Minotarumon is an Animal Digimon. It is a dark Digimon that possesses strong Dark Side Power. Although its movements are not swift, it has extremely firm skin, so it won't yield to ordinary attacks. The "Demon Arm" is equipped to its left hand.[3]


  • Earthquake Drill[4] (Darkside Quake): Generates a massive earthquake with the Demon Arm that floors opponents over a considerably wide range, so that no matter how far away they are they won't be able to escape.[5]
  • Bull Fighting Attack (Demon Arm)
  • Heavy Attack: Attacks with a blow with the power of a beast.


Minotarumon draws direct inspiration from the mythological minotaur, with a bull's head on a muscular, human body. It has brown-colored fur that looks to be a suit, with stitches on some portions and a zipper on the front. It has brown eyes, two, bull-like curved horns, brown hair, and a gold nose ring. It has a normal right hand, but its left sports the "Demon Arm", a piece of machinery. It wears brown boots on its feet.


Minotaurmon (ミノタルモン)

Official romanization given in the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

  • Minotaur. Mythological half-bull, half-man creature.

Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in American English media.

  • Direct romanization of Japanese name.


Digimon Adventure 02[]

Arukenimon created a Minotarumon from a Control Spire in order for it to destroy a bridge, but it was quickly destroyed by Raidramon with the help of Aquilamon, Pegasusmon, and Nefertimon. United We Stand

When Digimon started appearing in the Real World, a Minotarumon and a Dokugumon were seen in a Mayan Ruin. The pair was defeated by WereGarurumon and sent back to the Digital World.[citation needed]

A Minotarumon was seen among the world's DigiDestined's Digimon during the final battle against MaloMyotismon.

Digimon Data Squad[]

A Minotarumon was among the Digimon deleted by Akihiro Kurata's forces 10 years before the series.[citation needed]

Digimon Fusion[]

Digimon Adventure:[]

A Minotarumon acts as the leader of a transport unit carrying T.K. Takaishi to Devimon in a Bulbmon. Upon seeing Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida outside, Minotarumon sends his Troopmon to attack them, but they are rescued by Leomon and his troops.

When the Bulbmon is invaded by Leomon, Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida, Minotarumon coordinates his Troopmon in stopping them, but his forces are all destroyed. When the three reach the chamber containing T.K., Minotarumon sends a Bullmon to fight the DigiDestined while he fights Leomon himself, revealing in the process that he serves Devimon because he craves the power that Devimon is trying to create which will change everything about Digimon and the entire Digital World itself. After Greymon destroys Bullmon, Leomon and Minotarumon attack each other with their fist attacks, resulting in a stalemate until Leomon suddenly blasts Minotarumon with a Fist of the Beast King from his right fist instead at point-blank range. As Minotarumon collapses to his knees in defeat, Leomon comments that he has more than one fist. As he dies, Minotarumon warns the DigiDestined and Leomon that a new power, a new era of digivolution is approaching and that none of them will be able to overcome what's coming at their current level. Fist of the Beast King

Digimon Dreamers[]

A Minotaurmon works for Feresmon, and helps it take over Witchelny. Witchelny's Plight

When Wizardmon and its allies charge at Feresmon's castle to try and defeat it and save Witchely, the Vilemon attack them. Wizardmon and its allies are able to defeat all them, however. After taking them out, Minotaurmon, DarkLizardmon, and Cyclonemon ambush the group. Cyclonemon attacks Leomon, Mojyamon fights DarkLizardmon, and Numemon fights Minotaurmon. As those fights happen, Leomon yells at Wizardmon to go on with it — and the other non combatants — joining it. Infiltrating the Magic Castle It is eventually defeated, though the group are still unable to join their allies in the castle as they are ambushed by more Vilemon. Wizardmon's Future

Digimon World 3[]

Minotarumon can be found at Asuka Server's Protocol Ruins. Its pale blue variation can be found in the Network Break Section, the passage that first connected Asuka and Amaterasu through the Catacombs thanks to Bulbmon. It can also be fought from various people that challenge you to digibattle. Its also the first digimon the Game Master will throw out.

In the NTSC version, a defeated Minotarumon falls backward into a sitting position, while in the Japanese and PAL versions, it falls forward.

Digimon World 4[]

Minotarumon is found in every dungeon in Dry Land.

Digimon World DS[]

Minotarumon digivolves from Gotsumon, and can digivolve to Cyberdramon. Minotarumon also appears in Ancient Canyon. It also appears in a quest,a 'wild' digimon on your farm said since it looked like cow it should produce milk and asked you to get Digi-milk from Minotarumon.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk[]

Minotarumon is #135, and is a Champion-level, Attacker-class, Beast-species Digimon with a resistance to the Earth element and weakness to the Fire element. Its basic stats are 168 HP, 163 MP, 108 Attack, 94 Defense, 65 Spirit, 76 Speed, and 35 Aptitude. It possesses the Sleep Ward2 and Critical 2 traits.

It dwells in the forest area of Transfield.

Minotarumon digivolves from Goburimon and can digivolve to Etemon. In order to digivolve or degenerate to Minotarumon, your Digimon must be at least level 23, with 360 Beast experience and 95 defense.

Minotarumon can DNA digivolve to GrapLeomon with Fugamon, to Vajramon with Dinohumon or Centarumon, or to Triceramon with Ankylomon.

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red[]

Minotarumon DigiFuses from Goblimon and Armadillomon and can DigiFuse to Lucemon Chaos Mode with Lucemon, Vilemon, and Angemon.

Digimon Heroes![]

Main article: Minotaurmon (Heroes!)

Minotaurmon is card 5-565, 6-445, and 6-448.

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