Megidramon X
(メギドラモンX抗体 Megidramon X-Antibody)
Megidramon X b
Level Mega
Type Evil Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Cards (En:) DM-247
Four Great Dragons

Megidramon X is an Evil Dragon Digimon and carrier of the X Antibody. The greatest sin of the X-Antibody, which is drawing out the latent abilities of a Digicore, raising a Digimon's potential, had influenced Megidramon's Digicore. Without a shred of goodness left, this Digimon, who is the epitome of evil, is unlike any other thus far. Its very existence destroys and burns all of the Digital World to cinders, and its appearance is literally the "incarnation of hell". If you give up on living, then you might be able to catch a glimpse of Megidramon's true form. Its "Hell Howling" and "Megiddo Flame" possess unfathomable amounts of evil energy, and are said to have reached levels that are no longer worthy of the power of a single Digimon alone.[1]


  • Megiddo Flame: Attacks with flames that reduce everything to ash.
  • Hell Howling: Releases a powerful shock wave called the "howl of hell".


Megidramon X is an enhanced version of Megidramon.


Megidramon X-Antibody (メギドラモンX抗体)

Standard naming scheme for Digimon who are not natural carriers of the X-Antibody. Base name shares official romanization with Megidramon. English media shortens "X-Antibody" to "X".

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