MetallifeKuwagamon is an Insect Digimon. It is a subspecies of Kuwagamon which rapidly boosted its offensive power by means of armification. It has also gained grappling ability due to the fact that its form has become humanoid, and as it has both a tough shell as well as nimble movements, it boasts top-class balance among Ultimate Digimon.[2]


  • Homing Laser: Fires a beam from the gun points equipped to the fingertips of its hands. It is able to freely alter the trajectory of the beam at its own will, allowing it to avoid any kind of obstacle and hit the opponent dead on.
  • Emit Blade: Emits a beam in the shape of a blade and slashes with it.


MetallifeKuwagamon is a humanoid Digimon that has a gold, armor-like exoskeleton with purple markings and copper cables underneath it. It has a white face with black sclera and yellow irises while its helmet has two mandible-like horns with two small antenna between them. Its arms each consist of two copper cables branded together. It has robotic hands that each have five fingers with gun points equipped to the fingertips and a blue jewel in its palm and are capable of splitting between middle finger and ring finger so that its arms can unbraid. It has blue jewels in the sides of its thighs and the patella of its knees. Its feet are shaped like beetles with tiny legs at the heels and mandible-like horns on the front.


MetallifeKuwagamon (メタリフェクワガーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion[]

Digimon Adventure[]

A MetallifeKuwagamon supported by many BladeKuwagamon works to prevent Tai Kamiya and Izzy Izumi from stopping the crash of the ISS. After MetalGreymon Alterous Mode digivolves into BlitzGreymon, he quickly overpowers MetallifeKuwagamon and destroys him by blasting him backwards into a pillar of energy which disintegrates the evil Digimon. Operation Satellite Sniper

Digimon Heroes![]

MetallifeKuwagamon is card 5-998.

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