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  • Please remember to write fiction sections in-universe, and without too much script regurgitation. This means avoiding language like "it is revealed", because that only makes sense from the audience's point of view. "Script regurgitation" consists of stuff like direct quotes of the script, or barely rephrased material like "they sought to become a recognizable existence, to search for a world to acknowledge them, a world of their own". The goal is to instead summarize the import of the events of the story, rather than simply rephrasing the script as-is or engaging in repetitious purple prose.

    As a helpful guideline, think about how you would describe the plot if you needed to explain it to a friend or family member who wasn't already interested in Digimon, or how you would describe it if you were a researcher within the Digimon universe trying to chronicle the events.

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    • Sorry got carried away. ^^; I shortened it. :)

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    • No need to apologize, we appreciate the effort. Please see my write-up for an example of what we're looking for -- it could also use some expansion covering what the Spirals do from Act 1 up to now, since the Extra Episode just summarizes that as "We found out Herissmon had what we wanted, so we decided to fuck him up".

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