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Puppetmon is a resident of the Dust Zone, cynical and distrustful of all. He tricked by Grandlocomon to get Mikey's Fusion Loader after being promised that the villain would allow him to leave the Zone. However, after Grandlocomon goes back on his word, Puppetmon sides with the Fusion Fighters to get back the Fusion Loader. In seeing the Fusion Fighters work together toward a shared goal, he learns how to trust others, aiding in the final attack on Grandlocomon. Train Of Terror! When Midnight attacks them, Puppetmon leads the way to escape. Later, he gives Mikey the MetalGururumon DigiCard, which he found in the Zone, to help fight Laylamon's massive Tankmon army. When Laylamon attempts a sneak attack on Mikey, she is thwarted by Puppetmon's quick thinking. As the Fusion Fighters leave the Zone, Code Crown in hand, Puppetmon is grateful that Mikey refuses to be a dictator, leaving the Zone's inhabitants to make their own way. Disaster in the Dust Zone!

One year later, Puppetmon reappears after having been corrupted by an unknown outside influence and is luring members of the Central Junior High's Robot Club into DigiQuartz, forcing them to complete his GigaBreakdramon. Once Mikey manages to make Puppetmon remember him, he officially joins Xros Heart and has Mikey digifuse him with Shoutmon in order to fight GigaBreakdramon. The Robot Club's Dream, Pinochimon's Lure


  • Puppet Pummel (Bullet Hammer): Packs gunpowder into his revolver-style hammer, then strikes with his strongest technique. This attack will cause the opponent to vanish without a trace, not just from the hammer's blow but also from the explosion of the gunpowder.


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