Missimon is a Machine Digimon. It is a Digimon with a missile for a body. The moment it digivolves into Missimon, its missile is ignited and sends it flying non-stop until it further digivolves into another Digimon. While it is able to adjust its flight speed to some extent, it is unable to stop moving as it will fall if it does not maintain a sufficient flight speed.[2]


  • Missile Crash: Does a body tackle sporting great destructive power, but this attack almost never hits its target due to Missimon's sub-par control.


Missimon is based on a missile with two robotic arms and a blue arrow-like face.


Missimon (ミノタルモン)

Official romanization given in the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Digimon Next

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Vital Bracelet Digital Monster: Nu Metal Empire

Missimon digivolves from Bommon and can digivolve to Hagurumon.

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