Menoa Bellucci (メノア・ベルッチ Menoa Berucchi?) is a character and one of the two main antagonists in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. She is an Associate Professor that is furthering Digimon research at a Belica University in New York.


Menoa is a young woman with fair skin, blue eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair, which she wears in a braided ponytail. She ties her braid with a Morpho-shaped hairpin. She wears a collared white shirt with short sleeves, a black pencil skirt, and red sneakers.


Menoa was a child prodigy and attended a famous college at the age of 14. However, this caused the separation with her Digimon partner, Morphomon, since the possibilities for her future were closed when she became "adult". She makes references to relationships between humans and Digimon, however nobody has heard of them. In the Japanese version, Menoa's way of speaking is a peculiar mix of both English and Japanese. Kyotaro Imura is her assistant.


Menoa's design was based on Anne of Green Gables. She was also designed to appear sympathetic, where people would understand why she did what she did, as the Digimon Adventure anime made it obvious that "evil = the enemy" due to it being aimed at children, whilst Last Evolution Kizuna was aimed at adults. Wanting her not to be bland, they had her speak English in the Japanese version of the movie, though they had her speaking so much English they cut down on the amount for the final version.


Menoa Bellucci (メノア・ベルッチ)

Named used in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Officially romanized on the official site's profile.[2]


Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

When Menoa was 9 years old, she gained Morphomon as a Partner Digimon. They spent the next five years together as the best of friends. One day, when Menoa happily told Morphomon that she had skipped enough grades to be allowed to start College and that she could finally live her own life, Morphomon disintegrated into data and ceased to exist in the tearful Menoa's arms.

Menoa spent the next 8 years researching Digimon and at some point somehow came across Morphomon's data. Kyotaro Imura became her assistant, Menoa unaware that he was actually an FBI agent and that they had been tracking her for years.

She would spend years trying to restore life to Morphomon, however she failed every time. In July 2010 an aurora happens in the United States and Morphomon's data suddenly reconfigures into a Digi-Egg. Menoa claims that Morphomon, from within her Digi-Egg, telepathically told her to use her data to help save all the DigiDestined in the World from having to suffer the same fate they had suffered, and so Menoa re-configures Morphomon's data, turning it into the artificial Digimon, Eosmon.

Putting her plan into action, Menoa emails Yolei Inoue in the hopes of being able to get access to Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi's Worldwide database of DigiDestined so that she could have Eosmon steal all of their consciousnesses and take them to the Never World where they would be de-aged, brainwashed, and trapped in their own memories, never having to be separate from their partners. She has an Eosmon hide in Cyber Space and uses it as a decoy to try and gain the DigiDestined's trust. She asks for her help regarding the recent case of people suddenly falling into comas as she had "figured out" that everyone that had fallen into a coma was a DigiDestined.

After Izzy agrees to help her she travels to Japan with Kyotaro. On July 21 the duo meet Izzy, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Yamato "Matt" Ishida, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi, and their partner Digimon in Izzy's office and she and Kyotaro explain that they had found faint readings of Digital Noise in each location they had visited, the remains of the DigiDestined's Partner Digimon that had vanished, and that by analyzing the data they were able to locate the Digimon that had been causing the problem and learned that the Digimon, which they named Eosmon, would rob people of their consciousness, digitize the data, and then take it to an unknown location and that defeating Eosmon they would be able to free all the Digidestined it had already stolen the consciousness of. They open a Digital Gate to Cyber Space, where Eosmon was hiding, and the four DigiDesitned set up a barrier so that Eosmon cannot escape and then fight Eosmon - however just as Omnimon is about to deal the finishing blow it starts to glitch and its Fusion wears off, and Eosmon is able to break through the barrier and escape. Izzy assumes that something in Cyber Space must have caused it to happen but Menoa explains that a Digimon's power comes from the potential of youth and that the older a DigiDestined gets and the more they grow, the weaker their Digimon gets, and that eventually their bond will come to an end and the DigiDestined will lose their Digimon forever.

The DigiDestined leave to try and find a way to stop this from happening, and Menoa continues having her Eosmon kidnap the consciousness of DigiDestined around the World. Not trusting Menoa and Kyotaro the DigiDestined research the duo and after breaking into Menoa's office they learn that she used to be a DigiDestined. Tai confronts Menoa with this information and she admits that she used to have a partner, and explains what had happened to her. Izzy later confronts her about her plan, having found out that a human had edited Eosmon's data, and Menoa confirms that she had created Eosmon. She has an Eosmon steal his consciousness and successfully steals the database, using it to kidnap thousands more DigiDestined around the World.

Before Izzy had been kidnapped he had sent Eosmon's location to Tai. Tai, Agumon, Matt, and Gabumon arrive to the Never World and a fight ensues. Menoa summons thousands of Eosmon and they all fuse together into Eosmon's Mega form and Menoa is trapped within their body, locked away insider her own memories. Eosmon defeats Omnimon, however Tai is able to un-brainwash all the DigiDestined using Kari's whistle. They all team up to fight the Eosmon, with more of them arriving with even more kidnapped DigiDestined. Agumon and Gabumon digivolve to Agumon (Bond of Bravery) and Gabumon (Bond of Friendship), defeat Eosmon, and free Menoa, reverting Eosmon back into its Champion form. Eosmon and Menoa have one final moment together and Eosmon dies smiling, Menoa once again bidding a tearful goodbye to her partner Digimon. She is then arrested by Kyotaro and taken into custody by the FBI. Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

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