Appears in:Digimon Adventure 02
First appearance "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1" [40]
Latest appearance "A Million Points of Light" [50]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Ai Maeda[1]
(En:) Wendee Lee[2]
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Occupation DigiDestined
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Mina (ミーナ Mīna?) is an Indian DigiDestined. Her Digimon partner is Meramon.


As a member of the Digi-Destined of India, Mina dresses in a standard Hindu-style dress with a cloth draped over one shoulder and a small red dot on her forehead along with dark skin and long brown or black hair at least to her shoulders.


Mina is very cautious and peaceful. When she was on the border between India and the People's Republic of China with all the Digimon in India that needed to be taken to Kowloon Park in Hong Kong, she was worried of starting a war with the Chinese Army who were guarding the border if she crossed into their country without proving the Digimon were harmless. Once she was joined by the Japanese Digi-Destined in Kari Kamiya and Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, she became very relieved and hopeful that they would help resolve the tense standoff. When MaloMyotismon threatened to engulf the Earth in darkness, Mina refused to let that happen and stood with the Digi-Destined all over the world to confront him and destroy him once and for all.


Mina (ミーナ)

Name used in Digimon Adventure 02 and related materials.

  • Mina. Possibly derived from the famous Indian actress Meena, whose name is also written as "ミーナ" ( Mīna?) in Japanese.


Mina attempted to lead the Digimon she gathered in India to cross the border into China in order to get to Kowloon Park in Hong Kong but was hindered by the Chinese Army, who thought that the Digimon were hostile. She calls Izzy and Kari for help. Izzy and Kari arrive with the Eldest Poi Brother. The Eldest Poi Brother has his Octomon convince the Chinese Army that the Digimon mean no harm. Mina and the Digimon she found are then allowed entrance to China unopposed.

She brings them to Kowloon Park where Kari sends them back to the Digital World. The act of Kari sending them back shocks Mina.

Like all the Digi-Destined, she makes her last appearance helping in the fight against MaloMyotismon. She sends a beam of golden light from her Digivice to the sky after calling out the name of her partner Digimon, Meramon. She and Steve (an American Digi-Destined) stand behind Mimi when the Digi-Destined arrive in the Digital World.

Partner Digimon


Meramon t

Meramon is Mina's Partner Digimon. Shortly after the Christmas of 2002, wild Digimon appeared all over the world. Meramon and his partner Mina helped escort the escaped Digimon around India to a rendezvous point in Hong Kong so that they could be returned to the Digital World. Meramon later makes an appearance during the final battle aginst MaloMyotismon, and lends his energy to the Digi-Destined to defeat the evil demon lord Digimon.

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