List of Digimon


Submarimon is Mizuki's partner digimon.


  • Oxygen Homing: Discharges super-compressed oxygen.
As XrosUpSabmarimon
  • Oxygen Sorrow Blue


Plesiomon t.gif

Plesiomon's Digi-Egg

  • Japanese: Misa Watanabe

Plesiomon is a Dragon Digimon. She lives in an underwater grotto hidden inside ruins next to a ship graveyard in DigiQuartz. When Mizuki makes a hole in the barrier Dragomon is trying to destroy, Plesiomon tells Mizuki not to break it and to leave immediately. After Mizuki, Submarimon, Tagiru Akashi, Gumdramon, Mikey Kudo, XrosUpShoutmon (Kamemon), Ewan Amano, and Airu Suzak arrive at her grotto, Plesiomon asks why they have broke the barrier, and requests them to leave. She is then hit by Submarimon's "Oxygen Homing" when a hypnotized Mizuki decides to hunt her. After Dragomon arrives at the grotto, she starts fighting him, but is thrown in the wall. When Mizuki tries to get the Digi-Egg Plesiomon is protecting and deliver it to Dragomon, Plesiomon tells her that he will use the power he absorbs from the egg to control the oceans, and this frees the girl from the mind control. Plesiomon then enters Mizuki's Fusion Loader and is digifused with Submarimon into XrosUpSabmarimon, and assists XrosUpArresterdramon (GigaBreakdramon) in defeating Dragomon. The Great Undersea Adventure! Search for the Treasure Digimon of Dreams! Later, she is among the many humans and Digimon who show up after Quartzmon's defeat. Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!


  • Sorrow Blue: A sound wave attack which can make even the most ferocious Digimon lose their will to fight.

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