Meicoomon is Meiko Mochizuki's Partner. She has inherited some of Apocalymon's data, Future and is called the "Libra" by Homeostasis and its servants. Coexistence


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Meicoomon is a terse talker, rarely speaking and even then only in short sentences. It is obvious Meicoomon cares deeply for Meiko, however.

Despite being a Champion-Level Digimon, Meicoomon acts very childishly, often wanting to play and eat sweets with the other Rookie-Level Digimon. She can also be very naive and end up causing trouble.

Upon taking her Saltation form, Meicoomon becomes very wild and savage, as shown when she kills Leomon without hesitation.


  • X Scratch: Scratches enemies with long claws.


Meicoomon is separated from Meiko Mochizuki and spends the week searching for her, oblivious to the Hackmon following her. Hackmon eventually catches up to her though Alphamon emerges in Odaiba and creates an enormous digital disturbance that leads Meiko and the DigiDestined to her, finally reuniting the pair. They are defended by the DigiDestined, who drive Alphamon off. Meiko reveals to the other children that Meicoomon is her partner Digimon, and the two thank the DigiDestined, who welcome them into the fold. They remain unaware of Maki Himekawa's interest in them and of the surveillance she has obtained. Reunion

Following their first encounter, Meicoomon starts to bond with the other partner Digimon. Meicoomon and Meiko join the other Digidestined at Ooedo Onsen. Meicoomon being new to the Real World, ends up getting lost along with Biyomon in the men's bathroom. Later, Meicoomon attempts to aide Togemon in fighting off an infected Ogremon, who appeared through a distortion to the Real World. Leomon, however appears to take Ogremon back to the Digital World.

Later on, Meicoomon is captured by the Digimon Emperor. Palmon, Gomamon, and a partially infected Leomon go after her to fight Imperialdramon. However, after being rescued, Meicoomon seems to turn rogue on sensing Leomon's partial infection. She seems to evolve into a larger, more aggressive form and kills Leomon, before leaving Meiko to escape back to the Digital World.

Himekawa later speculates that Meicoomon herself is responsible for the infection. Determination

Five years later, Meiko is one of the many DigiDestined that has their mind seized by Eosmon and interred within the Never World so that she can live within her memories with Meicoomon. After Agumon (Bond of Bravery) and Gabumon (Bond of Friendship) destroy the combined Eosmon's Mega form, Meiko is freed and regains consciousness in the Real World. Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

Other Appearances

Digimon World: Next Order

Meicoomon appears in Digimon World Next Order and is found in the Nigh Plains, unaware of how she managed to reach this world, whilst suffering from amnesia. She tasks Takuto/Shiki to defeat a scary looking Digimon, that had chased her out of the forest. Takuto/Shiki then confronts said Digimon, an Orange Growlmon who attacks the tamer's partners after learning they're friends with Meicoomon. After being defeated, Growlmon explains that Meicoomon was lost, hungry and upset and that he had just been trying to help her out, only for Meicoomon to misunderstand and attack Growlmon, knocking him out, stealing the food he had brought her and then fleeing in fear from the scary looking Digimon. Growlmon then leaves the forest, not wanting the tamer to bring their friend to attack him again. Once Meicoomon is informed that Growlmon has left, several memories return to Meicoomon, who remembers it had been near a waterfall and a bridge, then tells the tamer to go find that vague location. Upon arriving to the Ohguino Wastelands, the tamer finds a scrap of paper, supposedly from Meicoomon's diary, which states that she has found herself in a new world and that she needs to get back before "they" find her. Immediately after reading it, three Piddomon arrive, surprised to see a human in the Digital World. When the Piddomon touch the diary page after enquiring as to what it is, it seems to affect trio, who then attack the tamer's partner Digimon. Upon being defeated, they state they must flee and report back to their master, then teleport away. The tamer relays back to Meicoomon that she is being targeted by the Piddomon, though before Meicoomon can react to this information, an IceLeomon, Sorcerymon and Silver Kyubimon show up to confront Meicoomon. Meicmoomon proceeds to kill all three in one hit, then turns around and attacks the tamer's partner Digimon. After being defeated, Meicoomon regains her memories, apologises to the tamer and rewards them with a digivolution crystal, that allows any rookie level Digimon to digivolve into a Meicoomon. She is then "called back to her world" and disappears.

Later on, Jijimon tells Takuto/Shiki that something strange, likely a Digimon from another World, had been picked up in Mod Cape. They are sent to investigate, assuming that it is Meicoomon as the tamer had dealt with her before. Upon arrival to Mod Cape, the BlackAgumon that usually roam on the ship are all knocked out. The tamer is able to wake them up, though they have no memory as to why they had been knocked out, or even as to why they are on the ship, showing thy all have amnesia. Once an antivirus is used on them they remember that they saw a strange looking Digimon, covered in a black aura and that upon seeing her, they all "started to feel fuzzy" and then blacked out. After helping the BlackAgumons, the tamer is sent a message that the signal had now been picked at in the Infinite Cauldron. Once there, the tamer finds a BlackWereGarurumon, who had been defeated in less than 10 seconds. Once the tamer offers to help heal him though, he sudden is cloaked in a black aura and attacks the tamer's partners. After defeating the WereGarurumon, the tamer uses an anti virus on him which causes him to regain control of himself, then explains that a strange looking orange fuzzy Digimon covered in a black aura appeared, which caused him to feel fuzzy and he attacked it in self defence, only to be quickly defeated. The tamer is sent to Server Desert next where Meicrackmon Vicious Mode is found, currently in the process of fighting and infecting Yukimura (Gallantmon) and Rikka (Magnadramon). When Yukimura attacks Meicrackmon, Meicrackmon yells out that she will not forgive White Fang and teleports away. Luckily though, Yukimura had managed to gain a small amount of the black aura. When Luche touches it, the aura is destroyed, showing that Luche is immune to it and is able to neutralise it. They come up with a plan for Shoma Tsuzuki to distract it, whilst Luche applies an anti virus made out of her DNA and whilst the aura is being neutralised, Takuto/Shikis partners swoop in to defeat her. The group finds Meicrackmon in the same place that Meicoomon had originally been found. The plan works and after being defeated, Meicrackmon regains control and realises she is back in this world and had caused trouble for everyone again. She apologises and explains that she had been followed and fled, ending in this world again and that a group known as White Fang had been trying to use her for evil. They used a device that caused her to digivolve and then cross dimensions, with the shock of dimension hopping causing her to suffer from amnesia, causing her to lose control and attack everyone she came across. So that she was able to escape from White Fang, her human partner intentionally fell into a trap, which allowed Meicrackmon to escape, though her partner was now in the hands of White Fang. When Meicrackmon attempted to save her partner, White Fang used a device that sent her to this dimension. She claims it was a coincidence that she ended up in the same dimension as before, though theorises that she may have been subconsciously asking Takuto/Shiki for help as they had helped her in the past, leading her to this dimension. Shoma, Luche and Takuto/Shiki offer to come with Meicrackmon to help save her partner but Meicrackmon turns the help down, saying that it isn't possible as her powers only allow her to dimension cross, not anyone else. Meicrackmon then uses her bond with her partner to return back to her own world. When the trio return to Floatia, Meicrackmon has reverted back to Meicoomon and is waiting for them. She states that her power is now mixed with Luche's DNA but that otherwise she isn't sure as to what is going on but that he dark aura no longer exists inside her. Shoma then shows her around the village, as she decides to stay around for a while. Meicoomon then rewards the tamer with a crystal that allows any Champion level Digimon to digivolve into Meicrackmon. Whilst in the City, Meicoomon requests to see a different Digimon every day and should Takuto/Shiki show her the Digimon she requests to see, she will reward them.

Other Forms

Meicoomon's Digi-Egg

Nade-Nade Egg t.png

Meicoomon's Digi-Egg[2] is very similar to Gatomon's Digi-Egg.[3] It appears to have been formed when a dark bit merged with many light bits. Reunion

Unnamed form

Meicoomon (In-Training) t.jpg

Meicoomon has a currently unnamed In-Training form.

Unnamed form

Meicoomon (Rookie) t 2.jpg

Meicoomon has a currently unnamed Rookie form.

Meicoomon (Saltation)

Meicoomon (Saltation) t.gif

Meicoomon (Saltation) is an alternate form of Meicoomon.

After being rescued by Leomon, Meicoomon has a traumatic episode due to her fear at his temporary infection, causing her to take this form, fatally wound Leomon, and then flee into the Digital World. Determination

Meicoomon eventually returns to the real world only to be confronted by the partner Digimon. Eventually she digivolves to Meicrackmon Vicious Mode due to being overpowered by the partner Digimon. Confession Meicoomon assumed this form again briefly due to being overcomed by her fear of Meiko abandoning her. Loss

During a flashback around Fall 1999, Meicoomon first assumed this form due to the loneliness and fear of not being around Meiko. She eventually reverts back to normal due to Meiko's presence. Coexistence

Meicrackmon Vicious Mode

Meicrackmon Vicious Mode t.gif

Meicrackmon Vicious Mode[4] is Meicoomon's corrupted Ultimate form. Meicoomon digivolves to Meicrackmon. She fights the other partner Digimon and managed to hold her own during the majority of the fight. Meicoomon digivolves to this form for the first time during her rampage in the Real World, when the other DigiDestined's partner Digimon attempt to stop her and prevent a Reboot. She evades the partner Digimon's capture, turning most of them into Infected Digimon who assist her in trying to escape, and triggers the Reboot countdown, but is stopped when Tentomon digivolves into his mega level HerculesKabuterimon who captures her, and forces both her and his infected friends back into a distortion so that the Reboot erases all traces of the infection she caused. Unlike the other eight partners though, Meicrackmon only dropped down to Meicoomon, whilst the rest ended up in their In-Training forms. Confession

When the Dark Gennai choked Meiko till she fell unconscious, Meicoomon once again digivolves to Meicrackmon and goes berserk. Loss

After the Digivolution, she madly attacks Meiko who managed to regain consciousness. Fortunately, Tai manages to save Meiko just in time. Meicrackmon gave the two an evil glare and leaves by entering through a distorting into the real world. Her powers managed to open many distortions across the Digital World corrupting all the Digimon besides the partner Digimon. They all followed Meicrackmon into the Real World to cause more havoc. Eventually the DigiDestined managed to confront Meicrackmon with the partner Digimon digivolving into their ultimate level to stop her, but she easily knocked them out due to her her power increasing. During the aftermath, Jesmon appeared in attempt to destroy her, causing her fear induced powers to digivolve into Raguelmon. Coexistence


  • Berserk Sinking (Berserk Thinking)


Raguelmon t.gif

Raguelmon is Meicoomon's corrupted Mega form. Meicrackmon digivolves into this form in response to her fear induced anger of being attacked by Jesmon. The Digidestined and their Digimon partners try to find a way to save her from the madness, leading only Omnimon being the one that can stand up to her. Jesmon's special attack causes her to fall into unconciousness. She eventually awakens by the newly digivolved Ophanimon: Falldown Mode's power, and fused with her to become Ordinemon. Coexistence


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