by a virus and was used by evil Digimons.<!--sic-->",
 ["Guilmon"] = "A fighter Digimon comparable to a carnivorous beast, he hides in himself the inherent potential of Digimon. He can become a protective presence in the Digital World if his power is correctly exercised.",
 ["Gulfmon"] = "A Demon Beast emerged from the abyss of the Dark Area. In the lower half of his body stays attached a mouth able to swallow everything. It is said that the swallowed Digimon have their digicore crushed and fall to the Dark Area.",
 ["Hagurumon"] = "A mutant Digimon made of a combination of gears. Removing only one gear is enough to make him stop working. He has the deadly skill of manipulating other Digimon, which can be used in mischievous ways.",
 ["Hangyomon"] = "A Digimon that fast-travels in the Net waters, using his wet suit and the high-speed water motor attached to his back. He pierces the enemies entering his territory with his beloved harpoon \"Trent\".",
 ["Hanumon"] = "A Mythical Digimon reported to have been sighted in Central Asia. His body is covered in a golden furr<!--sic-->. He stands on something that looks like a cloud, moving around the Network and fighting off viruses.",
 ["Harpymon"] = "A thief Digimon who steals the precious data (the treasure) from the database (the ruins), being called the \"scavenger\". He was wing arms and the half upper body of a woman.",
 ["Hawkmon"] = "A calm and polite Digimon, he protects his partners with the dedication of a knight. The descendant of an ancient race, he can armor-evolve using Digimentals.",
 ["Heraklekabuterimon"] = "An insect Digimon with a shining golden body, he has the features of both Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon. His weapons are his huge horns and scissors and he can fly at supersonic speed.",
 ["Highandromon"] = "An ultimate Cyborg Digimon who achieved the perfection stage of the incomplete Andromon.",
 ["Hippogriffomon"] = "A Mythical Beast Digimon in the shape of a synthetic beast. It is said he evolves into Griffomon, but further details are unknown.",
 ["Hisyaryumon"] = "A Digimon usually as calm and intelligent as a god. However, when the crystal-like sphere he is holding is damaged, his godly wrath is awakened and he attacks with his whole body and soul.",
 ["Holyangemon"] = "A Digimon responsible for surveilling the world as an agent of light. Whenever darkness approaches, he changes to battle mode. He fights the darkness with his sacred sword Excalibur in his right hand and Beam Shield in his left hand.",
 ["Holsmon"] = "A Digimon born when Hawkmon Armor-evolved through the Digimental of Love. He has the attribute of wind, being able to flap his wings and dance in the sky like the wind. His strong point<!--sic--> are the air battles.",
 ["Holydramon"] = "A Digimon seated on the highest cliff of the god beast Digimon, he is the master of the skies and has the power to invade anything. He is one of the Four Great Dragons. Legends say his advent will become too strong once the evil forces appear.",
 ["Hououmon"] = "The head of bird Digimon, he has four shiny golden wings. He wears two Holy Rings and is said to govern all the Holy Bird Digimon. His power is immeasurable.",
 ["Huanglongmon"] = "The emperor of the center of the world, he supervises the Four Holy Beasts, the protectors of the Digital World. His body is covered in scales made of Huanglong Ore, the basis for Chrome Digizoid. These scales protect him from any wound.",
 ["Hyougamon"] = "A species of Orgemon that lives in cold places. He has a high territorial awareness and attacks angrily Digimon who entered his territory even with one step.",
 ["Igamon"] = "A mysterious Digimon wearing a red mask. He wanders walking through the Digital World, accumulating knowledge.",
 ["Ikkakumon"] = "A Digimon with a horn made of Mithril, the skin under his fur is as hard as his horn. His claws emit a high temperature which melt<!--sic--> the ice under his feet, secure him to a firm ground and allow him to act in extremely cold places.",
 ["Imperialdramon DM"] = "An ancient dragon Digimon that has a great power. Besides his dragon form, he has another form that can employ all his power. However, as this force is too big, he is difficult to control.",
 ["Imperialdramon FM"] = "A Digimon who eliberated<!--sic--> all the power in dragon mode and transformed into a legendary dragon warrior. He has an advanced intelligence and became able to control his violent power.",
 ["Imperialdramon PM"] = "A Digimon, originally Imperialdramon: Fightermode, who received the power of Omegamon. On his Omega Blade is engraved \"Reset\" in Digimon letters, as it resets all the data of the enemy Digimon it cuts.",
 ["Impmon"] = "A Digimon that likes pranks, he always plays pranks on electrical products. He is nasty to his weak opponents, but he doesn't curry favor with his strong opponents either. He confronts them bravely, but he is actually a very lonesome Digimon.",
 ["Indaramon"] = "One of the \"Deva\" Digimon, he is a perfect form Digimon that looks like a horse. He is under the control of Zhuqiaomon, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He has a very arrogant and snobbish personality.",
 ["Infermon"] = "An atrocious Digimon capable of invading any network and destroying its data. His defense skills are remarkably improved thanks to the limbs attached to his cocoon body.",
 ["Insekimon"] = "A rare Mineral Digimon formed by mixing meteor fragments intro<!--sic--> Gottsumon's mineral body, fragments which then appeared on the surface.",
 ["Jewelbeemon"] = "An Insect Digimon with a shiny iridescence like a jewel beetle. His hard armor changes color depending on the angle from where you watch, like a prism. This also has the effect of dazzling the eyes of the enemies.",
 ["Jijimon"] = "An elder Digimon who survives from the times the Digital World was created. It is said he led the chosen ones when crisis threatened the Digital World.",
 ["Junomon"] = "A Digimon who stands on the battlefield as Jupitermon's love and protector. She predicts, scouts for and eliminates insurgents who disobey Jupitermon's will.",
 ["Jupitermon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he governs the sky and the weather. On the battlefield he distinguishes between good and evil very well and applies divine punishment to the evil ones.",
 ["Justimon"] = "A hero of justice Digimon, trailing his red muffler. He can change his arm by replacing the plug of his Extend Transmitter.",
 ["Jyagamon"] = "A Mimetic Digimon that looks like a potato, he can hide from his enemies. He has a timid personality and doesn't like to fight very much, but he has extremely high combat abilities.",
 ["Jyureimon"] = "A Digimon with an extremely advanced intelligence and power, he is the further evolution of Woodmon.",
 ["Kabuterimon"] = "An insect Digimon with a strong power and a hard shell. He boasts a high defense skill due to its metallized head. He has no spirit of forgiveness when he attacks his rival Digimon.",
 ["Kaisergreymon"] = "A transcendent species of Digimon, holding the Flame skill, said to surpass even the power of the legendary Ten Warriors.",
 ["Kaiserleomon"] = "A Digimon evolved through the beast spirit, he carries the power of the Ten Warriors of Darkness. Released from the curse of Cherubimon, he is covered in Obsidian Digizoid and is called the \"Jet-black Lion\".",
 ["Kamemon"] = "A Digimon equipped with a shell in the shape of a mouse and a trackball on his belly. When he retreats to his shell, his defense power increases significantly, but his helmet cannot fit in.",
 ["Kangarumon"] = "A Digimon with outstanding punch, kick and jump powers. He moves to the bosom of his enemy with swift moves and performs an uppercut, after which he jumps high and kicks strongly.",
 ["Karatenmon"] = "A Demon Man Digimon with the appearance of a Shugenja and the face of a crow. He is a follower of the Daitengu Digimon.",
 ["Karatenmon2"] = "A follower of Daitengu Digimon, he excels in shugendo. He holds two swords \"Irataka no Ken\" in both his hands, in which magical powers are concentrated. He can read his opponent's spirit and anticipate his moves.",
 ["Karatukinumemon"] = "A subspecies of Numemon, born when Numemon entered a shell and became a snail.",
 ["Keramon"] = "A child Digimon that thinks that destroying data is just a game. He destroys the computers he penetrates, eating away data at a rate of 100MB per second.",
 ["Kingchessmon"] = "A King Digimon who had to work behind the scenes to build the Great Empire of Chessmon. However, noone<!--sic--> knows what actually is the Great Empire of Chessmon and noone presents any interest in it.",
 ["Kingetemon"] = "An Etemon Digimon, he calls himself The King of Kings. Acting like an ultimate clown, he always has a sneer on his face and is dressed in a Monkey Costume, with the \"Great King\" characters written on his chest.",
 ["Kinkakumon"] = "A Digimon who, together with her brother Ginkakumon, are considered the \"Demon Gold and Silver Brothers\". A naturally reckless character, she rushes into love affairs and falls in love easily, but beats down anyone not in her favor.",
 ["Kiwimon"] = "An ancient mythical Digimon said to have been extinct due to too much hunting following the spread of Internet. He is a Bird-type Digimon, but cannot fly due to the complete degeneration of his wings.",
 ["Knightmon"] = "A loyal Digimon wearing armor made of Chrome Digizoid. He always disregards his own will and obeys the order of his master. Depending on this, he can be either a good or an evil character.",
 ["Knightchessmon"] = "A Digimon master of throwing who shoots huge darts. He is weak in close combat, but confuses his enemies when he leaps high above them, using his thoroughbread-like<!--sic--> leg strength.",
 ["Knowledge of Nature"] = "The spirit of the gently whispering trees is marked.",
 ["Knowledge of the dark"] = "Here is marked the heart of darkness, that wriggles quietly.",
 ["Knowledge of the Holy God"] = "Here is marked the light that shines divinely.",
 ["Knowledge of the Steel Knights"] = "Here is marked the heart of samurai<!--sic--> standing solemnly.",
 ["Koemon"] = "A Beast Digimon in the shape of a child monkey. He wins easily at pachinko and is convinced no pray<!--sic--> can escape him.",
 ["Kokabuterimon"] = "An Insect Digimon that is small, but very strong. He has a large horn and front legs. He is very feared, but he doesn't really like conflicts and has a mild personality.",
 ["Kokuwamon"] = "A mini insect machine Digimon. He has electricity stored in his body, with which he can even run domestic appliances. In crisis situations, he can release a current of 1 MV and protect his body.",
 ["Kotemon"] = "A Swordsman Digimon that wears his armor all the time and his body is a true mystery. He is struggling in order to become a top-class swordsman. He is a coward and cries very easily, but is a good friend and has a strong sense of justice.",
 ["Kougamon"] = "A subspecies of Igamon. Unlike red Igamon, Kougamon is colored in purple.",
 ["Kudamon"] = "A Holy Beast Digimon with a holy shell, he always analyzes calmly the situation and leads the battle to a position favorable for him. He deposits daily a sacred power in his earring and the deposited amount can influence his evolution.",
 ["Kuwagamon"] = "A Digimon of the same maturity as Kabuterimon, his eternal rival. He has a well developed battle instinct. He attacks his prey immediately and he fastens it in his scissors.",
 ["Kuzuhamon"] = "A God Man Digimon said to have lived a long time as a fox Digimon. He has changed over time and now has a human appearance.",
 ["Kyubimon"] = "A Digimon evolved from a very skilled and experienced Renamon, he is a bewitching fox. Although he is not very strong, he has a strong spirit and has a variety of skills.",
 ["Kyukimon"] = "A Bewitching Beast Digimon that looks like a kamaitachi. His whole body is like a sharp blade, cutting indiscriminately everything around him.",
 ["Labramon"] = "An Artificial Digimon built by a human for his daughter. His mission is hunting down humans. He hides a vaccine program that can combat virus programs.",
 ["Ladydevimon"] = "A female fallen angel Digimon that holds a dark power of incomparable purity. It is impossible to control her using personal computers. Her enemy is Angewomon.",
 ["Ladydevimon2"] = "A Fallen Angel Digimon with a great pride. She continues fighting with Angewomon, to the surprise of her tamer. Her wickedness can be seen when she fights and takes hostages.",
 ["Lalamon"] = "A Plant Digimon that looks like a bud. He can rotate the leafs<!--sic--> on his head and fly softly. He has an expressionless appearance, but has his charm.",
 ["Lampmon"] = "A Digimon that can change his body and appearance in a kaleidoscopic way, he is the owner of strong magic powers. He can also create palaces and huge gold and silver treasures.",
 ["Lekismon"] = "A Beast Man Digimon with an amazing jumping power, he has his enemies at his mercy with his fast moves. He has a very elusive personality, making his appearance somehow mysterious.",
 ["Leomon"] = "A Digimon praised to be a noble hero. He is a warrior with a heart of justice who has defeated many atrocious Digimon. His rival is Orgemon. On its waist, it carries a magical sword called \"Shishiou-maru\".",
 ["Leviamon"] = "One of the Seven Great Demon Lords sleeping in the abyss of the Digital World. He has a huge body and is called the Devil Beast due to his very large jaw.",
 ["Liamon"] = "A Holy Beast Digimon who already has the air of a king, although he is only an Adult form. It is said he is evolved from Liollmon. However there are fewer surviving Liamon than Liollmon, becoming thus an \"illusion\" creature.",
 ["Lighdramon"] = "A Digimon who Armor-evolved from V-mon using the Digimental of Friendship. He possesses the attribute of thunder and attacks He enemies with the speed of lightning, releasing an electric shock.",
 ["Light of God"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve Aegiochusmon.",
 ["Lilamon"] = "A Digimon that has the appearance of a lillac<!--sic-->, a flower loved by everyone. A beautiful Digimon, he governs over death and rebirth. He has a pure and innocent personality, but his leaves contain a lethal poison.",
 ["Lilimon"] = "A Digimon that looks like a human, but hides immeasurable power. He is impossible to control once he starts crying. He opens his heart only to humans with the same temperament<!--sic--> as his.",
 ["Lilimon2"] = "A Digimon emerging from a beautifully blossomed flower. He has a tomboyish and whimsical character, but is gentle and always lends a hand to the weak. A refreshing wind blows after he flies with his leaf wings.",
 ["Lilithmon"] = "A Digimon that was originally a high-ranking Angel Digimon, she fell to the dark side and is now called \"The Goddess of Darkness\". She is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Everything touched by the nails from her left hand will corrode.",
 ["Lilithmon2"] = "The goddess of darkness, she is mysterious and beautiful. She deceives her opponents and always brings death to the ones who fall into temptation. She is generous with evil and unforgiving with good.",
 ["Liollmon"] = "A Holy Beast Digimon covered in a golden furr<!--sic-->. It seems there are very few surviving individuals and their existence has been confirmed only recently. He has an extremely strong sense of his territory and doesn't forgive the ones who enter his territory, even if they are the same species as him.",
 ["Loaderliomon"] = "A Machine Digimon born through the fusion of the Beast Digimon data and the construction machine CAD data leaked from the server.",
 ["Locomon"] = "A Digimon whose purpose in life is to keep running, he continues advancing on the rails. He isn't very fast, but, because he runs continuously, he can sometimes distort the time and space<!--sic-->.",
 ["Lopmon"] = "A very rare Digimon, he is born as the twin of Terriermon. he has three horns and, although he is a Combat-species Digimon like Terriermon, he is a crybaby and feels lonely easily.",
 ["Lotusmon"] = "A Fairy Digimon that looks like a lotus, the flower said to be blooming in heaven. A lady with a calm and gracious personality, she has the power to make one forgive one's sorrows and have happy dreams.",
 ["Lordknightmon"] = "A member of the Royal Knights, he governs over all Knight Digimon. He sticks to his own justice, but, if he must maintain peace, he can also use force and eliminate the weak.",
 ["Lucemon"] = "A great Angel Digimon that stopped the war and brought peace to the ancient Digital World. His skills were inherited by the Three Great Angels.",
 ["Lucemon Falldownmode"] = "The strongest of the Seven Great Demon Lords, he combines magic and holiness. He rebelled against god in very ancient times and was sent to the Dark Area along with many other Demon Lord Digimon.",
 ["Lucemon Larva"] = "A Digimon who manipulates Satanmode, the incarnation of evil. He is very small, lying inside the sphere held by Satanmode. He has his own will and can also talk.",
 ["Lucemon Satanmode"] = "The final form of Lucemon in the shape of the dragon that appears in the Revelation. He wears the crown of the seven deadly sins and holds Gehenna, which absorbs all attacks. The real Digimon is inside Gehenna.",
 ["Lunamon"] = "A Digimon born through the fusion of moon-watching data. He looks like a rabbit with his big ears, he is timid and gets attached easily. Using his skills, he can communicate with the power of darkness.",
 ["Lynxmon"] = "A Beast Digimon in the shape of a lynx, he is covered in a burning fur and inhabits the tropical jungles. He has a free spirit and is the exact opposite of Garurumon, who lives in the cold areas.",
 ["Machgaogamon"] = "A Digimon equipped on his back with a rocket engine with a huge driving force, he can fly at maximum thrust for a short time. His special tactics are direct flight and hit-and-away.",
 ["Madleomon"] = "A frenzy Digimon who lost his own will, he is the result of extensive remodeling in order to obtain power. He relies on his physical strength, uses his poisonous claws and follows the orders received.",
 ["Magnagarurumon"] = "A transcendent-species Digimon, he has the skill of light and it is said his power surpasses that of the legendary Ten Warriors. He can move with the speed of light and, when he is wearing his flight unit, he can fly with a speed near the speed of light.",
 ["Magnakidmon"] = "A Digimon who loves single combat. When it comes to important fights, he shoots bullets all over the place.",
 ["Magnakidmon vs Bellestarmon"] = "The game of two real gun masters! The bullets fly out of the two handguns and collide! Bullets! Bullets! Not even dust will remain of what was standing between the two.",
 ["Magnamon"] = "A Digimon who armor evolved through the Digimental of Miracles. Dressed in a Chrome Digizoid armor, he has a power comparable to that of an ultimate form. In case of a crisis, he can escape using the power of miracles.",
 ["Majiramon"] = "A Digimon under the control of Qinglongmon, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He has a mercenary attitude and doesn't move a finger if it is not to his own profit.",
 ["Makuramon"] = "A Digimon under the control of Baihumon, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He is rather strange, as he cannot speak and his emotions never appear on his face.",
 ["Mametyramon"] = "A small Mutant Digimon feared as the \"Little Tyrant\". He is Tyranomon's data condensed in a small body, with Tyranomon's ferocity and combat instinct remarkably projected in his behavior.",
 ["Mammon"] = "An ancient Digimon, discovered in the melted ice and snow due to the Digital World warming. On his mask there is a crystal of knowledge, which gives him a power of clairvoyance allowing him to see far into the distance.",
 ["Manbomon"] = "An Armor-body Mutant Digimon, who evolved through the \"Digimental of Light\". He is very rare and is scarcely seen in the Network seas.",
 ["Mantaraymon"] = "A Digimon that has an aggressive and fast appearance, but is actually the opposite. He swims gracefully in the seas of the Internet and has a gentle personality.",
 ["Marinangemon"] = "A Fairy Digimon living in the Internet sea, he rarely shows himself to others. He has Angemon's name, but his ecosystem classifies him as a completely different race.",
 ["Marindevimon"] = "A subspecies of Digimon<!--sic-->, he is full of hatred because he lives alone in the deep sea. His two tentacles have their own will and are free to attack on their own.",
 ["Marsmon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he is a war hero who has mastered all martial arts, including the foul play technique. He is very good in direct fight<!--sic--> and mainly prefers to wrestle.",
 ["Mastertyranomon"] = "A Dinosaur Digimon, evolved from a Tyranomon who won fierce battles. The wounds on his body are the proof of the many battles he won and survived.",
 ["Matadrmon"] = "A Digimon said to be born from the folk music database of a certain museum. He masters the unique steps for \"Bulldog\", a dance he arranged himself.",
 ["Mechanorimon"] = "A Powered Suit Digimon, he is run by a small Digimon inside him. A Digimon still under development, his digicore can cause overheating, depending on the operating conditions.",
 ["Megadramon"] = "A Virus Dark Dragon Digimon, he was remodeled to be able to destroy a network by himself. He invades the computer network, destroys the host computers and modifies them easily.",
 ["Megalogrowmon"] = "A huge Cyborg Digimon whose upper body is covered in Chrome Digizoid. He can also fly using the verniers on his shoulders, making him immensely powerful in both terrestrial and aerial combat.",
 ["Megaseadramon"] = "A Digimon with a developed head, a hard armor and a blade in the shape of a lightning<!--sic-->. He has also a high level of intelligence and a very cautious personality, following his enemies until he brings them down.",
 ["Megidramon"] = "Although one of the Four Great Dragons, he was initially evil and his existance<!--sic--> was regarded as a digital hazard. This power has been sealed, but it can produce great damage if released.",
 ["Mephismon"] = "A Digimon born from the residual thoughts of Apoclymon, he bears a thought of revenge to Omegamon and wants to destroy any form of life. He has a developed intelligence and careful tactics.",
 ["Meramon"] = "A Digimon with his whole body shrouded in flames, born from the firewall that protects the Internet. He has a violent temper, just like the flames that cover his body, and wants to burn everything.",
 ["Mercuremon"] = "A Digimon who harbors the power of the legendary Ten Warriors, he has the skill of steel. He is an intellectual type among the evil warriors and always receives wisdom.",
 ["Mercurymon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, he is a witty god and the fastest of all Digimon. He cannot remain in one place, wandering the Digital World at a speed that cannot be captured by the naked eye.",
 ["Mermaimon"] = "A Digimon in the shape of a legendary mermaid, she is based in the cold regions<!--sic--> seas of the Digital World.",
 ["Mervamon"] = "The experimented and achieved version of Minervamon, she has now an adult's face and charm. She fascinates everyone around her even during battles with her refined and sophisticated gestures.",
 ["Metaletemon"] = "The \"King of Digimon\" studied his weak points after each battle and coated his whole body in Chrome Digizoid. Thus, a strong and dirty warrior was born!",
 ["Metalfantomon"] = "A Digimon that received his energy from a Digital World from another dimension, it is said he is manipulated by an unknown entity.",
 ["Metalgarurumon"] = "A Digimon with his whole body mechanized, he is the final form or<!--sic--> Garurumon. He has Garurumon's speed, although he has many heavy fire arms<!--sic--> attached to his body. He feels his enemies with the laser on the tip of his nose and shoots them down with extremely high speed.",
 ["Metalgreymon"] = "A Digimon with more than half of his body mechanized. It is said to have the power of a single nuclear warhead. Only a Greymon who won numerous battles can evolve to this stage.",
 ["MetalgreymonVirus"] = "A Digimon who dark-evolved when Agumon was manipulated by the Evil Spiral. It is now a virus type and follows the orders of the Digimon Kaiser, attacking his partner.",
 ["Metalgreymon2010"] = "A reinforced battle form of Digimon, born through the DigiXros of Greymon and Mailbirdramon. With Greymon's power and Mailbirdramon's armor, he now has the strength to annihilate many enemies.",
 ["Metallifekuwagamon"] = "A Digimon with a human shape and grapple power. With his hard shell and quick movements, he is one of the best balanced Perfect form Digimon.",
 ["Metalmamemon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon with the nickname \"Smiley Bomber\", he evolved from Mamemon and became even stronger.",
 ["Metalpiranimon"] = "A Digimon with a metal head, very sharp teeth and very strong jaw. He can cut into pieces any armor.",
 ["Metalseadramon"] = "A Digimon fully covered in Chrome Digizoid alloy, he is the final form of the Seadramon species. He was adapted for use in interception and repels most of the attacks with his body.",
 ["Metaltyranomon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon who modified his body in order to become stronger. Just as Megadramon has superior aerial combat skills, Metaltyranomon has now superior terrestrial combat skills.",
 ["Mihiramon"] = "A Digimon who hunts down his enemies with a fierce behavior. He is faster than the wind when running on the ground and faster than sound when using his two wings to fly.",
 ["Mikemon"] = "A Beast Digimon that looks like a tortoiseshell cat at first glance. It is said that Nyaromon's data, which was asleep in his body in the child form, has now appeared in the adult form.",
 ["Millenniumon"] = "An ultimate synthetic Digimon, born through the combination of the mechanized Mugendramon and the synthetic Chimairamon. He has the power to control time and it is said he cannot be knocked down.",
 ["Minervamon"] = "One of the Olympos XII, she is a Snake Princess with arms that wield the large sword \"Olympia\". She has a masculine personality and jumps in whenever she feels the smell of battles.",
 ["Minotaurmon"] = "A Digimon who doesn't move very fast, he has a very strong skin and barely feels anything in a normal attack. His lethal skill is Darkside Quake, where he produces a great earthquake with his left \"Demon Arm\".",
 ["Miragegaogamon"] = "A Beast Knight Digimon with his whole body covered in a Chrome Digizoid armor. As he moves with an incredible speed, he tricks his enemies into believing he is just a mirage. He can also cut his enemies instantly using Gale Claws.",
 ["Mistymon"] = "A Digimon who masters many magical skills (advanced programming languages), but also is very skillful at swordplay.",
 ["Monochromon"] = "A Digimon with a shell and horns as hard as diamond. They say when his horns will be completely grown, they will reach half the size of his body. He is herbivorous and a calm Digimon, but when he gets angry he goes on a rampage.",
 ["Monzaemon"] = "A Digimon covered in mystery, he looks like a simple teddy bear. But there are several rumors as to who hides under the zipper on his backs.",
 ["Moosemon"] = "A Digimon respected as the \"Protecting God of the Mountain\". He destroys all life that tries to stain the mountain where he lives.",
 ["Muchomon"] = "A Bird Digimon who cannot fly, exactly like Penmon. He grew in the southern tropical countries. he always lives his life pleasantly.",
 ["Mugendramon"] = "A full metal Digimon that was created by combining the parts of many cyborg Digimon. An evil program is written in his digicore, which supplies him with infinite malice.",
 ["Mummymon"] = "A Digimon also known as the \"Necromancer\", as he summons and manipulates the residual data of the Digimon dead before their time. He treats the bandages that wrap his body like individual creatures. He fights using his favorite gun, Obelisk.",
 ["Murmusmon"] = "Formerly a senior Angel, he fell from Heaven and became a Demon Lord. He is called an \"Earl\" and gathers 30 demon legions. He sows the seeds of conflict when he transforms into other Digimon.",
 ["Musyamon"] = "A Digimon evolved from the game samurai data infected with a virus. His ghastly appearance is the proof of his survival to an endless battle. He seeks a final battle with the brave Leomon.",
 ["Nanomon"] = "A Digimon originally used as a Vaccine for restoring data from crashed computers, his thought circuits were destroyed when he was attacked by a powerful Virus Digimon. He is now uncontrollable.",
 ["Nefertimon"] = "A Digimon who armor-evolved from Tailmon with the Digimental of Light. He has the attribute of light and can gracefully fly in the sky. He can purify the unclean of the darkness using the power of intense light.",
 ["Neptunemon"] = "A Digimon that lives in the Abyss Sanctuary in the deep sea, he is the god governing over all marine Digimon. His body is covered in scales made of blue Digizoid. His agility and speed are excellent.",
 ["Neodevimon"] = "A Digimon artificially strengthened by somebody unknown. He has a huge strength, but is completely controlled by his mask, which suppresses even his own will.",
 ["Neovamdemon"] = "The general of the Moonlight troops. He commands the undead Digimon, who hide in the fields before slaughtering their enemies. As he lurks in the darkness all the time, he forgot how it is to have feelings and devotes all his time to the mission.",
 ["Numemon"] = "A Digimon without attack power of intelligence, he prefers dark dank environments. He may become Numemon if raised in a wrong way, but they say he actually has a hidden secret...",
 ["Octmon"] = "A Digimon discovered from a virus experimentally made by a hacker. He has a collecting mania, gathering data and digital treasures in his body. He lives in symbiosis with Fujitsumon, a parasite appeared<!--sic--> in a jar.",
 ["Ofanimon"] = "A Digimon that spreads love and mercy, she is the ultimate form of the female Angel Digimon. She protects the Kernel (the God's land) together with Seraphimon and Cherubimon.",
 ["Ofanimon Falldownmode"] = "A Digimon who killed his own feelings and now embraces the anger to such an extent, that he falls into madness against the continuously increasing misdeeds of the world. He hunts down all those who get in the way of achieving his own justice.",
 ["Olegmon"] = "The general of the Golden Thief Army. Even amogst<!--sic--> the generals, he possesses a superhuman strength, snatching the treasures from the seas he crosses. He eats up the gold and silver treasures he finds and improves his armor.",
 ["Omegamon"] = "A Holy Knight Digimon born through the fusion of miracles by the will of the good ones. He is an all-round Digimon, easily using weapons that have the power of two Digimon.",
 ["Omegamon Zwart"] = "A Digimon born temporarily as a black Holy Knight, through the mixture of Black Digitron, the substance recently discovered, during the fusion process with Omegamon. He has enhanced powers, beginning with the weapons on his both arms.",
 ["Omegashoutmon"] = "A Digimon born when the released burning soul of Shoutmon received the legendary \"Evolution\" from Omegamon. He is covered in Omega Force, so godly bright that his movements are perceived only as an afterimage of light.",
 ["Omekamon"] = "A Puppet Digimon born from a computer's data of design drawings. He himself doesn't know who and what he is and, for now, acts like the \"Royal Knights\", the most famous Holy Knights<!--sic--> Digimon.",
 ["Opossummon"] = "A lovely Digimon who prefers sandy dry lands. He holds some balloons that have a strong virus. He is hard to capture, as he holds his balloons and jumps highly<!--sic-->, moving to different places.",
 ["Orgemon"] = "A Digimon hunter with a developed physique and high intelligence. Driven by his rage, he challenges strong Digimon to fight. He is not ashamed of his nickname and holds a bone club as a proof that he has defeated Skullgreymon.",
 ["Ornismon"] = "An Ancient Bird Digimon said to be extinct since ancient times. Called the \"Ruler of the Skies\", he attacks from the above<!--sic--> much larger Digimon.",
 ["Orochimon"] = "An eight-headed Digimon. Besides the black main head in the center, all the rest of the heads are camouflage. He was born in the ancient Digital World, with the purpopse<!--sic--> of preserving harmony.",
 ["Oukuwamon"] = "An aggressive Digimon evolved from Kuwagamon. His scissors grew even stronger and his scouting skills improved, due to an enhanced sense of touch. His defense skills improved as well, which were not very developed in Kuwagamon.",
 ["Paildramon"] = "A Digimon who jogress-evolved from XV-mon and Stingmon. Although he has the attack skill of dragons and the defense skill of insects, the dragon attributes are a little stronger. He is very loyal and always protects his master.",
 ["Pajiramon"] = "One of the \"Deva Digimon\", he is a Perfect form in the shape of a sheep. He is under Zhuqiaomon's command, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He is very influential and dominates the world of dreams.",
 ["Palmon"] = "A rare type of Digimon that became a plant, although he started evolving like a reptile. A tropical plant blooms on his head, which changes smells according to his mood. He buries his feet into the ground in order to absorb nutrients.",
 ["Pandamon"] = "A Digimon that looks like a panda, but is not very popular because of his bluntness. He pretends to be a maverick, but he secretely<!--sic--> yearns to be like the popular Monzaemon. Surprisingly, his abilities are quite high.",
 ["Panjyamon"] = "A Digimon evolved from a part of Leomon. Leomon, who spends every day training to defend justice, acquired the power of the cold in the snowy areas of extreme cold of the Digital World.",
 ["Parasimon"] = "A special kind of Digimon: although he is an Ultimate form, he must parasite<!--sic--> another creature in order to survive. By himself he is rather weak, but pushed to the limit the abilities of the infested Digimon.",
 ["Parrotmon"] = "A strange bird come from<!--sic--> another Digital World through a crack in time and space. He has very strong leg claws and wears two Holy Rings on his arms.",
 ["Patamon"] = "A Digimon that can fly in the sky due to his big ears. However, his speed is only 1 km/h, so it is faster if he walks. He doesn't wear a Holy Ring, but inside him lays hidden genes of ancient Digimon.",
 ["Patamon vs Devimon"] = "All companions fall before the fearsome Devimon. Patamon, who cannot evolve to te<!--sic--> Adult form, puts ahead all his courage. But still, he must confront Devimon...!",
 ["Paunchessmon"] = "A Puppet Digimon born from the data flowing out of the chess game of a supercomputer. A general infantry Digimon with a weak force. He has hidden mysteries and it is said he is a social climber with a force of an Ultimate level once he starts achieving victories.",
 ["Peckmon"] = "A Bird Digimon with the ability to fly, he is actually faster when he runs with his strongly developed legs. Due to the high jumps and the fast rotations, he can use his body like a shuriken and attack his enemies.",
 ["Pegasmon"] = "A Digimon covered in a golden armor, he armor-evolved from Patamon with the Digimental of Hope. He flies freely in the sky and holds an absolute power, using his holy power against evil.",
 ["Petermon"] = "An eternal boy Digimon who can fly freely in the sky. He invites Digimon who refuse evolution to the children's world Never-Everland. He masterly handles his knife and punishes those who break their promises.",
 ["Pharaohmon"] = "A Digimon said to evolve from Mummy Digimon, he had an absolute power and dominated many areas in the ancient Digital World.",
 ["Phascomon"] = "A Digimon living in the Evil Forest spreading in the Dark Area, he is a dangerous Digimon, even though he doesn't look like it. He sleeps in trees all the time and sometimes attacks negligent opponents by jumping on them.",
 ["Phelesmon"] = "A Fallen Angel Digimon that looks like a nobleman. It is said he fulfills people's wishes, but in exchange he steals their souls.",
 ["Picklemon"] = "A Fairy Digimon mastering magic. He can recite a sophisticated programming language from another dimension, producing miracles similar to magic.",
 ["Picodevimon"] = "A cunning Digimon, it is said that he drew Devimon to the dark side. It is used by his superiors, Devimon and Vamdemon, and does evil deeds for them.",
 ["Piemon"] = "A Digimon covered in mystery. No one knows how or why he was born. An elusive and powerful character, if you happen to meet him, you'd better think about your last resolution.",
 ["Pinochimon"] = "A Puppet Digimon born from the cursed Jyureimon data. He is like a marionette but can also move by himself. He loves saying all kinds of lies.",
 ["Piyomon"] = "A Digimon with wings that help him hold things, but are unsuitable for flying. He can only fly with the same speed as Patamon. He aspires to someday become Birdramon, who can fly freely in the sky.",
 ["Platinum Numemon"] = "An extremely rare subspecies of Numemon. He was born when Numemon was the first in the Digital World to discover the \"Platina mine\" and evolved, incorporating its elements.",
 ["Plesiomon"] = "A Digimon that rarely shows himself, it seems that he appears surrounded by mist, disturbing the witnesses' vision. With his white body and refined appearance, he is a very mysterious figure.",
 ["Plotmon"] = "A lop-eared child Digimon from a Holy family. He is still a child, so he cannot employ yet his holy powers. He hasn't even realized what is how own mission.",
 ["Plutomon"] = "A Digimon with several mouths lined with sharp teeth, he can find joy only in biting villains. His mouths make chattering noises in search of prey.",
 ["Plutomon2"] = "A Digimon who wanders the world in search of criminals and villains suitable for falling to the underworld. When he finds his prey, the surroundings become wrapped in a thick darkness, then he makes his appearance.",
 ["Porcupamon"] = "An endangered species of Digimon, he didn't live in the Dark Area originally, but was driven away by other races. His body is covered with a special razor material.",
 ["Pukumon"] = "A British Punk Digimon, he was born through the mutation of the computer virus where Britain's best hacker used all of his knowledge.",
 ["Pumpmon"] = "An upbeat Digimon born through the variation of a virus on Halloween day. He has a calm personality and never starts a fight himself, but he has abilities unpredictable from his appearance.",
 ["Qinglongmon"] = "One of the Four Holy Beasts, he protects the eastern region of the Digital World. He has been deified and is considered a legendary character. However, in crisis moments, he always helps the Digital World.",
 ["Qinglongmon2"] = "One of the legendary Four Great Dragons, he controls the thunder and has godly powers and existance<!--sic-->. He is no captive of one-sided right and wrong visions, suggesting the way to Digimon faced with tough choices.",
 ["Queenchessmon"] = "The strongest Digimon of the Chessmon series, she has extreme range and offense skills. She is a reliable presence, protecting the coward Kingchessmon. Her extreme attack skill is sometimes even considered a tyrannical power.",
 ["Quetzalmon"] = "A Bewitching Beast in his Armor-form, he evolved through the Digimental of Light. He is the embodiment of the sun and wind in the shape of a winged white snake.",
 ["Raidenmon"] = "A heavyweight Machine Digimon equipped with electromagnetic firing weapons.",
 ["Raijinmon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon with the name of \"Raijin\", the thunder god in eastern mythology. He is very strong in close combat.",
 ["Ranamon"] = "A Digimon who used to have his main activity in the ocean area of the weather forecast system. He has a sharp intuition and his feeling change easily.",
 ["Rapidmon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon evolved from Gargomon. He has movements near the speed of light and a large ear-type radar. He always captures his prey, even in the darkness.",
 ["RapidmonArmor"] = "A Digimon whose<!--sic--> armor evolved from Terriermon using the Digimental of Fate, making his body become golden. He can use powers as strong as the ultimate level.",
 ["Raptordramon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon modified from a wild Digimon with preying instincts, so that he can certainly kill his target.",
 ["Raremon"] = "An Undead Digimon, whose muscles from his whole body rot and fell.<!--sic--> He tried to continue living by mechanizing his body, but it is very unstable and the data that mechanized it has begun to collapse.",
 ["Ravmon"] = "A Digimon that used to be called the \"Silver Raven\" in the Genesis era, but gods' wrath dyed black one of his wings. He is stealthy behavior<!--sic--> and kills his enemies with his remaining white Digizoid wing.",
 ["Ravmon Burstmode"] = "A unique Digimon, he appears when Ravmon temporarily reaches the limit of his abilities through Burst evolution. He wears an aura made of the total energy in the atmosphere.",
 ["Redvegimon"] = "An enhanced version of Vegimon with his entire body ripen<!--sic--> into red. Unlike Vegimon, who is not yet mature, he has a strong attack power and a high intelligence.",
 ["Renamon"] = "A Digimon with a high intelligence, he can become even more intelligent through the influence of his partners or his childhood education. He has his enemies at his mercy in the battles where speed rather than force is important.",
 ["Reppamon"] = "A kamaitachi-style Digimon, he has a sharp blade for his tail, which has its own will. He likes the battles in the forest. He attacks together with his blade, but there are times when they don't get along very well.",
 ["Revolmon"] = "A Digimon with a strong spirit of justice. He belongs to the Virus Busters and deletes evil Digimon. However, as he likes gambling, he pardons evil Digimon who win the Russian roulette<!--sic-->.",
 ["Rinkmon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon born from the sample data of an experiment that accelerated particles to the speed of light in a particle accelerator.",
 ["Rizegreymon"] = "A Digimon with more than half of his body mechanized, he also learned how to fly. He flies freely in the sky with his huge body and attacks using the Chrome Digizoid revolver in his left hand.",
 ["Rookchessmon"] = "A Digimon in the shape of a fort, he boasts an impregnable defense. Although a huge Digimon, he has a fast speed. He repells<!--sic--> the enemy attacks and then counterattacks.",
 ["Rosemon"] = "A beautiful female Digimon called the queen of flowers. On her breast she wears a Tiferet, a jewel in which is engraved the symbol of love and beauty. This jewel promises eternal beauty.",
 ["Rosemon Burstmode"] = "A temporary form of Rosemon, who reaches the limit of her abilities through Burst Evolution. She has an aura of love and beauty. She gracefully attacks her enemies with the tiferets engraved on her chest, as the symbol of love and beauty.",
 ["Rukamon"] = "An Aquatic Mammal Digimon, he is the Digimon form of some peculiar signals that occurred during the study of inter-species communication.",
 ["Rusttyranomon"] = "The Ultimate form of Tyranomon, he has been surviving fierce battles since the creation of the Digital World, while also evolving.",
 ["Saberdramon"] = "A savage Digimon resembling Birdramon, he is covered in a dark flame and attacks ferociously. It is said that his sharp claws are the origin of his name.",
 ["Saberleomon"] = "An ancient Digimon that is said to be the ancestor of Leomon. It is a huge beast having.<!--sic--> overwhelmingly destructive claws, strong penetrative tusks and legs that allow him to run with Mach speed.",
 ["Sabmarimon"] = "A Digimon who Armor-evolved from Armadimon through the Digimental of Sincerity. He has the attribute of water and can act freely under water<!--sic-->. He boasts an underwater performance that surpasses those of normal aquatic Digimon.",
 ["Sagittarimon"] = "A Bewitching Beast Digimon who Armor evolved through the Digimental of Hope. It has been told his existence is illusional. He is the superior species of Centalmon.",
 ["Sagomon"] = "A Digimon with a cheerful and easy-going personality, he transforms into a dreadful Digimon if even one of the skulls at his waist disappears. He was expelled from heaven and has set out on a journey in search of his true identity.",
 ["Saintgargomon"] = "A huge machine Digimon, equipped with high-temperature weapons on his whole body. These weapons are comparable to those carried by Metalgarurumon. He is slow, but can easily repel his enemies with the power of fire.",
 ["Sakuyamon"] = "A Digimon fulfilling the role of a miko, the agent of God's will. He has four kuda-kitsune around his waist-belt. The sound of his servants, together with the echo of his singing voice have the power to exorcise all evil.",
 ["Sakuyamon (Miko)"] = "The appearance of Sakuyamon when he performs the religious rituals and asks the will of god. He doesn't fight very much in this form, but he has a stronger power to remove evil spirits.",
 ["Sandiramon"] = "One of the \"Deva Digimon\", he is a perfect form Digimon that looks like a snake. He is under the control of Zhuqiaomon, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He is the cruelest and most cunning of the Deva Digimon.",
 ["Sangloupmon"] = "A sublime blood-sucking wolf Digimon. It is a rather old species of Digimon, surviving from the Genesis era of the Digital World.",
 ["Sanzomon"] = "A monk Digimon who continues his journey of trials in order to find enlightenment. He holds no weapon, but only sings his sutras and leads the hearts went astray. Some Digimon aim for the pure energy stored in his digicore.",
 ["Scorpiomon"] = "An Insect Digimon called the \"Assassin of the Desert\". Without paying attention to any hints, he approaches his opponent from behind and pierces him with the tip of the deadly poison needle of his tail.",
 ["Seadramon"] = "An Aquatic Digimon with a long body, like a big snake. He uses this long body and coils tightly around his enemy until he stops breathing.",
 ["Seahomon"] = "A Digimon with a small body, due to the fact that he lives in places with high water pressure. However, when he comes to seas with shallower waters, his body is said to grow even larger than Seadramon's.",
 ["Sealsdramon"] = "It is said only 1 Commandramon in 100 can pass the special screening test \"Selection-D\" and evolve to Sealsdramon.",
 ["Seraphimon"] = "The highest of the Angel Digimon, he has ten golden wings on his back. He is the unifier of all Angel Digimon and the enforcer of the divine law. It is aid that he will descend for the final battle against evil.",
 ["Sethmon"] = "A Demon beast Digimon who Armor-evolved through the Digimental of Love. The power of the Digimental of Love was too great and uncontrollable and was converted into the power of hatred.",
 ["Shellmon"] = "A Digimon like a hermit crab, living in the seas of the Internet. He lives in a shell adapted to the size of his body. As he grows bigger, he becomes the size of a hill and he changes his shell for a larger one.",
 ["Shakamon"] = "A Digimon originally very close to Yggdrasil, he has been protecting the eastern region for a long time. He is full of affection. He sometimes gives trials to the Digital World and waits for Digimon to surmount them.",
 ["Shakkoumon"] = "A Digimon who jogress-evolved from Armagemon and Angemon. It is believed that he might be an ancient Angel Digimon. His neck and torso can rotate 360 degrees and allow him to attack in all directions.",
 ["Shinegreymon"] = "A Light Dragon Digimon that stores the burning energy of the Sun and uses it in battle. No matter how many times he falls, he always gets back up due to his strong spirits. He can summon Geogrey Sword, in which the power of the earth is condensed.",
 ["Shinegreymon Burstmode"] = "A unique Digimon, he appears when Shinegreymon temporarily reaches the limit of his abilities through Burst evolution. He wears a flame aura of a solar-level high energy.",
 ["Shoutmon DX"] = "A Crusade form that was born through the Digicross<!--sic--> of Zekegreymon and Omegashoutmon. His speed, offense skill and armor are more sharpened, He engages in hot and cool battles.",
 ["Shoutmon x3GM"] = "An Incandescent Dragon Digimon, he burns everything with his flame wings. His strong point is aerial combat at super speed.",
 ["Shoutmon x4B"] = "A God Horse Digimon, formed from a Victory-form as a base Digimon, to which Beelzebumon was added. Beelzebumon's force is added to all attacks, displaying strong sword and gun skills.",
 ["Shoutmon x5"] = "A Finalist form born through four Victory forms, to which Sparrowmon was added. He now has Sparrowmon's flight ability.",
 ["Shoutmon x7"] = "A Digimon formed through the Alder-burst of Shoutmon DX and the DigiXros of Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Sparrowmon and Starmons. The burning hearts of the seven Digimon will lead to world peace.",
 ["Shutumon"] = "A Digimon evolved through the Beast Spirit, she harbors the wind power of the Ten Warriors. She has a capricious and deceiving personality and never takes initiative in a battle. She can control the wind using a secret Mesopotamian spell.",
 ["Siesamon"] = "A Digimon in the shape of a Shisa, the holy beast of Okinawa. He gathers his energy from the sun and protects his tamer from any disaster, exerting a great power against the existence of evil.",
 ["Silphymon"] = "A Digimon who jogress-evolved from Aquilamon and Tailmon. His developed legs allow him to jump and glide easily. He captures his enemies with the radar on both his ears.",
 ["Sirenmon"] = "A God Man Digimon, looking like a combination of fish and man. He has a cheerful personality and always sings a joyful song.",
 ["Sistermon Blanc"] = "A girl Digimon that looks like she is wearing a white rabbit. She contrasts with her sister, Sistermon Noir. She is a little shy, always hiding behind her sister.",
 ["Sistermon Noir"] = "A nun Digimon wearing a klobuk in the shape of a black cat's head. She is Sistermon Blanc's sister. She has a very cheerful personality, soothing the place with her innocent behavior.",
 ["Skullbaluchimon"] = "A huge Undead Digimon, he was reproduced after the data of some counterfeit fossiles<!--sic-->, added to the fossile<!--sic--> data of what is thought to have been the largest terrestrial mammal.",
 ["Skullgreymon"] = "A menacing Digimon obsessed with fighting. Thanks to his battle instinct, he continues to fight even though he is nothing but bones. He is feared by other Digimon, as he has no intelligence and fights indiscriminately.",
 ["Skullknightmon"] = "A Digimon who signed a pledge of blood brotherhood with Deadlyaxemon. He is the older brother. During a battle, the most important thing is to win, so he uses any cunning means for that.",
 ["Skullmammon"] = "An Undead Digimon whose whole body was eaten by viruses, now being reduced to only a skeleton.",
 ["Skullsatamon"] = "A ruined but refined Fallen Angel Digimon, his main purposes are power and destruction. In his dark digicore is condensed the dark power.",
 ["Slashangemon"] = "A Power Digimon that commands the Angel corps \"Powers\" and leads all battles. If it comes to defending justice, he doesn't fear even death.",
 ["Slayerdramon"] = "A Dragon Man Digimon with his body covered in Chrome Digizoid scale armor.",
 ["Sleipmon"] = "A member of the Royal Knights, dressed in Red Digizoid armor, known for its hardness. He moves with a superior instant speed, shooting light arrows with the sacred crossbow Muspelheim.",
 ["Snimon"] = "A Digimon made from the data of a mantis, he hunts down his target like a very precise machine.",
 ["Snimon2"] = "An experimental Digimon created in the institute as a virus hunter, based on the praying mantis data. He feels his enemies through the red sensors on his head and hunts them down with a machine-like precision.",
 ["Solarmon"] = "A rare species of Machine Digimon believed to be a mutant of Hagurumon. The digicore inside his eliberates<!--sic--> heat and his body has a very high temperature, producing burns when touched.",
 ["Soul of the Demon"] = "Soul necessary in order to evolve to a particular Titamon.",
 ["Soulmon"] = "A Digimon exactly like Bakemon, who incorporates magician data from fantasies. However, his magic is enhanced by his black hat.",
 ["Spadamon"] = "A Digimon who can transform into matchless powerful huge weapons. According to the saying, \"if held by an Angel, he will save the world. If held be a Demon, he will destroy the world\". He is a survivor of the \"Weapon Digimon\".",
 ["Spinomon"] = "The biggest and strongest of the Dinosaur Digimon living in the Digital World. He has the same strength as Dinorexmon.",
 ["Starmon"] = "A space warrior with a burning fighting spirit. His damaged muffler tells the story of his fierce battle history. He is hot-blooded, dashing like a meteor into the battlefield in order to fight for justice.",
 ["Stegomon"] = "A Digimon who uses the blades on his back both for repelling enemy attacks, as well as for performing counterattacks. He can move in the desired direction by his own will.",
 ["Stingmon"] = "A very rare Insect Digimon, he has the appearance of a human. He also has a hard exterior frame and very swift moves, specific to an insect.",
 ["Strikedramon"] = "A Digimon who still has some remains from Monodramon, like the horn extending to the back of his head. However, he looks like a totally different species, as he has transformed into Commander Mode and wears a Metal Plate.",
 ["Sunflowmon"] = "A Digimon looking like a sunflower, he received his energy when he bathes in the sunlight. He loves basking in the sun and, on days with good weather, like flies using the leaves on his back.",
 ["Suijinmon"] = "A Machine Digimon, made of parts of Mugendramon and Justimon.",
 ["Superstarmon"] = "A Digimon who evolved from Starmon, the Digimon who adores the space warrior Leomon. He is hidden behind his sunglasses, but his identity is obvious.",
 ["Surfimon"] = "A Digimon enhanced from an aquatic Digimon, so that he can move quickly outside water as well. He has a maverick personality and is very proud, disliking to act in groups, as fish do.",
 ["Susanoomon"] = "A god from the Eastern folklore, he is the strongest destruction god and is said to descend into the network system only in extraordinary situations. One part of him is responsible for regeneration, creating a new system after everything has been destroyed.",
 ["Swimmon"] = "A Tropical Fish Digimon with a vividly colored body. He lives in a coral reef in the warm area right below the equator.",
 ["Tactimon"] = "A soldier carrying an evil sword called Jatestufujin-maru. His ingenuity is essential in planning his battles and he wouldn't draw back from sacrificing allies for victory.",
 ["Tailmon"] = "A Holy Digimon wearing a Holy Ring on his tail. He looks very sweet and innocent, but he has very sharp nails, copied from Saberleomon's data.",
 ["Tankdramon"] = "A Machine Digimon, member of the mechanized \"D-brigade\", whose missions are riot, assault and destruction. He is specialized in destroying multiple targets, boasting an overwhelming firepower.",
 ["Tankmon"] = "A Digimon that enjoys fighting so much, that his nickname is \"Mercenary Digimon\". Heavy artillery is installed all throughout his body, with which he likes to shatter to pieces the enemies he faces.",
 ["Taomon"] = "A Digimon with a strong mind and great knowledge of Onmyodo, he can use all the skills of this art. He has many charms and dark weapons in his sleeves. His strong point is attacking his enemies from the dark.",
 ["Targetmon"] = "An insistent Puppet Digimon, he is equipped with the super wide-angle, super high-resolution \"Yarimasu Gurasan\" (with shake correction). He locks his target with certainty and never lets it escape.",
 ["Tentomon"] = "A Digimon with a hard shell, but otherwise a very peaceful personality. He is very easygoing, likes to smell the perfume of flowers and to have his usual nap. He uses his claws deftly and can grab things like a human.",
 ["Terriermon"] = "A Digimon whose evolution is covered in mystery, it is rumored that he is sometimes born with a twin. He has a very cute appearance, but as a combat Digimon, there is a huge power hidden inside him.",
 ["The Giant's Armour"] = "Armor necessary in order to evolve to Titamon.",
 ["The Giant's Helmet"] = "Helmet necessary in order to evolve to Titamon.",
 ["The Giant's Sword"] = "Sword necessary in order to evolve to Titamon.",
 ["Thunderballmon"] = "A Digimon related to Mamemon, he stores electricity in his magnetized body. His nickname is \"Generator Digimon\". He releases an electric schock<!--sic--> of 10 million V to the attacking enemies.",
 ["Thunderbirmon"] = "A Digimon who Armor-evolved through the Digimental of Friendship. He can produce thunderclaps and summon thunderclouds, controlling thunder with the horn on his head. His temper is as rough as a thunder.<!--sic-->",
 ["Tinkermon"] = "A Digimon who stays close to Petermon and fights for his dream. His brilliant wings are a barometer of his mood, shining brightly when he is high-spirited. Together with Petermon he performs \"Petermon Syndrome\".",
 ["Tigervespamon"] = "A Digimon that boasts a phenomenal amount of stamina that cannot be magined<!--sic--> from his thin silhouette. He never stops moving during battle.",
 ["Titamon"] = "A Digimon with the nickname of \"One-Man Division\", his strong body is possessed of a hatred energy without limits. He runs through the battlefield in search of the Olympos XII, whom he wants dead.",
 ["Tobucatmon"] = "A Puppet Digimon in the shape of a cat flying around the Internet seas.",
 ["Togemon"] = "A plant Digimon that is easygoing and often absent-minded. But when somebody upsets him, he takes out his angry fists that are covered in thorns.",
 ["Tonosamagekomon"] = "A Digimon who plays his main theme through the two horns on his shoulders. The tone of his voice, some scales lower than Gekomon's, makes one feel Tonosama's grandeur.",
 ["Tonosamamamemon"] = "An easygoing and always cheerful Digimon. He can bearly<!--sic--> walk due to his long hakama, which trails behind him. He always falls, rolls over or tangles, making the watchers laugh and relax.",
 ["Tortamon"] = "A Digimon with a dense armor and sharp blades, he makes a soft noise when he walks. His moving speed is extremely slow. However, he can retract his limbs and rotate, his speed becoming more than 10 times bigger.",
 ["Toyagumon"] = "A Digimon with his whole body made of plastic blocks. He was built having Agumon as a model, however he is very coward<!--sic--> and has no courage. When he is surprised, his body breaks into pieces.",
 ["Troopmon"] = "An Artificial Digimon built from the energy stolen from a Digimon, put into a body made of a special rubber. He follow faithfully any command, like a machine. He shows no sign of fatigue, continuing his numerous attacks.",
 ["Turuiemon"] = "A Digimon blessed with the rare talent of the Chinese martial arts, but still under training. He uses his originally developed technique<!--sic--> and fights his enemies.",
 ["Tukaimon"] = "A Mammal Digimon with large distinctive ears. He is considered a subspecies of Patamon, but he is very quarrelsome, having a personality totally opposite of Patamon's. Normally he acts as Devimon's messenger.",
 ["Tuwarmon"] = "A Ninja Digimon released from the Punpun Armor, which was restraining the abilities of Damemon. He deceives his enemies with his fool look and chops them up using Mantis Arm.",
 ["Tyilinmon"] = "A Digimon who, even though he is in the perfect form since the genesis of the Digital World, it is said he holds the same power as an ultimate form. He has a very merciful personality, but he punishes severely those who unjustly kill.",
 ["Tyilinmon2"] = "A Digimon who, even though he is in the perfect form since the genesis of the Digital World, it is said he holds the same power as an ultimate form. He has a very merciful personality, but he punishes severely those who commit murders.",
 ["Tyranomon"] = "A Digimon like an ancient dinosaur that existed in the prehistoric world. He sweeps everything down with his huge tail and the two arms he developed. He is also intelligent and docile, being easy to get attached to.",
 ["Tyrantkabuterimon"] = "The \"King of Bugs\", he is the leader of all Insect Digimon. His den is the \"Under Forest\", deep underneath the dark forest. It is said he is only active by night.",
 ["Tyumon"] = "A close friend of Scumon, he is brain part<!--sic--> of the duo. They always act together, whispering bad wisdom. He is very coward<!--sic--> and runs away quickly when left by himself.",
 ["Ulforcevdramon"] = "A Digimon that can freely manipulate the holy Ulforce, who has the power to reconstruct the digital data. He is the sacred knight predicted in the legends. He wears an armor made of Blue Digizoid and has godly speed.",
 ["Ultimatebrakimon"] = "The largest and heaviest Cyborg Digimon on the ground. Whenever he moves, the booster installed on his back sends a jet downwards, supporting his ultra-large body.",
 ["Unimon"] = "A synthetic Digimon, with a unicorn's horn and a pegasus'<!--sic--> wings. His wings help him fly freely within the network and his sharp horn<!--sic--> help him fight his enemies. He has a very wild temper.",
 ["V-dramon"] = "An ancient species of Digimon that only exists in the folder continent<!--sic--> of the Digital World. When he has an explosion of emotions, he has enough power to surpass the perfect form, but this can affect his life.",
 ["V-mon"] = "A Digimon that can use digimentals and perform armor Evolution<!--sic-->, he is the survivor of a family that flourished during the Genesis of the Digital World. Although he is mischievous, he has a strong sense of justice and cares about his partners.",
 ["Vademon"] = "An Alien Digimon, looking like he has come from the farthest reaches of the universe. However, there are rumors that he was born from a plant's fruit.",
 ["Vajramon"] = "A Digimon who seeks to find the truth about the physical and spiritual worlds. He is under the command of Xuanwumon, one of the Four Holy Beasts.",
 ["Valdurmon"] = "A rare Holy Bird Digimon living in the stratosphere, at 40,000m above ground. He has 6 giant wings, the biggest of which reaches 30m when fully spread.",
 ["Valkyrimon"] = "A Digimon covered in a shiny armor that produces an aurora which regenerates the data of the heroes fallen in battle and returns them to a new Digitama.",
 ["Valvemon"] = "The largest Machine Digimon. His purpose is to carry many Digimon at once, but Valvemon himself has enough power to drive back the enemies.",
 ["Vamdemon"] = "The king of the Undead Digimon, he resurrected using dark magic. He has the skill of transforming broken data into evil computer viruses. His powers are cut in half during the daytime.",
 ["Vegimon"] = "An Insectivore Plant Digimon with a long ivy and a mouth wide open.",
 ["Vegimon2"] = "An Insectivore Plant Digimon with a mouth wide open and an ivy attached to his body.",
 ["Venomvamdemon"] = "A Digimon evolved from Vamdemon, with all his power unleashed. He has lost most of his intelligence and acts only driven by the desire of destruction. Even Vamdemon himself hates becoming this ugly Digimon.",
 ["Venusmon"] = "The goddess of love, she brings flowing to desolate lands, together with her friends Olive and Hotan, conveying love and harmony. In order to suppress her fascination, she hides her eyes and looks at the world with her heart's eyes, which sees through the truth.",
 ["Victorygreymon"] = "A subspecies of Wargreymon, a heroic dragon warrior carrying the crushing sword \"Dramon Breaker\". He developed his own fencing style and, rather than cutting his enemies, he hits and smashes them.",
 ["Vikaralamon"] = "One of the \"Deva Digimon\", this one is a Perfect form in the shape of a boar.",
 ["Vikemon"] = "A Beast Man Digimon in the ultimate form, he governs permafrost, the land of extreme cold. His fur crystallized and it is said that it is now as hard as Chrome Digizoid.",
 ["Volcamon"] = "A Cyborg Digimon with a large and powerful body. His name comes from the fact that the volcano on his back explodes when his anger reaches its peak, or when the tension voltage is greater than the maximum value.",
 ["Volcdramon"] = "A Volcano Dragon Digimon that inhabits the magma layer of the active volcanoes sprinkled in the the<!--sic--> Digital World.",
 ["Wargreymon"] = "A Digimon equipped with Dramon Killers on both his arms and with the Brave Shield on his back. He is a veteran hero wearing an armor made of Chrome Digizoid. He has a humanoid shape and his power and speed are remarkably advanced.",
 ["Warumonzaemon"] = "A Digimon that looks like Monzaemon, but is very different in his attrocity<!--sic-->. His left arm is equipped with \"Bear Claw\". He gets along well with Metaletemon, to whom he offered a stuffed Warumonzaemon as a present.",
 ["Waruseadramon"] = "A Digimon evolved on an evil path from Seadramon. He is very similar to Megaseadramon and their skills are very much alike as well.",
 ["Waspmon"] = "A Digimon whose head antennae have highly developed reconnaissance skills. He always patrols the roundabouts of his base, alerting the enemies approaching it. If an enemy comes too close, he immediately attacks him.",
 ["Wendimon"] = "A Digimon who dark-evolved from a Lopmon captivated by hatred and anger. Deep down he has a kind heart, but it is hidden under a destruction impulse. He can manipulate time and space in his need do<!--sic--> destroy.",
 ["Weregarurumon"] = "A commando-type Digimon, that has the leg strength of Garurumon and high war tactics. His jumping abilities are top quality. He has a strong sense of duty and serves his master and partners faithfully.",
 ["Werewolf's grain"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Cerberumon.",
 ["Werewolf's crystal"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a Cerberumon.",
 ["Whamon"] = "A giant Digimon living in the depths of the Net Sea. He is rarely encountered, as he has a quiet personality and lives in obscurity. He is sometimes seen in the waters of the File Island.",
 ["Wingdramon"] = "A Sky Dragon Digimon that can fly freely, using the big wings he developed. The scales on his wings can block gravity and this is why he can fly without flapping his wings.",
 ["Wisemon"] = "A Digimon using the \"Book\" as his spiritual dwelling, he can use it to change his appearance and show up anywhere in time and space. This is why it is said his real body might actually exist in a different dimension.",
 ["Witchmon"] = "A Digimon in the shape of a witch who came from Witchelny, a digital world from another dimension. She is always chasing her rival Wizarmon.",
 ["Wizarmon"] = "A Digimon that came from Witchelny, a digital world in another dimension, in order to train. He masters the magic of earth and fire. He is very shy and doesn't like to show his face.",
 ["Wolfmon"] = "A Digimon who evolved through the Human Spirit of Light, inheriting the power of the Ten Warriors of Light. He is the embodiment of the chivalry spirit, with his body covered in holy amethyst, that gives him power if used with the right intentions.",
 ["Woodmon"] = "A Digimon with the shape of a huge withered tree. He pretends to be a simple tree, seizes the passing Digimon and absorbs their energy. He has a ferocious character, but is vulnerable to fire.",
 ["Wormmon"] = "A timid and weak Digimon, he is the owner of a sincere tenderness. He is the descendant of an ancient family and can use Digimentals and can Armor-evolve. If he grows, he will demonstrate un<!--sic--> unbelievable strength.",
 ["Xuanwumon"] = "One of the Four Holy Beasts, he protects the northern region of the Digital World. He is the oldest of the Four Holy Beasts and has a very warm character. He performs his water skills in a masterful way.",
 ["XV-mon"] = "A Digimon evolved from a V-mon who obtained his original power. His limbs developed and have and<!--sic--> increased attack power, crumbling without track rocks as huge as mountains. V-dramon is one of the derived species of XV-mon.",
 ["Yaksamon"] = "A Demon Man Digimon with a fierce fighting force, he uses his secret arts in his battles. He wields freely his two wooden swords, giving him a god-like power. He has a very calm personality and pays much importance to faithfulness.",
 ["Yanmamon"] = "An Insect Digimon holding the data of the enormous Oniyamma<!--sic-->. He is carnivorous, so he has a rather savage personality.",
 ["Yatagaramon"] = "A Digimon leading the chosen ones to the Golden Land, in the eastern part of the Digital World. During this trip, he gives them a triple trial, and only those who get over it will reach the Golden Land.",
 ["Yggdrasil 7D6"] = "\"7D6\" is the embodiment created by the mysterious host computer \"Yggdrasil\", who controls the whole Network \"Digital World\" (the Real World corresponds to the year 2006).",
 ["Yorishiro's Grain"] = "Grain necessary in order to evolve to Ceresmon Medium.",
 ["Yorishiro's Crystal"] = "Crystal necessary in order to evolve to a particular Ceresmon Medium.",
 ["Youkomon"] = "A Bewitching Beast Digimon in the shape of a giant blue fox with nine tails. Unlike Kyubimon, it is feared as a Bewitching Beast that brings ruin and destruction.",
 ["Yukiagumon"] = "A kind of Agumon that lives in the cold areas. He is naughty and frolicks<!--sic--> all the time. He is good at hiding in the snow and attacking enemy gaps.",
 ["Yukidarumon"] = "An Icy Snow Digimon, with his whole body covered in crystals of snow and ice. Despite his cold appearance, he is the owner of a very warm and gentle personality.",
 ["Z'd Garurumon"] = "A subspecies of Metal Garurumon<!--sic-->, he is a beast tank carrying a huge quantity of live ammunition, most importantly \"Z'd Gun\". The laser sight on top of his nose is improved for live ammunition and can hit hundreds of targets.",
 ["Zanbamon"] = "A Digimon who likes to fight directly with the enemy, he is a general who always stands in the vanguard of his army.",
 ["Zekegreymon"] = "A Digimon who received power to evolve from the legendary Digimon. He is now a Greymon who seeks perfect victory, being able to fight any kind of enemy. His body, covered in Gold Digizoid, has a high defense power and is very light.",
 ["Zhuqiaomon"] = "A legendary Digimon protecting the southern region of the Digital World. One of the Four Holy Beasts, he has a wild temper and is hostile towards the human interference to the Digital World.",
 ["Zudomon"] = "A materialistic Digimon that protects his trained body with the leather and armor stolen from his enemies. He also owns Thor Hammer, a Chrome Digizoid weapon dug out of ancient ice, which produces violent shock waves when used.",
 ["#default"] = "Unknown Profile",

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