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Miu Shinonome (東雲ミウ Shinonome Miu?) is a main character in Digimon Survive.



Miu is an eccentric girl that likes to speak in riddles. Miu dislikes the fact that her brother, Kaito Shinonome, always interferes with her and so rebels against him. Miu's partner Syakomon likes to daydream, and Miu keeps Syakomon grounded.[1] The Shinonome family moved to the local area several years ago and it was Kaito's job to look after Miu when their parents were away. When they first arrived, Kaito was bullied and eventually the bullies started targeting Miu as well, which lead to Kaito angrily beating them up.[2] Kaito and Miu often misunderstand each other because Kaito is clumsy at expressing himself.[3] Miu is fascinated with the occult and finds the danger of the alternate World fascinating, having wound up in it after telling Saki Kimijima and the others about the forbidden shrine. Her eccentric behavior confuses the others and throws them off track.[4]


Miu Shinonome (東雲ミウ)

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