Miyuki Minase (水無瀬 ミユキ Minase Miyuki?) is a character in Digimon Survive.



Despite her youthful appearance, she is actually thousands of years old. This is because when she was a child, half of her soul was stolen by Master — which causes her to lose the ability to physically age. This also causes her to struggle to talk, with most of her personality being removed during the process. When she regains her missing half soul, thousands of years after losing it, she is finally able to return to her normal self and also begins physically aging again. The thousands of years in the alternate world was equal to 50 years in the human world, so in the human world, she would be considered to be around her 60s.

As a female descendent of the Minase family, she has the ability to open the gate between the alternate world and the human world by singing the song of the Minase Maiden.


Miyuki's design highly resembles one of the scrapped designs for Aoi Shibuya, indicating said scrapped design was reused and tweaked for Miyuki.


in 1970, 50 years in the past (thousands of years in alternate world time), Miyuki and her brother Akiharu "Haru" Minase were transported to the alternate world. Miyuki became partner to Renamon, with the two becoming the best of friends. When they are attacked by the Kenzoku, Miyuki sings the song of the Minase Maiden, which opens up the gate to the alternate world. It sucks Akiharu into it and sends him back to the human world, with Miyuki having done this to keep him safe. With him now in the human world, Miyuki awaits in the alternate world for him to return.

At some point, Master steals half of Miyuki's soul which causes her to be unable to age and struggle to talk to others. Renamon is able to keep Miyuki safe, though wanting to help her keep her sanity, uses his powers to make himself appear as Akiharu and refers to himself using Akhiharu's nickname, Haru. He does this for thousands of years (equal to 50 years in the human world) and does it for so long that Miyuki forgets about Renamon's existence.

When the children are summoned to the alternate world, they come across Miyuki and "Haru" in the school. The duo join the children's group, and join them in their efforts in looking to return to the human world.

Other forms[]

Miyuki (Kenzoku)[]

This happens in the moral route.
Miyuki (Kenzoku) b

When Miyuki and Takuma Momozuka return to the alternate world, they are separated allowing Master to mind control her. He has her attack the children with Kenzoku multiple times, though they are defeated every time.

The humans, wanting to save Miyuki, reach the bottom of the shrine, and find the Master possessed Miyuki. As Akiharu "Haru" Minase and Renamon call out to Miyuki, she begins to regain control of her body though it doesn't last long as Master's power is too strong. Master summons a group of 3rd Class Kenzoku and has them fuse with Miyuki's body to create a Miyuki (Kenzoku). Now with a powerful body, Master uses this new form to fight the humans. Just as she was about to kill them all, Akiharu is able to get through to Miyuki which puts a stop to the attacks with Miyuki realizing that he, not Renamon disguised as a younger Akiharu, was her real brother. This doesn't last long though, as Master is able to regain control. Renamon, in his true form rather than as Akiharu, is also able to get through to Miyuki, with Ahikaru and Renamon's combined efforts snapping her out of the brainwashing. Master spawns a giant hand to try and get Miyuki away from them, with Akiharu fighting the hand itself to try and stop it. Just as it was about to kill Akiharu, Renamon dives in the way of the attack and takes the blow instead with him dying from his wounds. Miyuki's shock at seeing Renamon die allows Master to retake control. Akiharu, Takuma and the others are shocked with Agumon and Gabumon telling them not to give up. Takuma and Akiharu's desires to save Miyuki cause both of their partners emotions to become linked. As they realize they don't currently have the power to win, they end up fusing together into Omegamon which allows them to defeat and free Miyuki. Miyuki begs Renamon not die, though he dies with a smile on his face since he got to save Miyuki and tells her to live alongside the real Akiharu instead of the fake version he was pretending to be. Miyuki's tears merge with the scattered data of Renamon's remains, causing them to merge together into an egg. Happy that Renamon hadn't truly died, Miyuki, Haru, and Gabumon say they will wait for the day Renamon is able to hatch since Renamon had waited so long for Miyuki.


  • Puppeteer (傀儡子 Kugutsushi?): Fires white energy beams at the enemy.
  • Shade (人影 Hitokage?, lit. "Shadow Figure"): Fires dark fog at the enemy.

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